Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful

Some Kind of Wonderful was a film from the late 80s. It never really picked up the status some of the John Hughes movies from that period achieved. It's one of the forgotten Hughes films and lives in the shadow of Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and The Breakfast Club.

Today, I thought about the film and the title because of what Yaylu said to me. She said - and I quote:

"That's just it, don't you see? There are no better or worse futures. There are no terrible outcomes. Each potential destiny of this world, if it manifests, will exist with absolute mathematical perfection and balance. The universe can't exist otherwise. You still needed to see the world, and even the greater universe, in terms of good guys and bad guys, wonderful events and terrible events, and have not yet had your epiphany - that all events are wonderful. All events are the fabric of the universe and provide for an infinite variety of learning experiences for souls in an infinite spectra of development."

For the first few hours after her impromptu lecture. I was seeking out an emotion-less, bias-free view of the world and was like a leaf floating in a stream with no shore, no stability and a frame of reference was impossible. Then I read her words and suddenly could see what she meant. Everything is "Some Kind of Wonderful".

There is no bad in this universe, no evil, no negative. These things are only finite frame of references that don't see the big picture and how each event feeds the good. A child learns that gets burned playing with matches that such is dangerous and can be destructive.

My epiphany arrived and it was an eye-opener.

Everything can be destructive.

Yes, all that is good is bad. All that is bad is good. The universe doesn't say so-n-so, the mass murderer, is bad or evil. People say that. They understand from their point of view of the harm this person has created and they bias it negative.

The universe sees a much larger picture. It sees how so-n-so unintentionally inspired others to live a better life, to treasure those around them and sees all those events in so-n-so's life that were not so destructive. The universe can find an equal amount of good in everything we can only find the bad in.

It certainly would not be politically correct to say that Hitler was really not much worse or better than anyone else, but the scary truth is - it's true from a completely infinite point of view. All the good that has come about from bad things is incalculable. Every suffering want and need has spurred the civilization we live in today and all the monstrous human leaders we have had along the way, from Nero to Stalin have helped to spur the laws, freedom and democracy we now have here in the USA and to some degree in many western nations.

This was what Yaylu was trying to help me to understand. She's not human so it comes all too easy for her. She was never conditioned to see in good/evil or in black/white.

The rest of us have a much harder go of it.


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