Friday, February 25, 2011

The Impoverishing of America

Change is constantly occurring, but at this time we live in a world where change is happening more rapidly than in the past several decades. From an abstract and impersonal point of view all these changes are neither good or evil and will provide valuable learning experience for everyone alive at this time.

From a less abstract and decidedly personal point of view, I can't help but watch as the masses lack of overall intellectual capacity lead the world into conditions that will create mass poverty around the globe in excess of the burden the world already possesses. Particularly keen is the drop in wealth in the United States and western Europe.

There is one issue that is paramount to the wealth poverty equation: birth control.

In poor nations and among the least educated, birth rates and poverty are the highest. Where birth rates are low - the richest of the worlds residents reside. The message is extremely simple for the world to understand:

high birth rate = poverty

There are many who profit on the backs of the poor and who exploit them for their own gain. The capitalism in evidence all too often today is worse than the 1890's robber baron's whose business practices saw further than simply the next 6 months into the future. Religions too have grown in strength and power to the levels of the middle ages. Religions are the number one culprit in perpetuating mass poverty and suffering today. The pope is nothing more than a glorified farmer, farming bodies for funds to fill the coffers and so the evils of birth control are regularly doled out to the fearful and ignorant masses. Catholicism has grown in clout since its low-point in 1960, simply because the lowest common denominator that comprise the largest part of the flock - the uneducated poor around the world who are adherents of this religion.

With the evil of immoral religions and business corruption, the old evils are quickly returning to the scene of daily life and the progress made in the 20th century promises to be washed away in the 21st.

Already we are seeing a return to the pasts evils that were meant to be done away with. Child labor was par for the course in 1890 and for the century prior here in the United States. In other countries child labor is still the norm. Now, as American families find themselves in a bind, the kids must start working earlier. Already social security numbers are issued at birth, but already its the illegals' children here in the US who are toiling, all without social security cards. The fast food industry, the canning industry and the farming industry have half a century of experience now in skirting the US laws to maximize their profits.

The Walmart-ification of the retail sector has made commissioned jobs and the demand for skilled sales people a nearly extinct breed. Managerial positions are often held by the equally unskilled and are now glorified sales positions with more responsibility and very little more pay. The "made in China" problem is now epidemic and almost universal. All this wealth is being poured into China and is helping build their missiles and make them the global economic power of 2025. The danger of this nearly irreversible trend is obvious. The government of China is nowhere near as evolved as the US, nor are most of its residents. For these toiling masses, freedom is not an option. Free speech, freedom of assembly and other freedoms we take for granted simply don't exist. Re-education camp/prisons do exist and the masses live in constant fear of being assigned to hard labor in one of these political prisons. It's still the political dark ages in a corrupt China, growing fat off western greed and moral decline.

Yes, the moral decline in the west has fed this chain of events. The greed of the greediest robber baron is combined with the intellectual wasteland of today and the result is unsustainable business decisions that impoverish the very customer base you need to keep afloat. Like poisoning a well needed for drinking water the outsourcing of production simply impoverishes the people you desire to sell to here in America. The result: decreased production costs at the expense of reduced sales.

A camera made for $10 in China and sold for $50 in the US is not an improvement over the days when the same camera was made in the US for $35 and sold for $100. As the Walmart-ification continues, the masses can't even afford to spend the $50 and the retailer has to reduce the price to $40 and then $35 as sales plummet across the board 'mysteriously'.

The oil companies show their greedy shortsightedness in the constant practice of gouging customers at the pump. Their actions decimated the automobile industry that keeps them afloat and only hastens the day when cars again fall second to public transportation and other forms of transit. The few do ruin it for the many and hurt US industry when it can least afford it. Unfortunately many no longer see themselves as Americans, but simply residents of the world - for whom any exploitation or bankrupting of a nation is not much of a moral dilemma. If crime increases in their declining neighborhood, they can always move somewhere else where it is still minimal. Sure, eventually there will be no such place when the global economy collapses altogether, and even the western governments of the world will be considerably less free than they are now as poverty and violence spread from continent to continent.

But this is not a concern for the short-sighted, live for the now, person who never met a single moral they like enough to embrace. It will be their problem in the future - and not just in this life, but many future ones where they reap the repercussions of their self-serving actions until they actually do develop a set of morals and free themselves from a roller-coaster ride of poverty/hardship and indulgence/decadence.

In today's immoral age - all morals are anathema to the masses. Instant sexual gratification over love and familial relationships create a perverse sub-section to an increasingly uneducated populace. For these ones and others, such as drug addicted hordes, the breaking down of all laws and taboos is the only thing that gives them validation. And this is not about turning to religion. Far from it! Religionists are just as immoral and always have been, passing off responsibility to some god for their wrongdoing and all the while torturing, imprisoning, persecuting and murdering those who did not agree with their archaic, power hungry cults. This is about true morality - the kind that comes from logic and reason - in other words - morality based upon the real world and real history. This type of morality is hard to find. It presently exists in that small cross-section of educated western thought and philosophy that is increasingly unpopular with both the left and right.

I'm supposed to be able to figure out solutions to almost any problem. Yet this is a problem that defies my best efforts. Forcing 'good' on the masses is equally harmful and has just as bad results. In this instance, this ship is going to sink and only those who bothered to learn to swim will survive. The rest will learn a valuable lesson and return with new priorities and perhaps a slightly improved moral development.

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