Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Anatomy, Environment & The Fountain of Youth

Today is time for another curtain lifting. This curtain is the one that conceals the intricate relationship between you and your environment.

Every moment of our existence we are never alone. We are inextricably merged with an environment. This environment can be viewed from many perspectives and the relationship is much more complex than is heretofore understood. As you should know by now - your body is simply energy. It is a set of fields that oscillate together. Each atom, molecule and cell in your body can be understood more truly as a complex field of energy.

Your eyes and sense often deceive you. Your body is not solid. Your environment is not solid. Nothing is solid and you and your environment are constantly in motion and constantly changing. Each atom is a field of energy. The nucleus and orbiting particles are just wave forms of energy with various biases and conducting an incomprehensible amount of energy. This field of energy merges with other fields and creates molecules. These molecules merge to create elements and these elements are sculpted by the field data to create cells.

The 'miracle' of how your body converts a plethora of elements and turns them into complex cells that perform unique functions is not really a miracle at all - just the intelligent manipulation of energy. Each new bone cell, kidney cell or brain cell has a specific matching field that guides its formation. From conception the sperm and ovum are intelligently guided to merge and share DNA field data. A third field - that of the soon to be born child - can control and manipulate the merger with their own field. 'Older' souls have very strong fields and they often can easily reshape their parents DNA on the fly as the fetus grows and matures.

It's all about wave manipulation, harmonic attraction and biases. The fetus now has a new DNA code based largely upon portions of the parents code as manipulated by their own stored previous codes that they carry with them from life to life. Now this DNA code has all the fields needed in its vortical structure to produce a new physical anatomy that it can use. Each cell carries with it a link to this code and that is the DNA molecule - embedded with trillions upon trillions of waveforms into the atoms. A skin cell can spawn another skin cell, a muscle cell another muscle cell and on and on. This goes on constantly, without our thought or instruction.

Your DNA is not static. It is constantly evolving. Every thought, action and experience you have while in your body is recorded by your cells and subsequently by the fields that sponsor and guide them. Like cell phones they transmit two-way messages wireless all the time. DNA gets damaged and also goes through its own cycle of intelligence and all cell reproduction carries this damage to any newly created cell. This is how hair becomes grey, skin loses it's elasticity and how overall aging occurs. This is how cancer spreads and how a body can become susceptible to illness.

What is not known is that all DNA molecules, even damaged ones - can repair themselves and often do - even without our thinking about it. The more evolved your DNA is, the more resistance you will have to all sorts of diseases, illness and even the process of aging will be slowed down.

Almost everyone over 25 wants to be slimmer, fitter and younger. The legendary "Fountain of Youth" has been sought and searched for in one place or another for as long as man has existed. A miracle food, a special diet, creams, vitamins, herbs and drugs have been promoted and sold to a youth-hungry public with rather poor results. With all the desire for youth one would think by now some scientists might realize it would help to figure out what causes aging in the first place? Once science understands the whole energy field thing better, they will be able to evolve from drugs and chemicals to specific wave form manipulation.

If one wants to be 20 forever, record the DNA field signals at 20 and restore the missing signals as time passes. Like a song being sung with fewer and fewer notes and off-key to boot - this is the DNA aging process. Youth could be maintained by comparing current DNA with the previous DNA and restoring any lost or mutated wave signals and structures. Embedding signals into fields of such massive complexity and and impossibly small scale and scope as the DNA molecule is the hard part, but once mastered the genetic code becomes an open book and many things are possible.

Of course once possibilities are made available they will be abused quickly as well. Transforming people's DNA to create desired outcomes of course will become all the rage. Everyone will look 18 and youth itself will no longer be such an attractive thing because it will no longer have old age around to make it look good. If everyone has blue eyes and whatever hair color, skin color and feature so they prefer - it will make real beauty that much harder to find and the human body will be a toy to play with and experiment. Animals will be first and then man comes quickly after. Then comes man/animal hybrids much the same way we already have fish genes injected into some tomatoes to mutate their DNA and keep them from spoiling so quickly.

