Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marvelous Dreams

My dreams have always been nothing short of spectacular. Like some technicolor spectacular they are in full color and have intricate details and are always designed to awaken my physical consciousness to something I need to address or think about.

Last night was no exception. I was sitting in a chair in an empty room and a young woman approached with a sheet of paper in her hand. The paper was her "homework" and she wanted me to review it. I took one look at this sheet of paper and was astounded. Before me was a pencil sketch showing the energy level of every atomic element now identified. She had mapped out the next logical elements after she had detected the pattern by which they form, combine and appear.

She had sketched in a detailed sidebar with even more fascinating tidbits of how these elements are formed and at what specific gravity. Needless to say I complemented her on her work, the most beautiful and incredible sheet of homework I have ever seen in my life.

The woman was very detailed in appearance and is no one I consciously recall. Perhaps it is someone I will meet in the future. The dream made me think, however, and I realize that I should start addressing these advanced scientific concepts in the blog - starting with how this world, its star and the galaxy around it really formed.

The universe is simply an infinite spectra filled with energy. It has always existed and always will. Actually using time to measure its duration is folly because time is a subset of a portion of the universe and is not only relative and immeasurable, but eventually just a concept.

There was no big bang. No creation of energy from nothing. No crunch-bang-crunch scenarios. The universe simply is. And what it is is infinite. It has no measurements, no discernible limitations of any kind. All the energy that comprises it shares these same properties.

Yes, the keyboard and screen resting before you are infinite. They will exist forever and anon - as will you. They will exist even after they appear to have been destroyed. The energy formation that they exist with is regenerating and constantly changing. It is reflecting energy from its environment. That formation can be recalled at any time - because it exists and is now a component part of an infinite universe.

The galaxies form by channeling energy from an adjoining higher spectra. They twist and turn in with two distinct polarities and as a result the condensation of this energy now forms stars. It does this on the lines of force of this energy. The Hubble telescope sees these galaxies forming all the time - they look like venturi tubes or somewhat like a bow tie. As this condensation continues the simplest element - hydrogen - is formed and gathers. It keeps condensing at mathematical intervals through these lines of force. Like a string of Christmas lights the stars form in accordance to Fibonacci-type infinite logarithms. Infinite energy must flow infinitely and this is the most important secret of Fibonacci sequences - they are evidence of the infinite flow of energy and must be capable of perpetuating forever.

So now we have stars and galaxy arms. All this hydrogen keeps condensing however and becomes more complex channeling more energy into each element as more elements are formed in portions of these galaxy arms. Naturally, the larger stars create solar fields that now can support greater complexity in the element structures. So the center of all galaxies is always host to the most complex structures and elements.

The mysterious cosmic radiation we are bombarded by from the center of the galaxy? That's simply the nature of the worlds and space that exists in the center of the galaxy. These worlds are totally toxic to us - we are very elemental life forms and our 98 odd elements are a very small portion of the galactic element pool.

So we are bombarded by radiation from the center of the galaxy. Radiation is not all bad though. As we realize the sun makes possible life. Radiation is energy and this energy has a FREQUENCY. The higher the frequency the more it facilitates compounding other energy.

That's a very important concept and is a good one to remember. In a pure sense, all the galaxies of our physical universe were created by an even higher form of radiation from a higher portion of the infinite spectra. Each galaxy is unique - just like each atom, snowflake or grain of sand. Yes, infinity requires infinite diversity. Even in things that are of the same nature.

Humanity is a spectra. A band of energy that is infinitely diverse from one end of it unto the other. It is infinite unto itself and capable of growth, regeneration and always - evolution.

That's all for I said previously, these entries are going to be intense and informative. They certainly wont be for everyone, but if you've followed any of this, or this blog, you're already not exactly human anymore.


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