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Nefertiti, Akhenaten & Meritaten (Part 4)

We approach the royal couple and I am at once quite astounded. It is easy to see why the priesthood feared this couple and their belief system. What's most fascinating is the discovery that Egypt was founded by refugees from Atlantis and that there were still those who clearly had alien DNA in their cells, simultaneously ostracizing them from the rest of humanity and giving them special abilities and a keener intelligence than the masses possessed.

Kepra-la said that this visit would provide a lesson and I look forward to learning more of all this unrecorded history. Part of me wants to warn them about their fate, but I know that this wouldn't necessarily change anything and only spin off another parallel time-stream if it did.

Nefertiti locks eyes with me and she is far more beautiful in person than her famous statue, now residing in Berlin, can capture. She is telepathic and has the ability to probe my mind the same way many other aliens have over the past few years. I set up an area to converse in and lock down those parts of my mind that I wish to remain private. She smiles as I do this and there is a sparkle in her eyes. She is quite alive and and joyous her consciousness is quite at odds with my own, which is all too often dour and critical of my surroundings and the people with whom I must interface.

"Why the Aten? Why worship the sun?" I ask Akhenaten. I say the words aloud and some of those in the audience hall gasp in shock.

"The Aten is the bringer of all life. The other gods are false. We can see and feel the Aten. The other gods spring from the minds of men and their fears." He looks at me with a blend of curiosity and compassion. It's almost as though he takes pity on my lack of understanding of the obvious.

Nefertiti speaks into my mind.

"Great evils were performed by the priests of Atlantis before it was devoured by the world. Experiments were conducted which turned men into beasts and beasts into men. The gods many of our people worship are the legacy of these evil deeds. We are trying to move away from the worship of these false gods, who were monstrosities that merged the bodies of men and animals."

Kepra-la squeezes my hand tighter and I turn to her. She speaks gently after Nefertiti has finished.

"You lived in these latter times of Atlantis. You could have stopped some of this experimentation and you chose not to. Although you did not order these experiments, you could have halted many of them. Your position was much as it is today, overseeing the work of a great many. However, as in this life, you fear the repercussions of actions taken against others who possess power and can retaliate against you."

Her words sink in and she transmits images of these creatures created in the Atlantean laboratories. Jackal faced men, cats with human heads, half fish people, humans with appendages of animals and humans living with the brains of animals. It's beyond horrifying. It's ghastly and the reality of it hits me in my solar plexus like a lead brick. The scientists were completely out of control and the masses were jaded to the worst forms of experimentation.

This is the lesson I am here to receive. I feel ashamed here before Nefertiti and Akhenaten who are working to undo the damage caused to the collective unconscious of the masses who saw these horrific creations and lived among them in their past lives.

Akhenaten speaks into my mind and his voice is firm and I can feel his determination.

"Yes, and the priesthood still try to give these monsters power over the people and cause them to live in fear of them. These monsters were never gods - they were only monsters and should be left in the shadowy past which they belong to."

"I am so sorry. I wish I could change my past acts."

"No need to apologize to us. We do not judge you. You judge yourself in the light of the Aten." Akhenaten's gold and blue eyes peer into my soul and his abilities are indeed formidable. His form of telepathy and strength of personality and self assurance exceed those of almost anyone i have ever met, even Yal-hune. Suddenly a wave of fear washes over me and I don't quite know why. Then I realize this is exactly the way I felt then - a clear fear of some unknown threat that lurked in the shadows.

Kepra-la had let go of my hand and takes my hand again. The fear is gone and with it some of the guilt I felt as I recognize that I have learned since those days and have shut down many projects I could not justify and ended my participation in others that had taken a turn for the dark side.

The oldest daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti stands up and walks over to me and Kepra-la. As she gets closer her alien heritage is absolutely undeniable and she is absolutely adorable. In this time, no one suspects because the masses are not yet even aware they live on a planet, much less are part of a vast sea of worlds. The unique heads are simply because they are descended from "gods".

The daughters eyes are so deep and their oblong heads contain several unique bone ridges in the skull humans do not, giving more room for their larger brains.

"Do you remember me?" the girl says as she walks right up to me.

