Monday, February 07, 2011

Kepra-La. (Part 1)

Kepra-la appears before me and, without saying a word, teleports me out of my office at Shamballa where I have been busy communicating with our teams currently in Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Israel.

For those with great memories (or quick access to a search engine) Kepra-La is Yal-hune's younger sister. She is more beautiful than Yal-hune (perhaps the most beautiful being I have ever seen in this lifetime) and my few encounters with her have been simultaneously mystifying, scary and delightful.

We appear in Egypt. I recognize the Pyramids in the distance. Something is amiss though the Pyramids are covered in what appears to be plaster. My god - the Pyramids are almost new! I turn to Kepra-La who is speaking into my mind. And just looking at her...I melt. I really do. She is so overwhelmingly lovely I just fall apart. As her "voice" enters my mind with its purity and beauty its all the more lovely and I realize that I never knew a being could be so beautiful in a body made of flesh.

"Yes, we are in Egypt of long ago. You are in for a treat and a lesson."

The treat part is just seeing Kepra-La, being near her and feeling her consciousness inside my own. I realize my consciousness is short circuiting in her presence - it's like a mental overload.

"Allow me."

She filters out some of her consciousness, and it feels like someone turning the volume down on a loud radio.

"Thank you. It's just..."

"No need to explain, I know exactly what was happening."

If all I did for the next million years was stand beside her and share mind with her, I would be overjoyed.

Kepra-La turns to me, her eyes two living fires that have been stoked. The smile on her lips is a subtle one and she pierces straight to the core of my consciousness with her eyes locked with mine and does something to me. She helps me to focus and my consciousness is awakened more fully. I integrate myself and I focus on what she wants to show me.

"Akhenaten is Pharaoh. You are going to meet him and his wife Nefertiti."

Wow. She has picked the two Egyptians I have most admired and always wanted to meet.

"Why are you doing this for me?"

"You will find out soon enough."

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