Wednesday, August 04, 2004

"No, Mr. Bush...I Expect you to Lose"

James Bond villains don't exist in real life, do they? Mr. Kerry has told us art imitates life and life imitates art and that is why the Hollywood folks are the heart and soul of America. I may have underestimated Mr. Kerry when he said such a line -- Perhaps he's indeed on to something.

It's time to take a closer look at the relationship between George Soros and John Kerry, as well as what he is doing to influence the outcome of the election and why. George Soros is a billionaire. I really don't care much about his money or even how ethically or unethically it was made. It's his worldview that troubles me the most. Soros is a fan of WWII utopian Karl Popper who wrote the book, "The Open Society and its Enemies" in 1945. Popper in his book was basically advocating eliminating governments and creating a world of people who have "freewill" and can do whatever they want to do.

When Soros is called a Marxist, that is technically inaccurate. He must be called a "Poppist". A Poppist seeks utopia not through the government representing the working class and the elimination of private wealth, but rather through a system where there are no governments and freewill determines everyone's course of action. Most folks realize this would bring about anarchy and the powerful would still control other's destiny, but it works in Popper's book so it must work in the real world figures Soros. Such childlike naivete is almost charming in a billionaire, but it loses its charm when he seriously intends to try and create a Poppist world.

As always, these utopian schemes involve redistributing the wealth and this one is no exception. American sovereignty is odious to Soros. Capitalist markets support industrial powers he figures and so the world must be remodeled into a utopia by him, his "Open Society" charitable organizations and by knocking the United States' lady Liberty in her private parts, grabbing her purse and dumping the contents over the third worlders to scramble after. His agenda isn't really hidden. His ego and faith in "Poppism" require him, like the bad guy in a James Bond movie, to tell us his plans for the world. He softens the edges to make it palatable to the ears for those not paying too close attention:

"But it is not enough to defeat President Bush at the polls. America has to reexamine its role in the world and adopt a more constructive vision." - George Soros

"A world order based on the sovereignty of states, moreover, cannot take care of our common human interests. The main source of poverty and misery in the world today is bad government, repressive, corrupt regimes and failed states. And yet it is difficult to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries because the principle of sovereignty stands in the way." - George Soros

Ah, that pesky national sovereignty getting in the way of the perfect new world order again eh, Mr mean Mr. Soros?

Let's take a closer look at what George Soros has donated to various organizations:

America Coming Together - Nonfederal Account...$5,000,000
Joint Victory Campaign 2004...............................$4,550,000 Voter Fund.......................................$2,500,000
Campaign for a Progressive Future........................$500,000
Campaign for Americas Future (Labor).................$300,000
Democracy for America - Non-federal...................$250,000
(source: The Center for Public Integrity)

That's over $13,000,000. Yet for Soros it is just an effort to buy his own US foreign policy. Yes, that is the bottom line. If we look closer at these contributions we will see that George Soros has gone out of his way to funnel money towards John Kerry's candidacy. America Coming Together received $5,000,000. What does ACT do? ACT hires canvassers to go through 17 battleground states as a voter mobilization project, "empowering people to speak the truth about Republican policies" -- in other words Soros is paying folks to go around your neighborhood and convince you to vote for Kerry and other Democrats across the board. Really a "grassroots" effort isn't it? If this doesn't disturb you - it should. ACT was created solely to get around the campaign finance laws that limit political contributions to a party. ACT is for all intents and purposes an agent of the DNC. Soros' money has created a clone of the DNC which can spend millions to mold America to his own liking.

"So what?" you say, "All politicians have an agenda and are supported by lobbyists with agendas, so why should Kerry and Soros be any different?" Under some circumstances that would be an appropriate reaction and I might even agree with you. However, with Soros we are taking it out of the realms of taxes, zoning and social programs and the affairs of government and enter another realm -- the realm of a man who wants to do away with governments. Let us look again at a quote from one of Soros' Goldfinger-esque verbose vanities:

"A world order based on the sovereignty of states, moreover, cannot take care of our common human interests." - George Soros

Soros is funding a party of a government - yet he does not believe in the sovereignty of states? Soros has hijacked the Democratic party when it is weakest -- now after the 2002 elections -- and co-opted the agenda. He has bought a political party. His agenda -- the elimination of sovereign states -- is an incredible one and is uncharted territory for either political party. It is completely inappropriate for the Democrats to accept any Soros money. However the DNC is these days somewhat like a drunken beggar and is not going to turn down a C-note, even if it were handed over to him by the devil himself and smelled strongly of brimstone and pitch.

Has Soros had success in his efforts to wage war on American sovereignty? Is Kerry Soros' Manchurian Candidate who weakens American Sovereignty and installs Soros' Poppist vision of an open society? Let's look at some of Kerry's quotes, shall we?

"The Bush administration has pursued the most arrogant, inept, reckless and ideological foreign policy in modern history." - John Kerry December 2003

"...we don't have to go it alone in the world." - John Kerry at the DNC convention

It's easy to see why Soros is excited about installing John Kerry in the Presidency. Kerry clearly has embraced the Euro-globalist, anti-unilateralist thinking which is really just an carefully orchestrated attack on our national sovereignty. Europe certainly doesn't ask us about our opinions on their affairs, why should we seek European approval for ours?

The national media is aware of these things and some have even done a few obscure fluff pieces on George Soros and his anti-Bush crusade. Unfortunately, the public at large is really unaware of the significance of these things.

Now that I've led you through the maze of politics and one billionaire's crusade to destroy nations' sovereignty in favor of "open societies" , skeptical readers have to ask themselves exactly where their allegiance lies. Is your allegiance to a nation or to the Democratic party? If you are honest, and consider yourself an American, the Democratic party and its silent partnership with George Soros should cause you more than just a bit of consternation and soul searching.

American sovereignty and its government are created by the will of our people. To hold as Soros does, that a new world order devoid of sovereign states is an ideal to shoot for, should be quite disturbing to any other nationality who believes in their government. For Americans, who have one of the best governments on earth, it should be reason enough to vote for George Bush - who is defending American sovereignty.

The President of the United States is not elected by the world, nor should a President be elected by Soros. The President of the United States is elected by Americans. While Kerry will certainly deny he is beholden to Soros' money and makes no comment about Soros' efforts to create a new world order with America acting as a global subsidy to the third world, we would be foolish to think that Soros does not have plans for Kerry and America and that a Kerry victory, however unlikely that is, would only be the very beginning of an assault on US sovereignty and the will of the American people.

On this blog I will foster awareness. Knowledge is power. It is knowledge of all these various organizations and agendas which one must familiarize oneself with if one is to be truly literate of US and foreign affairs. The internet is a tool. It can waste your time or it can empower you. This blog will empower you to go forward with new knowledge.

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  1. Your points on Kerry as puppet for Soros are well stated. Soros has creeped me out for a long time. Since Teresa H-K is also a billionaire immigrant who wants to rewrite America in her image, I wonder if the reality is very close to the metaphor: That Kerry really is a flunky for ultra-rich egos, and that his venal, mediocre substance is just putty in their hands?


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