Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pyramids, Cheops and Akhenaten (Part 2)

The aliens from Htra-deg are some of the most advanced in the galaxy. Their emissaries which are sent to various worlds and are all seasoned galactic travelers are some of the most developed of all. By human standards their abilities would seem beyond superhuman and approaching godlike. The truth is everything they do they can do because of their advanced understanding of energy and their ability to manipulate it. Walk on water? Walk through walls? Child's play for a being that can control the way their atoms interface, oscillate and resonate.

So here Kepra-La has taken me back to the time of ancient Egypt, apparently provided suitable attire as well and done so in a measure of time which appears instantaneous from my perspective.

As I gaze upon her, I see that Kepra-la has modified her appearance enough to pass easily for human.

"So where do we go first?"

"I wanted to show you these pyramids in their early state. The alabaster covering will in a few centuries be blown and torn off the pyramids and used to build a small nearby village. The pyramids were built to look like the Atlantean energy towers which the first Egyptians, hailing originally from a doomed Atlantis, had lived with and passed down the tales and imagery of these edifices to their offspring."

"What's with the gold orb on the tip?"

"The original power tower edifices projected energy generated within the tower which tapped the Earth's electromagnetic field for power. It was relayed and projected to receiving towers via a finely sculpted and engineered crystal. The gold orb shines and reflects the sun from almost any position in the sky and reminds the residents of this life-giving solar energy."

"So the pyramids were sort of sentimental replicas of the early Egyptians former home?"

"Yes. Much of Egyptian culture is owed to Atlantis, including the use of hieroglyphs to communicate and the continuity of eternal life."

"Why use them as giant tombs?"

"The Pharaoh Cheops was a particularly educated 'history buff' and he wanted his memory to preserve this history and remind all who looked upon it of the real history of Egypt. He did not want to have any personal sculptures or ornamentation on the exterior and it was designed to strict specifications as passed down by those Atlantean textbooks - such as those you have safely tucked away at your Shamballa facility."


"Yes. The sad truth is the significance of the shape and structure was lost on most Egyptians within a century or two of Cheops death. The creation of many new gods to explain the workings of the world arrived in this more primitive period. They still had science and medicine, but these were increasingly supplanted by religious rites and the supplication and subservience to these many gods."

"What about Akhenaten?"

"He is trying to restore the one-god concept. The Atlantean texts are already gone at this point. The two surviving books Cheops consulted had been stolen and hidden by priests who realized these books conflicted with their gods and mythology. Subsequent Pharaohs did not have these books, did not know of many of these secrets and so much was lost. The same sort of thing happened thousands of years later as the early written records of Christ's life were destroyed by the Catholic church so that their mythology could also preserve uncontested by history and the truth."

"Where is Akhenaten now?"

"He is in AkhetAten. I wanted to show you these pyramids because they were part of the inspiration of young Akenaten to the importance of the Aten. The polished gold orb which even now beams the Aten's rays to each one was Cheops lasting gift and one which was not lost on Akhenaten."

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