Saturday, February 12, 2011

Akhetaten (Part 3)

The first thing I feel is the hot desert sun falling down upon my skin as I reappear in AkhetAten besides Kepra-la, a familiar feeling to be sure for anyone who lives in the desert.

We have arrived at the outskirts of the city and as my eyes take in the expanse of Nile cultivated gardens and luscious date palms soaring into the skies above us, it makes me feel like I have arrived at some posh Florida retirement community. The city before us is breathtaking. It is amazing how contemporary it looks to my eyes, as if it was designed by an Architectural firm only last year. It is new and definitely feels new, clean and fresh, something anyone who has lived in a new community appreciates and enjoys.

"Right now it is new. It is fresh. We are here and the year is 1355BC. Most of the buildings are less than 3 years old."

Kepra-la has given us garments that blend in perfectly with the garments worn by the residents of AkhetAten. A white flowing gown for her and for me a skirt and tunic. She has even adorned us with some accessories, an arm bracelet for me and for her a necklace,bracelets and anklets in gold. She looks absolutely gorgeous and in this pastoral and picturesque environment I let my mind wander and imagine just what it would be like to live life here in peace. As I gaze at passersby, I spot a large number of families and children. AkhetAten is truly a family-focused place. In the history books they focus on Akenatens "heretical" beliefs, failing to realize he was merely restoring the older Atlantean belief system that Cheops tried to keep alive for future generations and that the new gods, full of animal-human hybrids was the true heresy upon the original Egyptian origins and beliefs.

"Wholesome" is a word that springs to mind as I walk with Kepra-la along the avenue alongside the palace and see the children running and mothers laughing and talking in the mid-day sun. Akhenaten supposedly claimed this city was sacred and blessed by Aten as the way people should live. Seeing it, I can't help but agree. This place is a very happy place and the people here live far better than I imagined for this time period. It's safe to say they live far more happily than do the future Egyptians who over 3000 years later will live in conditions of greater oppression, filth, crime and poverty.

"Try not to make the constant comparisons. You need to remember every person finds themselves in the environment they most need to overcome the imbalances of their pasts."

Kepra-la reaches out, takes and holds my hand, as one sees other lovers here do as they are walking alongside the palace and parallel to the Nile river. It is a gesture I can't ignore and it sends a wave of great joy and warmth through me. Through this connection I feel her goodness, purity and it is in constant connection with me. I feel myself become more balanced and my thoughts become more loving and gentle. The fragrant smells of the palatial gardens are heady and saturate the moist air here. For the first time I realize both of us are wearing some sort of scented oils, which mingle with the perfumes of the garden flora.

Kepra-la speaks in my mind, "We are going to be just in time to have an audience with Akhenaten and Nefertiti."

"We are scheduled?"

"Yes. Like I told you once before, time is not linear. This moment is just as real and undetermined as the moment we left your office."

"And we can't change history?"

"Our meeting here in the 'past' is part of our future."

"Now I know how my blog-readers feel. Thinking about this makes my head hurt."

"It's not that complicated really. Like a string of dominoes lined up you can take any one of them and place them between any other two. We are a domino that has been moved and when we leave we will be moved back to our original position. Dominoes are moving around all the time, it's just most never notice it. At any time on Earth, there are probably dozens and sometimes hundreds of time travelers around. Some visits trigger the creation of a new parallel universe and some don't. I knew when I was much younger that I would go back in time with you and that the universe we return to is the same one we left. There are many countless parallel universes that have been created by time travelers attempting to alter history. Hundreds have saved Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, King Arthur, etc. Others have eliminated Hitler, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and prevented the US from developing atomic weapons. Each of these visitors, by their very arrival, spin off a parallel universe. Observers from other spectra see the outcomes of all these time travelers interference and recognize it always balances out again. Those who prevent the death of Lincoln find that the "freed" slaves never secure the freedom they achieve when Lincoln dies. Stopping the US achieving the bomb usually results in a totalitarian regime developing it first and introducing it into the world only a decade or two later and achieving complete global domination."

"Fascinating. So our presence here was a part of ancient Egypt?"


I notice, that while Kepra-la was speaking into my mind we have crossed a beautiful bridge that joins the royal palace to the Hall of Audience.

We enter the Hall, beautiful murals adorn the walls and I see the royal couple sitting in gorgeous thrones made of gold.

Nefertiti has spotted us and is smiling. In less than an instant I realize she has that same spark that Kepra-la does possess.

"Welcome. Come and approach us." Nefertiti's voice enters my head and she gazes at me from a distance and smiles. In a flash I recognize they are very developed beings and not at all what they seem to be. Their daughters are playing on the ground behind them. Their shaved heads and appearance reveal a startling truth - they are descended from one of the Atlantean races which had coexisted with aliens. I had seen images of such in the Atlantean texts recovered from Project MIMIR's holding warehouse. The daughters and Akhenaten himself are clearly as much alien as human in appearance and they are concealing much of their true abilities from the masses.

"Concealing is not the right word..." Nefertiti says to me in a mental voice that is as soft and gentle as a leaf floating down from a tree, "...we are protecting our people from the knowledge they are not yet prepared to accommodate."

Akhenaten finishes talking with one of his viziers and peers in our direction for the first time. His eyes are uncanny and quite alien. A vivid gold, like the Aten itself, with streaks of blue, like lightning bolts within. His head really is quite oblong and influenced by alien genetics and the reliefs I have seen now make perfect sense, even though his appearance was exaggerated to some degree.

"Greetings to you both, visitors from the future. Our family welcomes you to AkhetAten."

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