She has the face of an angel, yet not a human angel. Her eyes are a dark purple-blue. Radiant and glowing from within and are at least one and a half times as large again as human eyes. Her gold tan skin literally appears as if her skin grows with flecks of gold embedded within and reflects light unlike any skin I have seen. I do remember her. I remember all of them. I lived here and knew them. I look around quickly - almost expecting to see myself somewhere.

"Yes, I do....I do!"

She smiles a smile that's so kind and happy, I just melt and smile back as wide a grin as I can back at her. She walks forward and hugs me. I hug her in return and lift her up off the ground and into my arms. I half expect some guards to seize me, but Akhenaten and Nefertiti are both smiling as if I am extended family.

"I knew you would remember. Come with me."

I set her down and she takes my hand and leads me past the thrones to where she and her younger sisters sit on gold hued cushions playing with a tame cheetah tied to a pole.

Nefertiti and Akhenaten speak with Kepra-la and the conversation is telepathic, but is kept from me - private. For a brief moment I wonder just what they are talking about, but then shift my attention to Meritaten and her sisters.

Meritaten, the girl who has led me back here, suddenly exerts a mental force I have not felt in a while. Her large skull houses a brain of uncanny ability and before I realize what is happening, she is feeding history into my head at an astonishing rate. The latter period of Atlantis saw Atlantis visited by several alien worlds. The offspring of humanity and these visitors rose to positions of power and were natural leaders due to their greater intellectual capacity and special abilities. In Egypt, refugees of doomed Atlantis still chose the descendants of these ones to lead them. The large headgear the Pharaoh wears which conceals his large head is the symbol of power as the masses began to worship these more developed beings as gods. The intermarriage of family was done to keep a line of these beings with less dilution.

It's all absolutely fascinating and for the first time in my life, the entire Egyptian history from Pharaohs to pyramids and to animal gods all makes perfect sense.

"I travel to the future and the past in my dreams. How do you like your world of the future? Is it fun and beautiful?"

She says this with such enthusiasm that I can't bear to tell her, I often find it exactly the opposite.

"It is fun and beautiful - parts of it anyway. Other parts seem less beautiful and less fun, but I know everything can be fun and beautiful when seen from the right perspective. How do you know all the things you know? Where did you learn about Atlantis?"

Meritaten giggles aloud as if I've asked the most stupid question in the world. Her dark purple eyes brighten and glisten as she laughs at me. I have a deja-vu as she does. The epiphany finally arrives as she continues laughing. Her mind is capable of traversing time and space and she picks up past and future history the way we map our environment - by observation and experience. Like reading a book, only much more detailed and vivid, she can acquire the history of the world and its future. When she told me she dreams of the past and future, she was telling me she visits these places in her mind, I just didn't quite catch the significance.

The cheetah purrs loudly as her sister strokes its back. I wonder just how much of the future she has seen. Does she know her parents future or her own? This would be a horrible curse. Hopefully, this is blocked to her vision.

She giggles again and laughs even harder. "You say you remember but you have forgotten so much!" A stream of images flash through my mind. She shows me her future death and then birth. She shows me dozens of others she has experienced and I suddenly realize what Yal-hune kept from me. She shows me dozens of my own deaths and births, then hundreds of them in sequence so quickly they become a blur and I can no longer keep up with them all.

"I don't fear my death, nor do my parents fear theirs. Why on Earth should they? Do I fear the sunset? Should I try to prevent the sun from setting? The day of death and birth are just like any other day and mark the flow of our Ka. You need to remember. You know all this already!"

And she's right, I do know it. This young half-alien girl from ancient Egypt has brought an inner peace in me that I had forgotten. I feel alive or more awake. The realization that I have allowed the fear of death to control my actions - back in Atlantis and in this life too is an eye-opener that will help me achieve more balance in all I do. I gaze upon Meritaten and realize I don't know how to thank her for her efforts to free me from my illusions and fears.

"I love you. You still don't fully remember who you are, but you will - I have seen it!"

She says this so cheerfully and with such benevolence and assurance that I can't help but give her another big smile.


I turn to look where Meritaten is pointing and I see rays of the sun broken apart in shafts shining down through a prism at the open roof of the audience hall. The light shafts create a rainbow in the water of a shallow reflecting pool in the center of the audience hall. It is absolutely beautiful and I haven't seen anything that so perfectly manipulates sunlight to create such beauty.

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