Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making a BIG Difference - mainly for myself.

Okay. Here we go. This is IT. The post I've been waiting six years to write.

If you follow this blog you know it is chock-full of physics, meta-physics, politics and what-have-you. This blog describes the technologies which will cure all diseases, including cancer and every type of viral and bacterial infection. This blog explains what you really are - a mass of energy fields that is presently resonating with a physical body. This blog explains what happens to you after you die and the many worlds that exist in this atomic spectra and outside it. There is a course in defense against the dark arts and on more than one occasion the reader takes a trip with me to a very real hell. This blog contains communications from the dead and from beings not born on this Earth.

In short, this blog is jam-packed with all sorts of information that, contrary to what one would expect, only a very small group of people on this world living at this time can understand, use or appreciate. This blog is the gift of a time traveler to a huge subset group of individuals that were kept from such secrets and information - by me.

That's why I'm here. I'm not here to live a normal life. I didn't come to Earth for the weather, the cuisine or the brilliant conversation or to work a 9-5 job to pay utility bills, a mortgage and to put food on the table.

I am here with a very specific mission and part of that mission is now fulfilled. The information for those few whom I promised I would deliver - now has been delivered. It's ALL here. Everything you will need to know how to extricate yourself from your worst problems and make the next leap forward - out of this world and to infinity and beyond.

I now have the rest of my mission to fulfill, and that involves correcting mistakes and balancing things with those whom I've had the worst possible relationships through history. I'm here befriending my worst enemies - or those whom I biased as such after their actions and pasts with me. Wish me luck.

Yes, You don't get to this place (Earth) with this sort of information and development without being somewhat of a major screw-up. I may know all these things, but that doesn't make me better than all those who are clueless about their life and the universe. Like an 8th grader returning to take kindergarten again and showing up his/her classmates with an "amassment of knowledge" is, with a clearer perspective, in a rather pathetic predicament that has some greater story behind it.

Such is my case.

So don't be threatened or amazed by any of the contents you find within this blog. It's all run-of-the mill 8th grader stuff and as you can see I'm far from the best student and am taking a elementary refresher course in the learning labs of Earth so that when I get back, I won't make the same mistakes again.

Oh...almost forgot. I want to apologize to YOU - yes, YOU. If YOU are reading this post YOU were one of my past victims. YOU were one of those whom I promised to make amends and to set up with a balancing set of data that can give you off the material world treadmill. It's all frequency relationship and ONLY those who were messed up by me can access this post even though its supposedly "freely available" all over the WWW. Your past and a subset of wavetrains in your quantum field enable you to read this post. Again, I urge you now - make the most of it or head for the hills in the wilderness of the internet screaming at the top of your lungs and not looking back.

Either way my job here is done.


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