Saturday, December 12, 2009

Three Extraterrestrials (Part 61)



"Could I ask you for a gift?"

"A gift? What sort of gift are we talking about here? Something that involves the appreciation of sacred geometry?"

"No, no...nothing like that. I was wondering if we could travel through time again?"

"Where and when do you wish to travel to?"

"I've been thinking a lot lately. Ever since the neurotransmitter treatment, I have been thinking about things that would help me see things more clearly and help me realize even greater realities and get more benefit out of my life."


"You showed me the future. But it was one possible future. Is there a way you can show me this world's best future? Could we travel to one of the 'best versions' of this planet's possible futures?"


"Because I would like a little inspiration, I guess. I would like to see an Earth that makes all the right moves and evolves quickly and thoroughly."

"There are an INFINITE number of best futures for the Earth...because there really is no such thing as 'the best'. Your definition of 'the best' might not agree with mine. You understand this. What you really want to see is a world that accommodates 'your' notions of what a best future looks like."

"I'd be more than happy traveling to a future you think is one of the best."

"I have a better idea. You need to take a trip around the world you can see things in better perspective. The world around you right at this instant is filled with things marvelous, beautiful, terrible and ugly. Tonight, you will be visited by 3 extraterrestrials and each will have a unique and valuable trip for you to experience."

"3 extraterrestrials? Does this cast me as the heartless Scrooge?"

"You drew that comparison...not me."

"Who are these 3 extraterrestrials? Will they be violating the quarantine if they make an appearance here on Earth?"

"You don't need to worry about that. You just go to bed and get some sleep - you have a busy night ahead of you."

If it were anyone else I would laugh it off. Yal-hune is deadly serious. And because of the time disparity they can arrange this type of stuff in the blink of an eye Earth-time.

I lie in my bed. The clock on the wall is ticking loudly. Each second seems to pass slowly. Was Yal-hune joking? Is she laughing at me now in her room, as I await the appearance of some extraterrestrial friends of Yal-hune? Why do I have a nervous gut? Why did I have to ask her anything? What am I going to see?

I wake up. The LED blue clock numbers read 2:00 am. I sense someones presence, but I can't see anything. Suddenly it occurs to me. I realize I don't own an LED clock anymore. The last time I had an LED clock like that was sometime in the early 90s. I reach for the light switch. The light clicks on and I realize I am in my old house, in my old bedroom. I leap out of the bed and look in the mirrored closet doors. It must be 1989 and I'm 20 years younger. Everything is as I remember it. The old wallpaper I haven't thought about in decades, the aforementioned Sony alarm clock and everything else from blankets to the contents of my closet.

Aghast, I wonder if the past 20 years has been a dream? Am I getting a chance to live it all over again? Or did I just experience a dream that seemed to cover twenty years? What's going on? It can't be a dream. Yet here I am. I go to the bathroom. It's all correct, down to the smallest detail. I'm really back in 1989.

I remember Yal-hune. She must be behind this. Part of me feels great to be back in 1989. Another part feels creeped out. The past is always negative to the present. This was then...yet here I am. Another part realizes this will probably all disappear and that makes me sad somewhat. I forgot how I felt in 1989. There is an exuberance about everything and my body - it feels younger.

Now I feel that presence again. I run down to my office to look at the calendar. It's like old times again. The unique smells, the feel of the shag carpet under my feet, and I arrive. It is Friday, July 14th, 1989. My office chair swivels and turns. The most physically beautiful woman I have ever seen sits there. She is even more beautiful than Yal-hune - and I doubted such a thing was possible. Her face is exquisite, her hair glistens like clear honey in sunlight. She is clearly from Yal-hune's world, with her pink hued skin and green flowing skirt.

"Greetings. I am Kepra-la. Welcome back to 1989."

"How is this even possible? I'm the me of 20 years ago. When I traveled with Yal-hune to the future I remained the same."

"Many things are possible. Many more than you will ever know."

"Kepra-la is it? What am I - I mean what are we - doing here in 1989 in my old house?"

"You don't remember do you?"

"Remember what?"

"This night - July 14th 1989 - you had your first dream of me."

"I dreamt of you in 1989? I'm sure I would have remembered that!"

"Let me refresh your memory."

She gets up from the chair and her form is perfection squared. She places the tip of her index finger on my forehead. All at once I do remember a dream. I was walking in a used bookstore looking for some volume. I stepped outside and was suddenly in a vast desert. I sat on a large rock and apologized to a woman - and she is an alien. I see now it is Kepra-la. But what does it mean?

"I had forgotten all about this dream. But I have forgotten so many dreams."

"Yes. You have."

"So I knew you in 1989? Why were you in my dream? Why was I apologizing? I vaguely recall it was because I had broken a promise to you or something like that."

"Yes. You are starting to remember."

"I was sad and you were comforting me. I had promised to...oh my god."

"Yes. you remember."

"I had promised to find you again and live out our lives together. But I'm confused. How did I even know you? If this is really 2009, then we first meet now in 2009, right? How could I dream about you, then, in 1989?"

"It is 1989. You are meeting me now - and it is July 14th, 1989. You are here and yet you are also in your bed asleep dreaming. We are occupying the same exact moments, but two realities exist for that moment."

"I don't get it."

"Every moment in time has many possible outcomes and realities. In this instant, one part of you is experiencing a dream of me and in this reality you are with me in the flesh."

"Which is the true reality?"

"Both. You see, both are linked. All parallel universes are linked. That is your lesson. The past and the present are one and inseparable. You could dream about me because you really knew me. Time was not a factor. There are other realities for this moment in time. You will, someday, experience each of them. They are like pieces of a puzzle. You are infinite. To be infinite means you eventually have to attain infinite perspectives of any situation, person or concept."

As she speaks, other visions and realities seem to race through my mind. She has opened up the door to a whole new world of possibilities. There is a secret she is revealing to me. She is revealing it even now as she stands before me with her dazzling, overpowering beauty.

"I am Yal-hune's younger sister. You promised me you would return to my world and be with me."

My mind is struggling to keep up. I know her, but i don't know her. I sense one part of me is closer to her than to almost anyone and the tears I felt in the dream and which well up within me now are bitter and real tears of sadness. I don't know how I let her down, but it seems real to me that I did.

"Do you see? The past and the present are one. You think you are living in 2009. You really are living in both the past and present simultaneously and these are shaping your future - which is the many reflections of the present and the past."

"So it's both 1989 and 2009? I'm really confused here."

"The universe is energy. Once you develop your consciousness more, the universe ceases to have 'space' or 'time'. Your mind can reach anywhere, anytime. You become one with the infinite. That infinite part of you knows me very, very well."

"So we were and I? I made you a promise that I didn't keep?"

"That was a dream. But it was symbolic of a reality. In the future we will be together. You are meeting me again - and this is a dream."

I wake up. The LED clock is no longer there. It was just a dream. But it was so real. I turn on the light, grab my cellphone and flip the cover. It reads 2:00. I'm freaked out. Who was that extraterrestrial from Htra-deg? Was it really Yal-hune's sister? Does Yal-hune even have a sister? Was that a dream? What was it?

Was she the extraterrestrial of my life past? I'm so tired I can't think straight. Yet her message about becoming one with the infinite sticks in my head as I try to go back to sleep. I'll have to talk to Yal-hune in the morning and find out if she even has a sister. Sleep comes easy.

I wake up again...

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