Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sending a Message.

I go through more vehicles than almost anyone I know. They get shot up, teleported and more often than not - blasted into tiny pieces long before the warranty has expired. I set up an appointment with Tech78 and the SDAI Vehicle Modification Facilities to order something a bit more durable this time. Even though it's ridiculously expensive to manufacture, I want the next vehicle to be armored with Atlan-98, which will truly have the ability to withstand any ballistic weapon made on this world. While my Marauder is Atlan-98, it's too small for Yaylu to fit into comfortably and the Suburban Command Vehicle of Atlan-98 we had made was destroyed by Norchan weaponry back in March of this year at the close of the crisis.

The cost to manufacture another command vehicle of that will probably be 50 million dollars. But it's a bargain when compared to a stealth fighter or even your garden variety M1A1 tank. It's fun to design a vehicle from scratch. This one will facilitate Yaylu's seven feet and need for greater privacy. I also have a few ideas and technologies I would like to use this vehicle for as a working test-bed.

Shamballa worked overtime to identify the incoming and outgoing signals transmitted during the attempted assassination of Yaylu. Satellite imagery obtained of the event is good enough to not only identify several operatives, but even the black boxes of the Blackhawks were recovered. All the data provides a trail to one of the hydra's many heads - a rogue branch that operates out of DC.

Like a corny television spy show, the bad guys aren't always easy to identify and it's always distasteful when you know that the bad guys are receiving their paychecks from Uncle Sam.

In such a situation, precision payback becomes a fine art. Finding the rogue elements who ordered the hit and sending an unmistakable message is the order of the day. I have to wonder if these folks even knew who was with Yaylu. In their race to obtain an alien corpse they overlooked everything else. I probe the various personalities involved with my mind and realize my hypothesis was correct. This wasn't personal, simply a group vehemently obsessed about aliens on Earth and the perceived threat they represent.

In the world of intelligence, anonymity is everything. Normally, folks who issue orders are compartmentalized far away from those who actually execute the orders. The universe, when understood, affords no such privacy. Every thought leaves a signature frequency that can be tracked and traced every order and communication leaves a distinct trail. For those whose minds can interpret and perceive all this energy, the world is an open book. No secrets exist. Yal-hune taught me well, and now that she is gone I have sort of dedicated myself to doing what she would do. She would tell me to use my mind, to remain on equilibrium and to balance all imbalances as they appear in my consciousness.

A few memos to the right people will make certain this doesn't happen again. We have identified the satellites that have been monitoring my home and within 24 hours they will be effectively neutralized. The anti-alien elements will not just go away, but they will be cut off from the resources they previously utilized.

Skuuinja thought messaged me and wanted to talk to me tonight - privately. It's probably about Yal-hune's departure and Yaylu's arrival. There was something there I picked up...but I can't quite be certain what it was.

I guess I will find out later.

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