Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA Scanners, Pat-Downs, Pelosi & Bristol Palin

A few observations.

Pelosi. An unbelievable gift to the GOP and Tea Parties in 2012 - Pelosi remains as a figurehead. This woman truly lives in her own world and she's a political pariah, a black hole of liberalism that destroys everything in the reach of her ego's immense gravitational pull.

Bristol Palin. Hmmm. Lots of hate directed at this young woman. I guess the media still knows how to exploit conflict and make a buck. The Brandy/Palin conflict symbology is a rather blatant foreshadowing of 2012.

TSA Scanners. Unsafe. X-rays are unsafe at ANY dosage. While there are a bunch of paid off physicists who will tell you it's a minimal amount, many of these same folks smoke, are dying of cancer, and some lie to themselves because their own workplace is unsafe and they are overexposed to high energy radiation. They are in no position to gauge the safety of these machines being operated by people with not only no high-energy physics education, but are generally "bureaucratic" types -aka incompetent. While I am all for airline safety, the reality is these scanners are merely a deterrent - and will not provide any significant barrier to in-air terror.

Pat-downs. Again, the increased pat-downs are not going to be true fail safes unless a body-cavity search is included. So it's ridiculous. Use advanced detection equipment and dogs for metal plastics and explosives. SDAI has dogs trained to sniff out the special plastics used in the creation of plastic weapons and explosives. Their noses will smell these chemicals on the person or their clothes. Being sniffed by a German Shepherd in the crotch is far preferable to being fondled by possibly perverted, often undersexed TSA employees getting their cheap thrills.

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