Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Falling in Love...My Own Personal Pon-Farr

While not normal by human standards, I still experience much the same emotional and physiological responses, in my own twisted way. I found this out with a rather sudden and overpowering human response - suddenly falling in love.

I've experienced many loves, but each love and relationship has its own intensity and "symptoms" (if you will) with which it manifests.

This one caught me off guards due to its intense physical nature and resonance. A complete breakdown of my usual detached unemotional mindset. Like Spock in the grips of Pon-Farr, my logic has been ripped from me and I am left with a mind and body that respond only to intense mental and physical attraction - love by any other name. I know its all about frequency relationships and past experiences and I can rationalize this, but it still doesn't explain why I can drift off just thinking about a particular woman's hands, adoring them and wanting nothing more to hold them and caress them and all that they are connected to.

And it doesn't end there. Lips, eyes, hair and much more are so strongly resonating within my mind with such strength and detail that it creates an almost insatiable desire to drop everything and race to this woman and to be with her. My entire value sytem, my job at Shamballa and all the rest seem unimportant.

After Shayla and Yal-hune, you would think that a mere human would not be able to have such an effect upon me, but this is not the case. In fact, I daresay I think these relationships have heightened my sensitivity and actually made me more responsive to these harmonics and magnetics. Like with both these women, with but a thought I am suddenly elevated into an emotional stratosphere that has no limits - one almost starts crying by default because the body simply cannot contain these frequencies, without filtering them first, and the human anatomy starts shaking and responding like one has some neurological disorder.

Yes, I have fallen in love with a woman and, amazingly, I do not yet even know her name. I'm pretty sure she feels the same way about me, because at times I can feel her thoughts. I'm not reading her mind or anything - sometimes it seems her thoughts breach MY defenses and they are quite intense and positive thoughts.

I haven't spoken to Yal-hune about this, but i'm sure she knows and is undoubtedly happy for me. On Htra-deg they love almost everyone to varying degrees and only on Earth is love of any real measure so rare.

Happy election day. I wish I could get more excited about writing about the coming Tea Party / GOP landslide and refutation of the Obama/Soros agenda...but I'm thinking about a set of female forearms that at this moment seem to be the most important arms in the universe and the most delicate, delectable, exquisite, elegant and beautiful...

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