Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Trillion Dollar Question.

In the world, there are lots of secrets. Which individuals and companies are at this moment sweating out the ramifications of possible disclosure by rogue Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer and Wikileaks? Will the global economy recover and if so, when?

But these secrets pale next to the secret that is the true trillion dollar question. The trillion dollar question is, "what is a soul?" I'm not aware of anywhere on Earth that answers that question in a scientific manner satisfactorily. Religions will talk about spirits, even immortal spirits, but that doesn't really explain what it is or how it works and I can't think of any questions more important to answer than "What am I?" and "Why am I here?".

So today, I will continue down that rather intense path and answer those questions in a way that will lift a few curtains, raise a few eyes and trigger the infamous SDAI-Tech1 blog headache.

Souls are fields of energy. They are like the rest of the universe, infinite in nature. They do not have a time of birth or death. They are not created by hocus-pocus or by the wave of a Gods hand. There are an infinite number of souls. Each are unique and they have always existed. You and I may find ourselves living on Earth in the 21st century in a small solar system that is on the outskirts of a typical galaxy, but Earth, humanity and the experiences it represents is just a set of fields by any other name and draws unto it souls that have compatible field structures.

So a soul is a field of energy. Like the galaxies, stars, planets and elements - it is a compounding, regenerating energy structure. Every experience you have, every molecule your body encounters - is recorded and creates a reflection in your fields (or soul). Energy does this automatically. It reacts to other energy and all these things leave an imprint.

An inescapable component part of that trillion dollar question also is "What happens to me when I die?" Death and life are truly misunderstood. They are merely cycle points and mark the beginning and completion of a single cycle of energy. That energy regenerates and recreates itself constantly. I mentioned Fibonacci sequences in my previous entry. These are again relevant to the understanding of your soul, because these sequences are a good way to envision the soul and the energy it contains and how it keeps regenerating endlessly.

All you are is energy. Imprinted energy. Energy with intelligence. The more intelligence imprinted into your structures - the more you can realize the potentials of the infinite universe around you. In the truest sense, each soul has the potential to be just as infinite and diverse as the universe itself. Each soul is a "small" universe and is sentient - intelligently guiding it's own destiny making decisions and reflecting outwardly that which it has assimilated into its structures. Sentience is an ever-evolving component development of each soul. The ability to think, dream, experience and choose evolves into greater fields of consciousness which permit new forms of sentient expression. In human sentience's future, thought sharing, mind-merging to create combined thoughts and the ability to tap other parts of the infinite universe will be made manifest. There is never any ending to a souls potential development.

When a person dies all the data of this life goes with them and becomes just one loop, one cycle, of a field which contains thousands of such cycles - or many more depending on the development of the soul. One hears terms such as "old soul" or "young soul" in new age circles. These are also misnomers as there is no age involved. There is only development. A young soul has less cycles reflecting outwardly into their demodulated physical forms. Older souls have many more cycles, experience and data. There is no time limits to development and time has no relevance at all. Because all is really just these energy exchanges which are infinitely relative and interfacing simply according to the frequency of their respective structures.

I know...headache central. This knowledge sits outside the comfortable periphery of the typical human spectra. It forces each to make juxtapositions with their existing knowledge base and pigeonhole it into places where it often floats uncomfortably without much compatible structures to interface with.

Now to the mechanics of a soul.

The fields of energy which comprise a soul are, as mentioned, regenerating. They are constantly re-expressing the sum of their data in a new, unique expression with the latest added intelligence. This is evolution. If someone had their finger cut off in a previous life in an accident, they may find themselves born with a birth defect in the next and missing a finger. The fields that comprise and reflect physical data store this past damage and reflect it into the total sum.

This is where it gets more interesting. ;-) Say someone has thirty lifetimes of data with perfect hands and fingers and then in one lifetime this finger is cut off. So their fields contain both this data - with and without a finger. What determines whether or not the baby when it is born again will form with all fingers? The determination is based on imbalances. Even if the mathematical preponderance of data outweighs the damaged data - the damaged data, if it is merged with strong emotional imbalanced wave forms will seek out this balance. By being born without a finger, this may create certain learning experiences that now positively offset and balance the existing negative biases associated with the loss of the finger previously. By the next lifetime this data may be balanced and the hand is again, born without any damage. Life constantly affords these balance seeking "conflicts" and one must embrace all that is bad and see the good within it. This keeps our fields, or soul, in a more balanced state and preserves the integrity of what we are.

That's why all these worlds, beings and "old souls" avoid biasing anything negative. They can get shot in one life and return with only a minor skin blemish to show for the experience, if they were not emotionally compromised. Yes, it seems impossible to us to be shot and not bias that experience horribly negative. Not so for these older souls who have experienced such or similar conflicts many times and learned after wild emotional rampages that their negative emotions did them no good at all and only strengthened the conflicts and did not help to diminish or resolve them.

So the reincarnation process, here on Earth, can be seen as the way a field of energy harmonically is drawn to that which it is compatible. Each planet which possesses a resident form of sentience draws souls unto them. These souls live and die, repeatedly, imprinting these fields with data and experience. Eventually, their fields change and they lose compatibility with one world and find themselves born in another. This galaxy - all the galaxies - are homes to an infinite number of souls with infinitely varying levels of development. You and I, if we keep expanding our field structures, can and will experience countless other worlds. Not just of the physical variety as formed in the physical galaxies, but higher up in the spectra of "worlds" composed of energy that seems completely incompatible to anything we can perceive or understand.

The lovely woman from The Room (one of my "bosses" - she "hates" it when I call her that:) informs me that this entry somewhat exceeds the parameters of comfort and can be harmful if not tempered. So this last sentence is harmonically linked to a special set of balancing fields set up just for this post and all who read it.

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