Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's not a game.

I spent yesterday poring over satellite imagery of Fallujah, Najaf, Yongbyon and Bushehr. For those of you who are fairly informed on such matters you'll realize the common factor which links all four of these cities. No, it's not the fact that they are, coincidentally, almost uniformly devoid of vegetation -- although that did strike me as interesting.

All four of these regions are troublespots for the United States and potential solutions or ways of addressing these regions are being developed for Bush to employ after he is re-elected. Fallujah of course is in Iraq. It is west of Baghdad. Najaf is south of Baghdad. Both are the home of uprisings against US forces and the new Iraqi government. Yongbyon is in North Korea. It is the home of several nuclear reactors and a uranium processing plant. Bushehr (love the name don't you?) is in Iran and is one of the site locations of the Russian aided, Iranian nuclear program.

Satellite imagery really gives you a feel of a place. You can get a real feel for size and access, etcetera. To give you a feel of the sort of detail satellite imagery provides: one can assess the number of vehicles in a city, layout tactical routes for forces and identify potential places worthy of further detailed satellite observation and perhaps ground inspection. Satellites are America's ace in the hole.

The technology which is now at the disposal of folks working to protect the US from those who would harm her, is impressive and becoming more so. Much of the data gathered is simply not put to adequate use. An unrecorded crime is the waste of accumulated data and imagery. There simply are not enough savvy folks put to use on extracting valuable actionable information.

I wish in some ways that more people could see the world for what it is. Unfortunately, perception is what is sold to people and they often don't have the intelligence or ability to discern beyond the superficial impressions being put upon them. Ironically, the deceivers try to play upon the public gullibility by making them think they are peeling layers of deception away and revealing truth. Nothing angers the masses more than poking their insecurities. When one lacks knowledge of facts, one is reliant upon others and the masses generally realize this limitation. I could say with certainty that there are 432 boats/yachts docked in the small nation of Monaco's several harbors. Do you believe it? How can you know for certain? You really can't. The few people that can aren't exactly accessible to the common public. The masses are in much the same position when interpreting the news they receive through the media.

The reported animosity towards America in certain regions gets great media coverage which is done intentionally to fuel hatred of America. It may not be based in reality but it becomes reality through perception. The leftists rely on such perception techniques to add many uninformed voices to those who support their agenda.

The general perception being delivered in the world via the media for mass consumption is as follows:

George Bush and his neo-conservative cronies engineered a false war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. They did so for unscrupulous reasons involving oil, power and personal gain. America is really the antagonist and imperialist power throwing its might unjustly against defenseless, harmless nations.

If you believe this perception or parts of it, then you have already relinquished your intellect to the will of the deceivers and succumbed to the power of those who use perception for their own personal gain. This perception isn't delivered in it's totality at any time generally, except on the more amateur left websites and propagandists like Michael Moore. It is delivered in pieces like a jigsaw puzzle so that the masses feel they have discovered it on their own. This self-discovery is so important an illusion. It makes the believers feel that this perception is their own view and opinion and not prepackaged for them. A small matter but it can make the difference between the casual believer in the fallacious perception and a fanatic die-hard believer.

The reality underneath the perception is as follows:

The United States' existence threatens the tyrants of the world. It's economic and governmental system is in direct opposition to the third world and the parasites that run most of these nations. As a result these nations wage a continual war against the United States and exploit those in the west who can further their own agenda and consolidate wealth and power. The leftist agenda is that of the dismantling and distribution of America's wealth and power. Nothing less, nothing more. The global media is a handmaiden of those who hold these goals. Not very bright, they feel empowered when standing against America because they have been sold various perceptions when they were in school by these leftists (who are as common in educational institutions as roaches in a condemned restaurant) and believe them.

So peel back your preconceived notions and realize that Iran, North Korea, and the insurgency in Iraq are linked. There is indeed an 'Axis of evil' and they all have in common this aforementioned goal. Those who attack America or foster false perceptions about America's role in the world are selling you a bill of goods, yet doing so in a manner which you will be more inclined to believe falsehoods you would otherwise reject.

America is under assault. It has been under assault long before 9/11, it is only now that this assault has become more visible. Naturally the assaulter must turn perception and make the ignorant/pliable masses believe that America is assaulting the world.

It's not a game. Billions of lives and countless generations of the future hang in the balance. The future of mankind and humanity will depend almost exclusively on the strength of American values and beliefs.

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