Tattoos and piercings will be viewed as we view ancient caveman art. The stuff great-great-great grannies did to get attention to their bodies. The future will bring completely sculpt able bodies and the young and daring (often not so smart either) will have their skin DNA modified to appear like Cheetah skin or perhaps have their hair follicle DNA patterned as some animals fur. A human mink? A human rhinoceros? Sure the complications will be horrific but after "enough" research certain modifications will be declared "safe" and can be guaranteed to earn the seal of approval of the FDA and whatever other future agencies regulate genetic mutation.

The problem with such modification is that it's unnatural and regenerates into the field this unnatural event. Over time and many regular "youth treatments" or particularly any weird hybrid-DNA creations, the DNA will develop whole new problems that reappear almost instantly after the treatment.

Much the same happens to people after a face lift. The cells and data want to recreate the previous positions and shape - its encoded into them now. So the face lift doesn't hold - and they go under the knife again for largely short-lived and unsatisfying results.

So what is the answer? The answer is not to fear aging, wrinkles and grey hair. Don't bias it. The less you bias the more on equilibrium your fields will be. Natural youth, the type that is sustainable and more intelligent is sustained by being on equilibrium and maintaining that positive consciousness. Your looks are recreated by the sum of what you are. If you want to change them - change yourself from the inside and your outsides, after enough lifetimes dedicated to positive change, will be more beautiful than you ever imagined possible.


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I am perplexed as to what your view is because there is a contradiction.

    In one instance, you are complaining that the church supports high birth rates. You are complaining that this leads to poverty.

    In another instance, you are complaining that the west is in decline because there are not enough births. (from your comments on a news article I read earlier today).

    Then, is it an antiwestern-civilization conspiracy both ways? I think you have to pick one way to argue your point. You can't argue both ways. No?

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Your planted word choices and understanding of DNA are irksome.

    DNA, upon understanding it, is a very complicated, unintelligent, and unguided mess. I say mess intentionally because much of our DNA has no purpose, is a repetition of a repetition, is a code for a virus that infected some ancestor millions of years ago, is a repeat of that aforementioned viral code, or is a code for something that is outright broken and unused by the modern organism. There is no intelligence here. There is no guiding hand. There is no conscious decision to evolve or not to evolve.

    Evolution merely occurs by life or death. Working DNA works. Unworking DNA dies without reproduction.

    In short, yikes. Stop speculating.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    As pertaining to DNA, no part of the code is junk. It's like looking at an Egyptian hieroglyph, many glyphs look similar, but their placement and nuances mean something to the greater whole.

    Our brains look largely the same all over. Take apart a human brain and one can't detect that each part is keyed in to certain functions and human abilities. These only become evident when one removes portions of the brain. The same is true with the genetic code. Take part of it away and one will find the nuanced significance of each part.

    There is no "guiding hand" and I certainly hope one doesn't read that to believe some deity is invclved in evolution. The intelligence is merely mathematics at work. The DNA evolves from each and every nerve impulse it receives in its lifetime. Those nerve impulses are not merely electrical impulses but carry encoded data as well. Fear, hate, joy, cold, heat and countless more all have their own unique signature and the DNA responds to these signals as it reproduces. DNA is intelligent, but its intelligence is already built in and like a thinking computer it evolves, pairing off new waveforms to its molecular structures constantly updating them.

    When bugs develop a resistance to DDT, or as the common cold virus unendingly morphs as it passes from person to person, thes DNA strands absorb this new data and use it to stregthen their resistance and perpetuate. A dying cell passes on the information of what killed it to surrounding cells and any progeny. How many generations before this new intelligence is acted upon and the code is enhanced to feature immunity or resistance to threats all depends upon the organism and its speed of cell division/reproduction.

    While at most levels of life there is no conscious decision to evolve, once a species becomes sentient that conscious decision does occur. Everytime we discriminate, make a judgment call or make a decision - we are guiding our evolution. Every thought we take and where we choose to focus our minds adds new signals to DNA and will help determine the "range" of intelligence of our future progeny.

    Genetics is still poorly understood at best and any suggestion that our DNA may be involved with determining our intelligence has been largely ignored because it was acted upon by fanatics and eugenicists who misused the concept for their own ignorant agendas. As a result the science of genetics has been studied by researchers whose findings are carefully scrutinized for anything that might indicate that, indeed, all DNA is not equal.


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