Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Code 'PINKO'

Code Pink targets Evil Hummers

The targeting of SUV's has occurred for some time now. In Arizona it clearly is not working since SUV sales here increased over the past year even as gas prices jumped.

What one must understand is that this isn't about the environment, which is being harmed far more significantly by those communist and socialist third worlders, and it's not about fuel consumption which is consumed far more rapidly by Lear jets, power boats, etcetera, but rather this is about assaulting the American consumer, stigmatize capitalism and is an attempt to intimidate purchasers as we can see:

7. People Won't Like You
Hummer drivers have become a target for angry pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers who don't like seeing super-sized gas guzzlers lumbering down their roads or parked in over-sized spaces on our city streets. Hummer drivers get yelled at, flipped off, cut off; their vehicles get plastered with anti-Hummer bumper stickers. The website FUH2.com, for example, features pictures sent in from around the world of people flipping off Hummers. As anti-Hummer campaigns continue to pick up speed and disseminate information, the public sentiment against Hummers and their owners will only increase. Do you want this anger focused on you and your vehicle?

To put it nicely, the sort of people who won't like you because of the car you drive, are the sort of people who are neurotic and you don't really want to have as your friends. The sort of people who "disseminate information" about Hummers probably have a couple of antisocial disorders and a whole bunch of time on their hands to waste.

Out here I see Hummers everyday. The drivers are normal folks. Most are driven conservatively since a sizable investment is involved.

Further down the whole motivation of these neurotics is clearly revealed:

Hummers are symbols of American excess and arrogance. Such huge, imposing, military-like vehicles also perpetuate the image of America as a bully. They only serve to sow seeds of ill-will. This is not the image that we should be exporting in this political climate.

Do people really think like this? Yes. I was once talking to a chap who drove a Volkswagen years ago. He was, to put it mildly, not in perfect mental health. He explained how as he drove along the freeway he was surrounded by big Cadillacs in both lanes and he could "feel" their egos attacking him. He explained how he put his sunvisors down so he could not see them and punched the gas pedal to the floor to accelerate ahead of them. I nodded politely. It was clear he really believed in this 'assault.'

I couldn't help but notice it was his actions as a driver that were dangerous to others, not the ones driving the Cadillacs.

Clearly the individual with an inferiority/insecurity complex is more prone to projecting this hostility at others in retaliation to perceived attacks on their ego. Looking at an SUV, or any vehicle, and making assumptions about the persons inside is not rational. It is stereotyping and exactly the thing the left claims to abhor. Naturally, this is the mirror principle in action. They get all bent out of shape over the things they engage in the most.

SUV and Hummer owners are not all 'arrogant' bullys anymore than are the owners of any other make of car.

In response here are SDAI-Tech1's top reasons to own an SUV:

1. Survival. If you get into an accident, you have a better survival rate. If you value your life, your spouse's life or those of your kids, this has to be a primary consideration.

2. Comfort. If you are anything over six feet tall, small cars just wont cut it. Most full size cars aren't full sized anymore.

3. Price. You get more car for your money.

4. You relieve the stress on mass transit. Mass transit is woefully underequipped to move the populations in the US. Until mag-lev trains roll out to whisk folks off at 300 mph, a personal vehicle is your best choice.

5. You are shielded from increasing solar radiation. Solar radiation is increasing. To prevent skin cancer and other damaging radiation influences it is best to travel under thick sheets of metal. The thicker the better. Jogging, walking and riding bikes is only safe past dusk.

6. You help the economy. Automotive sales and repairs is one of the major factors determining the US economy.

7. You increase employment and help fathers and mothers feed their families. (see point six above)

8. Practicality. 5 kids? Whether hauling people or lots of hauling, there is an SUV for your needs.

9. You want to. Yes you have the freedom to purchase what type of vehicle best suits your needs.

10. Communists/Pinkos will hate you. Nothing is more gratifying then knowing you are supporting free markets and capitalism in the face of attempted oppression.

Assaults on our freedoms come in many different ways. Whether it be anti-fur, anti-meat or anti-SUV the 'pinkos' of the world are out there protesting your freedom and working to stifle it with grandiose justifications for doing so.

Living free is the only way to live.

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  1. Are you kidding about the solar radiation? How is an SUV going to block more than a car? Thicker roof means nothing, any metal will stop UV, and glass provides significant protection.

    Secondly, SUVs are not safer to their drivers, and especially not to other drivers. http://abcnews.go.com/wire/Business/ap20040827_339.html


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