Thursday, August 05, 2004

What's the Agenda?

Moving past the election, which has already been decided for Bush, a whole group of folks are moving on with the business of the nation and setting the agenda. Here are our priorities. Some of these you will have likely never heard of:

Global GeoPolitical Issues:

Consumerism in Iraq
Consumerism in Iran
Curbing North Korea
Iranian reform
War on terror
Strengthening fiscal ties with India

National Issues:

Step up Ballistic Missile Defense R&D & deployment
Tax reform
Increase employment
Strengthen stock market
Increase home ownership

Science/Tech front:

R&D new nuclear technologies
R&D national solar shielding plans
R&D quantum and nanotechnologies
Monitor international cloning efforts
R&D non-fatal weaponry

The opportunities are enormous. Whether Bush's coattails will be long enough to give an even more powerful lock on Congress is the only question that remains. What folks don't realize about the Bush administration is that they have been much more involved in developing and using new technological tools and encouraging their refinement. The agenda is important. I touched earlier on the Condoleezza Doctrine. The continuity of this foreign policy is important. I have shown you the folks that wish the destruction of the west (i.e George Soros) and in the future we will get further into the various European agendas, almost none of which include a strong America.

The world has various agendas. I'll try to give you a broad overview of some of the various agendas that conflict in daily events.

Russia wants to retain its power and influence and simultaneously increase its economic standing with both the West and East. It's oil industry is in direct competition with OPEC.

India wants to increase its wherewithal and is assuming the role China has played in terms of serving the western corporate sector. It seeks to increase its industrial capacity and the west seeks it as a customer for goods.

China wants to strengthen its powerbase and wealth. It seeks to become a technological superpower on par with the west. Symbolic of this desire is their moon goals and astronaut program. It seeks to absorb Taiwan's wealth and western corporate expertise and intimidate Japan into accepting a subservient role in the region.

France wants to assume political leadership of the EU and absorb the wealth from other wealthier,more productive EU nations like Germany and the United Kingdom. It seeks more global power to secure contracts in the third world and have less direct competition with its own neighbors. It is balancing a massive increase in Muslim population and its politics are shifting to become a quasi-Muslim state.

Germany want to restore its financial power and balance the drains upon its wealth and buying power after losing its wealth in the currency conversion from Mark to Euro. The constant influx of foreign workers and expenditures to house them, after the financially depleting re-unification have caused an acute financial disaster which is cutting its socialist programs and leaving citizens furious with a series of inept government leaders who fail to address the situation.

The former Eastern bloc nations have joined/or want to join the EU and tap the wealth, cheapen imports and increase exports.

Mexico seeks political amnesty for its citizens which are illegally in the US. It seeks a way to funnel US dollars into its corrupt government and failed economy. Through encouraging its citizens to leave it seeks to increase its political clout in the United States to funnel significantly more money and US wealth to Mexico.

Canada seeks the drop of restrictions on its growing pharmaceutical industry and understands the potential wealth that can be created in the ever-growing, over-medicating citizenry of the US. A series of incompetent governments have left their socialized system in disarray.

Saudi Arabia seeks to balance the fundamentalists which threaten their dynasty with the political power they sustain by keeping the fundamentalists at arm's length. The social divisions create increasing strain on the stability and popularity of the Saudi family in the Middle East. They seek to retain US protection and simultaneously appear distant from the US. An uprising would surely lead to a fundamentalist government in tune with that of Iran. No realistic alternative to the Saudi family exists at this time for the US to cultivate.

African nations seek increased economic assistance and financial aid. They hope that a Kerry administration with his wife being from Mozambique, would bring increased aid and attention from the US.

South America struggles with increasing their wealth and clout in international affairs. They seek the dropping of western trade restrictions on agricultural and other exports.

That's a rough, rough overview. However it gives you a feel of all the various needs and desires of the various governments/peoples throughout the world. When you add all the individual and corporate agendas it gets all the more complex.

More later...

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