Monday, January 03, 2011

Yaylu Scores A Hit

Yaylu sits beside me in my custom royal blue, slightly stretched Cadillac Escalade with very dark tinting, her alien features safely concealed from view. The custom white cloth interior upholstery was specially made to keep the occupants cool in Arizona temperatures that often exceed 115 degrees and the inefficient r134 refrigerant system has been removed and a superior freon system installed to keep the interior 65 degrees even when its 120 degrees in the shade.

At seven feet tall she needs to put the seat fully back to provide needed head and legroom. She has been talking to me all morning about her arrival here back in 1945 and her mission to observe humanity and to try and prevent humanity from making itself extinct. She has abilities comparable to Yal-hune. Teleportation, telekinesis, thought communication and an advanced understanding of physics that makes Einstein appear like a pre-school dropout. Her home world is larger than Neptune and is nearer the center of the galaxy, where most of the advanced sentient worlds reside. Her metabolism and anatomy are sustained by a unconscious effort on her part that is second nature to her. She can literally draw unto her necessary concentrations of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, and her mind can draw molecules together to form more complex molecules she needs which are not found naturally on Earth. Her mind does this automatically the way our autonomous system breathes and
eliminates waste. Her anatomy has 12 elements not found on Earth in its composition and they, too are sustained by her mind in this less complex environment.

These elements have different properties and permit some of her abilities to manifest. It's all about energy. Channeling and manipulating energy. Teleportation, molecular modification and such require the ability to manipulate energy, create bonding frequencies, harmonic oscillations of electrons and protons and all the rest. To most, she would appear as some sort of god - ageless and with super abilities that seem unnatural - even though they are perfectly natural for her. Like Yal-hune she has the ability to shield those near her from overshadowing signals which influence thought signals generated in the brain and cerebral cortex. Like Yal-hune she has the ability to heal with a motion of her arm. Like some modern day Jesus, she could cure the blind and make the lame walk. However, she also understands that this would defeat the purpose of these ailments and perhaps fatally weaken the individual - causing much greater, and longer lasting evolutionary harm than these ailments. So she has used great willpower and refrained from interfering with human development.

China, apparently, has a remaining extraterrestrial population in the Northern regions where tall Mandarins used to hold court, distant partial-descendants of these alien beings, and under the shifting winds and drifting sands, ancient relics of a 1500 year old extraterrestrial settlement on Earth still remain.

She looks at me and smiles. Yaylu's eyes are so large one can get lost in them without half-trying and her unadulterated alien looks arouse something inside me that must be genetic hysteria. My body realizes that Yaylu's genetics are far in advance and my cells are oscillating with her and remind me constantly that she would be a great reproductive selection. Such clinical scientific understanding and description can be summed up with words less fitting for a science journal but easy to understand - she turns me on.

I know she really likes me and I think Yal-hune chose her because of a very close past life we shared together - in Mandarin China 1500 years ago. We have had an instant reporte and part of me wonders just where this all might end up.

I am cut off by a black sedan and all of a sudden I realize something is wrong. My revere has come to a quick end and I curse myself for drifting off and not paying close enough attention to my surroundings. Three more black sedans are following me and quickly box me in. I see men with automatic weapons preparing to fire at us and I put my evasive driving skills to the test. I slam the brakes and let the rear car hit us. The other three cars try to slow down to hold the box, but leave enough of an opening for me to make a hard left. The men open fire on the car and the SDAI level XI armored body and glass shrugs off the high ballistic rounds with ease - for now.

"This is Tech1. I am under heavy attack and am requesting air support. I want a live satellite feed on my current GPS and local authorities notified of a shooting."

"We read you and will comply. ETA of 5 minutes for tactical air support."

Five minutes is a very long time and these guys are good. All four vehicles are already hot in pursuit again and I drive in serpentine waves keeping the shells that hit the car to a minimum.

" you know what they want and who they are?"

"I do, but you need to develop your skills and this is as good a time as any. Reach out with your mind and find out."

She's as calm and collected as if she experiences this type of stuff all the time and is not showing any fear, concern or even much interest. She's more interested in my emotional responses to this turn of events and is concerned for me and my equilibrium.

I reach out and realize these guys are working for another US-based black-ops agency, thick with Israeli intelligence ties, but US funding. They have orders to assassinate the extraterrestrial spotted in satellite imagery over my house and retrieve the body. I thought my house was off all foreign and domestic satellite grids. Satellite orbital paths now have new measures of flexibility and some folks have been busy watching me.

"They want you Yaylu, they saw us in imagery when we were in the backyard. They didn't want to wait or observe and moved fast. They desperately want to see what makes you tick."

"Yes, I know. This is why I have avoided social contact for 65 years. The human instinct to fear and destroy that which it does not understand has always been present."

I know Yaylu could teleport us out of here - or teleport herself out or do any of a million and one things which would defeat their plans, but she is going to let this unfold and test my equilibrium. Do I want to kill these men firing at me and Yaylu? Do I bias them as evil and negative? DO I have the strength to see them just as positively as I see Yaylu? The answer, right now, is no. I don't have that strength and as the slugs keep pounding the rear windows, my training kicks in and I activate the five rear 50 caliber guns mounted under the car which emerge clandestinely in the bumper. I wait until the nearest car is right behind me and I fire the guns.

