Saturday, August 14, 2004

Trying Something Different

As a change from the political grind, I thought I'd create an open thread about human relationships. It probably wont be filled up real quickly, but it will be a place people can come to vent about failing relationships, gloat about wonderful relationships, etc.

I'll start the ball rolling. It's an awful feeling that finding out the woman who seems to be flirting with you is married. Why do women do that? It's like finding a bug in your drink. You certainly can't enjoy it anymore and one is obliged to throw the whole thing out. As a man one starts to doubt one's built-in relationship-o-meter. You know the one. It's the one that can smell trouble on the first date; has the internal genetic coding of millions of years of man development which allow one to tactfully get out of all sorts of awkward scenarios with the fairer sex. Yeah, that one. Suddenly one feels a little slow. That's a pretty bad feeling. It's sort of like the feeling one would get a few years out of high school and finding one's old flame was married. One's happy for her and at the same time one's ego is saying "how could she like anyone more than me?" It's a deflation even if one hasn't seen her for years or kept in touch. When she looks at you and smiles you feel really weird even if you both wanted to end the relationship. Ok I'm starting to get depressed thinking about it.

Open thread.

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