Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Wrong.

Officially Yaylu doesn't exist. She's not registered with any government on Earth, which makes her like one of millions of other people all over the world who are off the grid.

The difference is, she's not human.

Yaylu has special ties to China, having lived there over a decade and tells me that my previous blog entry was way off the mark. That Zhao and Ashley are actually right and I am wrong.

"Your nation seeks democracy in places where the fundamental frequency simply doesn't yet support it. Zhao was right, China needs to evolve into it. How did German reunification go? How did the fall of the Soviet Union go? How is Afghanistan going? You see in some regions the prevalent number of younger souls, who would be inclined to murder and violence have not yet earned democracy or individual liberty. They still need to live within a framework that harshly responds to the harshness of the citizenry so that they learn valuable lessons and become more developed."

Yaylu puts it so succinctly and with such conviction that it is hard to argue with her.

"Perhaps you are right. We tend to view all people as equal here in the United States when the truth is quite obvious - no one is equal and all are at vastly different levels of mental and emotional maturity."

"Yes, your overcrowded prison system stands as mute testimony to the fact that freedom is not for everyone. That many are not responsible enough to use such freedom intelligently. At any given time the demographics of a nation change and demand new measures to deal with the changing fundamental frequency of the citizenry,"

"You're predicting the end of freedom and democracy in the US aren't you?"

"Perhaps. The lawlessness that is multiplying will necessarily lead to changes in government if the government is to remain stable."

I think about my trips into the future and how in some the US becomes just another Latin dictatorship with a corrupt police state and few real freedoms because of the massive poverty which dominates. I had always asked Yal-hune to show me the "best future" of the United States and she always refrained. Perhaps there were no good futures to show me? I wonder now.

"Yal-hune did what she thought was necessary. I'm surprised she took you through time at all. You don't seem mentally prepared for such travel. You still have far too many biases."

That hurts. Really hurts. Yet, I know it is probably true. I do still bias things way too much and see through my own personal filter of good/evil. I don't see all events as equal measures of good and evil, even though I understand scientifically that this is true, my mentality and consciousness do not perceive it as true. I guess traveling through time requires more equilibrium. I get an idea.

"Yaylu would you take me through time? I promise to be on equilibrium, regardless of what I encounter and try to use the experience to help build a better future."

"That's just it, don't you see? There are no better or worse futures. There are no terrible outcomes. Each potential destiny of this world, if it manifests, will exist with absolute mathematical perfection and balance. The universe can't exist otherwise. You still needed to see the world, and even the greater universe, in terms of good guys and bad guys, wonderful events and terrible events, and have not yet had your epiphany - that all events are wonderful. All events are the fabric of the universe and provide for an infinite variety of learning experiences for souls in an infinite spectra of development."

The way she says it hits me with sudden emphasis and for the moment she lifts a curtain for me. I see the universe for the first time as it truly exists - a mathematical type proposition of balances, a place where good and evil and positive and negative exist only in the minds and perspectives of those who perceive and classify all they see according to their own finite understandings. My mind struggles with the concept and rejects it.

"Yes, your mind cannot accept a universe without good and evil. All sentient life must exist with biases in order to evolve. Only the infinite universe itself is free of these biases and only seeks balance. As you evolve you will see things as the universe does and all that matters will be balance. That each action you take in a universe of energy has opposite reactions. That balance will need to be sustained to maintain the integrity of all you have learned and are learning - to maintain the integrity of your soul. Biases and even earlier, strong emotions, are a tool to try and keep you balanced. Fear, hate, lust and anger still serve, the elemental souls they exist within, quite well. They help them maintain a certain balance."

Being called an elemental soul seems a bit of a put-down. I realize I don't like it and I bias it negative, proving the truth of the statement.

"Do you see now? Do you understand why all governments can't just be like the United States? Why varying levels of human development demand varying levels of government development?"

"Yes, Yaylu. Thank you."

"Good. Now you can spend your time on more intelligent pursuits than molding the world into what you perceive to be its best future. Your blog too is wholly unnecessary, you realize this? Disseminating information is done automatically. Every individual will find the truths they need and precisely when they are needed. Your time might be better spent achieving balance within your own structures and not concerning yourself with others."

Perhaps she's right. I created this blog in order to lift the curtains on the unknown. Perhaps no one needs to have the curtains lifted - perhaps they can pull up these curtains by themselves when the time is right?

"Yes, you are seeing more truly now. Trying to educate or sculpt the way others think or view the world is not the most productive use of your time. Each will view the world as they see fit, based upon their own experiences and understandings. And this is perfect. There is no proper way to evolve, you see. In an infinite universe such evolution must manifest in infinitely diverse ways. No two souls will follow the same path. Your path and the paths of others are not necessarily compatible."

All of a sudden, I feel like a rudderless ship floating in a vast sea with no particular destination. My life has so much so involved sculpting the world and those in it, that without this motivation I am left with almost nothing.

Yaylu walks over to me and kisses me, her silver hair brushes against my cheek and neck as she does so.

"Seek balance for yourself."

I realize she has given me a great gift - and even my interpretation of it as "great" is part of my biasing filters in action.

Her words are starting to sink in.

The universe, and my place in it, dramatically changes yet again. Even this sudden change leaves me grasping for balance, struggling for a framework of consciousness that can utilize the completely foreign concept of a bias-free existence.

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