Thursday, December 03, 2009

Feelings (Part 54)

I wake up. The first thing I think about is Yal-hune. She's the last thing I think about before I go to sleep and the first thing I think about upon awakening. I realize she's become the centerpiece of my life right now. When I was younger I had always hoped I would meet extraterrestrials. I remember when I was about 8, I was riding in a car with my parents and suddenly felt like I was being pulled right out into space, as if not only gravity did not exist, but I was being drawn up into the infinite space beyond. It seemed so real. Then a quick fear entered into my head when I realized how vast infinity was and that this journey would never end. I had to will myself back down to Earth and yet it almost seemed like a conscious effort was required to keep from departing the Earth. Now knowing what I do about Yal-hune and how long I have been observed and projected unto - I wonder if these feelings corresponded with projections unto me.

The house is quickly transforming. Yal-hune has recreated a bit of her world here on Earth. As humans we don't often think about how stagnant we have become. This is brought to the forefront of my thoughts as I enter a new type of cleaning area. The showers and baths have been replaced with a booth that uses light, water and air to clean and refresh the body. The water emerges from multiple outlets like a spa jets with variable nozzles. After one washes one's body and hair, one merely needs to depress another button and warm air is blown all around the body, drying it from multiple points. Finally, a brief germicidal radiation bath is had which kills germs and triggers the production of Vitamin D while simultaneously sanitizing the booth. Even if one doesn't understand the science employed - the bottom line is it feels great. The kitchen is also a place of new technology. The refrigerator uses not only temperature to preserve food, but light. The proper wave lengths of light make bacteria growth impossible and keep food fresher longer. What's more, this new type of refrigerator purifies foods and probes for harmful substances within them. The microwave is replaced with a super-microwave that uses various forms of electromagnetic energy to intelligently cook food evenly. One can place a burger in the oven and have it cooked evenly inside and golden brown on the outside. Temperature is probed throughout completely with a special field and the microwave responds by adjusting the type of radiation it directs towards any point in the oven.

Yal-hune has even introduced a new form of lighting into the house - a panel that glows white and emitting only healthy wave lengths of radiation. Unlike a light bulb which one normally feels uncomfortable by, if one gets too close, these panels one can lean upon and not feel any heat and provide no discomfort at all. They incorporate some sort of charged mineral, though I'm not sure which. They have a similar quality to the metal found in the Traveler's artifacts - the metal which seems to regenerate light that hits it. The air conditioning/heating system has been replaced with a house-wide air control system. The air temperature is controlled by ceiling panels which excite or slow down the molecules within two inches of the panel. The proper temperature is maintained with a fraction of a degree using radiation and specific frequencies which act quickly on the molecules which make of our atmosphere. Yes, all these things remind me how we have grown content with the things our ancestors designed and built between fifty and hundreds of years ago, never seeking constantly better ways of doing things and living.

As I walk down the stairs to look out the picture window, the bright desert light is filtered for harmful wavelengths and glare is not to be found. Yal-hune has planted, with my meager help, the many flowering plants we purchased from Home Depot. She has a scientific understanding of gardening and even knows which plants will help each other to grow when planted side by side.

It's beautiful.

She has taught me so much, I suppose it's only natural to think about her almost all the time. There's a new element too. She says the shielding hasn't been activated yet, but I already feel much clearer, happier and balanced. My thoughts flow easier - it's hard to describe. Before the thoughts seemed random and reactionary. Now my mind smoothly flows along with greater precision and ease. I realize from this position how much my thinking was the result of reacting to things around me instead of initiating my own thought trains, running independent of environment.

Yal-hune emerges from the kitchen wearing a flowing skirt. I keep forgetting on her world the upper torso is not something to be kept constantly covered the way it is here. On her, nudity doesn't look like she is undressed. It looks right. I know it sounds crazy, but her body is beautiful in a whole different way than a human body. I start to perceive these elements, nuances really, which are unique to her race and I realize I am becoming somewhat alien myself in my appreciation of these things. Again, it's very hard to describe, as one has to feel it really, to understand it.

"You are very introspective this morning?"

"Yes. My mind is working very well it seems."

Yal-hune approaches me and raises her hands. I raise mine and our hands come within an inch or so of each other, not touching. It's something done on her world, far more personal and intense than a hug, but more distant than a full mental joining. It's stimulating in a manner that is divorced from sexual or even the typical emotional aspects. It's invigorating to the spirit.

She is developing me. My ability to oscillate and project has become much stronger and focused. It's not a conscious effort - but rather a natural ability that seems to happen - like learning to walk, run, or talk.

She meets my eyes with hers and the energy between us oscillates and regenerates. I am again being pulled up and off the Earth - into the infinite universe. I see her world and many other worlds and sense all these souls very real presence and their unique beauty. A whole new form of consciousness seems to emerge within me, filled with an infinite array of new perspectives and feelings - feelings I can't begin to define.

"You are growing."

"I know...thank you."

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