Thursday, August 19, 2004

I guess I better blog more silently

Iran rattles sabers

This is the way it works. The intelligence community starts to look closer at Bushehr and within a few days a leak reaches Iran and they start to threaten the US.

I don't think any high level Iranians are reading my blog, and I didn't really say anything of consequence regarding Bushehr, but obviously it has already shaken the leadership in Iran.

Now to be honest, sometimes these things are done intentionally. Bushehr could come under the microscope just to test the leaks and the reaction speed of the Iranian leadership. That the US and Israel dislike the recent developments at Bushehr are obvious. A few weeks ago Germany's ambassador gave Iran a free pass and supported their reactor program and implied basically that Germany is looking for customers for their hurting nuclear industries. Even now the German/Iranian transfers of technology and materials commences

The media doesn't cover this stuff. CNN or the BBC aren't going to say that because of German and Russian self-interest the Middle East is being thrust one step closer to war and yet that is exactly what is happening. On this blog you can get a small peek behind the curtain and behind the headlines. Now Germany and Russia were quite upset when Saddam was removed, as he was one of their very best customers. Now Iran is one of their best customers and their support of Al-Sadr and their messing with Iraq has frustrated the United States.

Russia needs the money and Germany, overrun as it is, can use the money too. As Iran bolsters its military presence in the region, the US has been observing and collecting data so as to formulate a plethora of various intensity responses to the Iranian regime. A nuclear Iran would mean a WWIII in the Middle East.

Observing folks like Juan Cole decry American intervention in the region is amusing. The left always seems to feel sympathy where they should only feel compassion. 'What's the difference?' you ask. The difference is sympathy is a personal outpouring of emotion which involves oneself in another's plight whereas compassion is the impersonal understanding and concern for someone's' plight without taking a stake in it.

The Middle East has had its decades of indifference. Al Qaeda had a few terror freebies against the US under the Clinton administration and now the US is getting involved. Unfortunately it is like getting involved in a slum. Ignorance, fanaticism and a precondition for violence is the norm for the masses in these regions and this has been so for centuries.

You can't beat them with violence without destroying them. The US has a secret weapon that so far has a proven track record and has never been defeated.

It's called freedom.

No repressive nation or government can long stand against it.

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