Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ka Lessons (Part 5)

Meritaten takes my hand again and leads me to the reflecting pool that is now like a living shimmering rainbow made of water. Small silver fish swim through the pool and take on different hues as they swim through the light.

"It's beautiful" I tell her.

"Yes, Aten brings great beauty and life to all things."

Nefertiti and Akhenaten are still conversing with Kepra-la. The others in attendance seem not to be surprised by the long silences and must believe it is just part of the way they receive certain guests. I let my mind reach out, the way Yal-hune taught me, allowing all sorts of information fill my consciousness. Meritaten, who had been playing with a fish, turns around and smiles as I do so.

"That's better." she says with her mind. "You will enjoy life so much more when you use ALL of your senses." As if she feels its necessary to prove her point she turns again and I see what has caught her attention. A man, older and thinking negative thoughts about Akhenaten and the new faith that has done away with the old gods. He is an official from Thebes and has close ties with the priesthood.

"If you know these people are disloyal, why do not your parents act on that knowledge?"

"They want to give all people a chance to learn and evolve in the light of the Aten. They hope that Aten will open their hearts and place truth and love there for them to embrace."

My first thoughts are not pleasant ones and I see Meritaten almost wince as they reach the surface of her consciousness. I had thought that Akhenaten must have a martyr complex to let these traitors destroy him, his family and AkhetAten.

I speak to her mind softly. "I'm very sorry Meritaten. In my world of the future traitors are more harshly dealt with and I still bias outcomes which I deem unfavorable. I know the future, as do you, and I bias it quite negative. I hate to see anything so beautiful as your family, beliefs and city be destroyed."

She locks her purple-blue eyes with mine and her thoughts are as clear as the prism that creates the rainbow above us.

"I understand. You have lost some of your balance and wisdom. You didn't use to see these things this way. You need to regain this wisdom because otherwise you will always be at the mercy of others and your environment instead of having mastery over your mind and the course your Ka travels. Your Ka is very strong and very old and yet you have let certain experiences - such as these deaths disturb your Ka. Even though you understand that your Ka cannot be destroyed by men, you have biased the apparent loss of your families and loved ones very negative. Look at us. Here you have already experienced many deaths since you knew me and yet we are together again - in your future. Proving that even the ones one has loved are always accessible and are NEVER lost."

As she speaks the wisdom of this small girl is now patently obvious. I wonder are all extraterrestrial bred minds so balanced and informed - even when living in these primitive times? They can read me like a book.

"Your Ka speaks for you. My father passes judgment by reading the Ka of those who come before him. In this way his decisions are just."

I try to read Meritaten's Ka and she smiles, aware of my efforts. She just stares at me and lets me try to process what I can of her lives, pasts and future.

Her Ka is so very peaceful. She has so much joy, love and such appreciation for the world around her. I wonder why she is even here on Earth. It seems like a classroom she has already long since mastered.

She looks away and back down at the fish that has just turned from blue-green to violet, "I have some things I need to align better in my Ka. They may not speak as clearly to you, but they are there nonetheless. Aten and my parents help me and my sisters find this balance."

I become aware of Kepra-la standing beside me.

"Nefertiti would like to speak with you."

"Okay. Thanks."

I turn to Meritaten. "Thank you Meritaten. For your wisdom."

"The joy was all mine."

I get up from the reflecting pool and approach Nefertiti. I glance quickly at Akhenaten and he is smiling a disarming, and somewhat unnerving, smile. Nefertiti rises from her throne and I am momentarily distracted by her beautiful figure which is quite apparent through the sheer gown she wears. I keep forgetting that in this time nudity and the body is not an issue. She is absolutely mesmerizing and her body matches her lovely face. Just as gentle and just as inviting. Yet there is a regal quality that defies description.

"Kepra-la has told us you always wanted to meet us. I hope we have not been a disappointment."

"No, quite the contrary, I realize that you are both much more than I ever imagined. Much more. I have learned quite a bit on this trip. Knowing that you know what you know and still can be as positive as you are - gives me strength to see my own life in a new light."

"Your world is only as beautiful or as ugly as your Ka is - remember that. Before you leave us, there is another I think you should meet. Your most wonderful companion knows the way."

I guess this goodbye. I look around and part of me does not want to leave. The old urge to save them from their future rises up, but with this new knowledge I realize they view death as I view going to sleep at night - with no fear whatsoever.

"Farewell Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. I will never forget either of you and will think of what you have shared with me during my time here. Know that my love for you both and your family always goes with you."

Meritaten and her sisters join their mother and wave to Kepra-la and me as we depart. Akhenaten sits peacefully. The smile upon his face only slightly diminished and I hear both of their voices in my mind as they speak in unison, "May the Aten shine upon you and all that you meet in your travels."

As we leave the audience hall I notice that Kepra-la is smirking, or so it would seem, and I wonder why.

She turns to me and smiles broadly. "You will some day find out the source of my amusement."

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