Monday, January 10, 2011

Turning Points.

Sometimes in life one reaches a turning point. I reached one today.

I was driving out from Shamballa this evening and the copper hued skies of the desert were absolutely amazing. The flat lands are so broad out here in the middle of nowhere that one truly gets a feel for the size of the desert and sky. One can feel very small, very quickly. The events of the past few years were suddenly flashing through my head almost non-stop. As I think about the galaxy and all the worlds and beings out there which inhabit it, my Earth life seems amazingly insignificant. I remember when Yal-hune and Tho-rey warned me before the knowledge download into my brain that such knowledge would make life insufferable here. At the time I had Yal-hune and that was enough though to keep the daily routine tolerable.

If a yawn could yawn - it would be the present human lifestyle of toil then relax. Youtube, facebook, television, fast food, public education, bank accounts, shopping and material acquisitions. Even the most satisfying personal relationships eventually become numbing if there is no questing into the unknown, no intelligent personal development, no wonderful interactions with places and beings light years disparate from one's own portion of the sentient spectra.

Today, as I was driving I saw a flash of an alternate future. The cars around me transformed into vastly more futuristic vehicles. They were clearly the byproduct of intelligent and inspired designers. The landscape was more lush and everything was better maintained and more beautiful. I realized this was an alternate future that could have been. As quickly as it appeared it dissolved away and I was back in traffic, alongside retro Camaros and Mustangs, in a 2011 that's largely creatively impotent and needs to plagiarize the past when there still was some creativity - in this case the 1960s. The disparity of these two 2011's all seemed so clear and I was also aware that someone was showing me that the present we are now accustomed too - our rather boring and constipated 2011 - need not have been the way it is.

With this epiphany, came the realization that I am in a unique position to transform the present and the future. The technologies alone that I have been exposed to could thrust life thousands of years ahead of the current technological status quo. Energy? The Earth could have enough power in ten years time to power ten thousand New York Cities till the end of time. Illness? In twenty years time all bacterial and viral illnesses would be 100% curable. Quantum medicine would be a reality and would in another ten years make all cancers treatable and curable. Education? In ten years the world could be transformed and mankind would know exactly what a human being is - and finally understand the way cells work and transmit trillions of quantized data packets to resonating fields of energy. Evolution would no longer be a mystery. Education would transform the schools, the religions, the governmental structures. Life as Earth knows it would make that next leap - the leap thousand of other planets in the galaxy have already made.

Sure, I understand that most of the humans now alive aren't ready for these changes. They still need their fears, emotions, religions, biases - and even their illnesses. Too much power and information would likely be misused and abused. But the next generation, the children that grow up and wonder what life is all about, what is the purpose behind their existence and how they can accelerate their development - for these ones such a transformation of the world is exactly what the doctor ordered. The narrow blinders and cultural yoke of today can easily be removed freeing the next generations to see a universe FAR larger and more exciting than those alive today, who live all over the Earth, can even begin to imagine.

So today was a turning point. I am no longer going to hold back data and filter it painstakingly. I can work out my negative pasts AND sculpt the future. The possible futures are legion and Yal-hune left so as to protect the Earth's future.

As I passed an abandoned and decrepit old barn and rusted farm implements, that must've been at least a century old, the stagnation and decay of some things stood out to me and symbolized what has happened to America.

No more.

Today is a new dawn in America. The technologies and science of the future will now be made part of the manifest destiny of the United States. Any guilt I felt about screwing things up in the past has now been offset by the understanding that sitting on knowledge, and parsing it to those who one deems ready, is equally destructive to one's own being.

So be prepared for more curtain lifting than usual. It's going to get intense around here.


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