Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Inspired to read this? Money! Wealth! How to get Rich! YOU can have it ALL!

Money and wealth are still the primary motivations of people here on this little world, right after sex. Security is a powerful human need and at this time most equate big bank accounts and lots of wealth with security.

I'm going to share the real secret to making sure you are secure and financially set for life and it will be unlike any ever explained to anyone on this world ever.

In a world of energy where you, your life and everything around you truly exist as forms of energy, one must wash away the symbolism of daily life and get to the heart of the give and take and scientific motivations behind these energy motions - which are your life.

Yes, that paragraph is in bold for a reason. Almost no one who reads it will understand it on the first try. It's much better to give it a few passes through the front door of your consciousness and let it lounge around awhile.

You exist as a set of fields. Your consciousness, body and mind are only fields and they react to other fields around you based upon the energy they contain and the biases.

All energy expresses as wave forms and all wave forms have a positive and negative motion. This is why everything in your life is viewed by you as either positive or negative or some measure of both. Your biases exist in the energy of which you are composed.

So if you were drawn to this article, you likely view the possession of money and wealth as positive. Likewise, you view the absence of these things negative. This is your first lesson on your road to abundance...

You must truly learn not to care whether or not you have money or not. You must cease to have an emotional stake in your financial status.

Why? Good question. Your bias of money draws you into circumstances which will deplete it from you. Biasing money one way or the other - as extremely positive OR extremely negative will keep you with a roller coaster type relationship when it comes to finances and wealth. You will ride the highs of having money and the lows of not having it.

Here's another scientific fact. Energy regenerates itself. Energy is indestructible. It changes form but it is constantly in motion and regenerating what it is. So if you bias money, this bias regnerates and the biases increase and grow stronger over time.

Like an addict, the small high no longer is enough. Greater highs are needed for the same effect. With money and possessions, ever greater amounts are needed to satisfy someone who has a biased relationship with it.

So, you see, you can maintain a healthy relationship with money and wealth, simply by losing the bias of it. Once you do, you will have enough - not too much or too little. It will be in balance, because your mind will be in balance.

This applies to all sorts of things. Science is the true "salvation" and science works far better than prayer, lotto tickets or the most fanatical devotion to wealth acquisition when it comes to living a life that is in balance.

Love? Happiness? These too are scientific propositions and you can master your emotional states just as easily as solving an arithmetic problem. It's all about finding balance.

Balance is the motion driver of the universe.

Yes, all things that happen in your life and which you do, want to do, and seek are expression of this mandate.

Once you understand this you are well on your way to becoming a master. A master of your own mind, and of the interface you will possess with the rest of the infinite universe.

You can't change anything in the world around you. You can change yourself and how you interface with the energy around you. When you understand the science behind all this action, you become smarter than Einstein, happier than a lark and will find pleasure and abundance all around you. When you do encounter difficulties and challenges (and you will) you will understand these are necessary for your own personal growth and are just another energy expression to be mastered.

There you have it. That's the most true secret of "money" you can find anywhere on the planet at this time. If you are one who was drawn to this article - that's not an accident. You had to have some pre-existing compatibility to this post - which is really simply energy oscillating at a specific set of frequencies, most of which are outside the range of most of humanity. Like a dog able to hear a dog-whistle, you were able to be exposed to this.

Make good use of it. Reread it. Seek to understand the incalculable ramifications of this information you now possess.

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