The engine of the sedan bursts into flames and explodes. The car rolls over as it loses control at speed and hits the embankment on the side of the road. I reach out with my mind and I know the driver is seriously injured with a collapsed lung, broken ribs and a broken arm and needs medical attention immediately. The passenger is in shock, but no serious injuries and only a few major bruises. I almost feel guilty but I know ambulances are already being dispatched and tell myself that if someone is trying to kill me and Yaylu, I have the right to defend myself and protect her.

Yaylu looks at me and I see she has her test - not biasing me and my ignorance. I have shown that I am little different than the men following us and return negative force with negative force. She is disappointed and it shows in her eyes.

Three vehicles remain. They are extremely good and the vehicles they have were well prepped for this task. Modified high performance engines, light armoring, run-flat tires and roof hand holds to allow their hit men a brace when they fire out the windows, for greater accuracy while moving. One of their guns is better than the rest and is using some sort of exploding shell designed to defeat even the most heavily armored glass. A few more hits and the rear glass will give up the ghost.

"This is Tech1. How close is that air support?"

"Three minutes."

Three minutes is an eternity in a situation like this and I turn to Yaylu,

"Would you care to assist?"


"Whatever you want to call it - help, finding a way to extricate ourselves from this hostile attack...whatever."

"No. I told you, I don't interfere in human activities in this manner. You will have to do this by yourself."

Yaylu's words make me long for Yal-hune or Shayla who would not hesitate in such a life or death crisis to assist in providing a hasty exit and ending the conflict. Just after I think this, it occurs to me that this situation is of my own making - my own pasts. I try to work out on the fly. I try to see these hostiles on equilibrium - they are just doing their jobs. It's not personal. They don't know me or Yaylu and may even have families of their own.

I hit the nitrous button once I get to a stretch of open highway and the engine surges with power. The modified gearing permits a short burst of around 140 mph even with the extra armor weight. I put a few dozen more car lengths between me and the pursuers and for now the rear glass is still intact.

Part of me wants to sweep some 50 caliber fire behind me to dissuade further pursuit, but as Yaylu looks at me I try to take the high road and keep working on the magnetics of the situation. I reach out again with my mind, to find out more about these hostiles and their boss. I see a real time observation room receiving satellite feed from cameras mounted on the pursuit vehicles. This is an elaborate operation and has its own tactical back up.

"This is Tech1 to tactical air. Three bogies, black sedans are in pursuit of my location. They have two helicopters in the arena which are closing and full engagement with all hostiles is authorized."

"Spike Leader to Tech1. We have your bogie's in visual range and are preparing to engage."

I can see six F-16 Fighting Falcons closing fast from the southwest. The two helicopters I saw in my minds eye a moment ago are now also visible in the monitor displaying the wide-angle rear view camera. Two UH60 Blackhawk military helicopters with hellfire missiles.

The nitrous is all gone. The car is slowing holding at 127 mph. This is going to be very close. I deploy the anti-tire spikes, just for the hell of it, knowing they wont slow these guys down at all and I look over at Yaylu again, who is still as calm as ever, as if none of this is really happening.

The F-16s have fired missiles at the helicopters, I can feel it before I even see the streaks heading towards us.

"Weapons away."

The blackhawks veer off recognizing missile lock, but too late to avoid the frontal assault. One blows up and then the other in a continuous pyrotechnics display that creates two huge fireballs in the sky behind me. The three sedans are disengaging and I see them trying to avoid the air-to-ground missiles now en route. I watch as one would be assassin screeches to a near halt and then jumps out of his doomed vehicle as fast as he can, while it is still moving. The three pursuing sedans explode into millions of pieces. leaving burning wreckage on the highway behind us.

"This is SPIKE Leader to Tech1. Your bogies are all out of play. We will stay in theatre until theatre is secure."

I feel relieved and yet as I look over at Yaylu, I know she is disappointed. She looks at me with her eyes and all of a sudden she reflects back at me all the pain, suffering and fear I have caused in those who lost their lives in just the past minute. Tears well in my eyes and there is nothing I can do to stop them. I slow down to 80 mph and head towards a safe house with my eyes clouded by tears and remorse.

"I am so sorry, know that I didn't want any of this."

"Don't apologize to me. You will be apologizing to all those who have been maimed or killed this day in your future lifetimes. You have drawn them to you that much tighter and they will be your family, friends - and you will have to make amends and save their lives, give them life, heal their wounds and more - simply because of your inability to refrain from returning negative with negative."

Yaylu shows me the children and families of the pilots and operatives in my mind and I have to shut her out. I use full mental barriers as Shayla taught me to use and I lock down my mind from all external influences and signals. Yaylu has made me feel like a monster and all I really wanted to do was make sure we both survive the hit.

I focus on my training and think about retaliation - sending the group that did this a permanent message to back off, just in case the destruction of their hit squad hasn't changed their mind. When I get back to Shamballa I have the satellite feeds and all broadcast chatter analyzed and decoded. Yal-hune passed for human and never generated satellite imagery fodder for the anti-alien earth groups. Yaylu is going to be a problem. She will score a hit every time she steps out under a satellite cameras detailed eye.

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