Saturday, October 30, 2010

Atomic Bombs, Shamballa and Halloween.

Shamballa is in lockdown. Atomic bombs are going off in the distance. I watch the monitors as mushroom clouds expand and waves of destruction decimate the landscape. I order the cameras with subterranean shaft mountings to be submerged before the blast destroys them. A few screens go blank before the cameras could be fully lowered. The radiation alarms are howling and I know suddenly the US is drowning in high level radiation. Communication satellites are all disabled or unable to be reached. All communications save our outdated land lines are no longer working. Cell phones are useless.

The worst part is I don't know how this came about. I can't remember how I got here or even what day it is. Shamballa seems different too. Subtle things but I'm starting to notice it now. My office is all twisted. The desk is wrong, the bookshelves are impossibly barren and the security panel no longer exists.

I don't know what's happening, but I dont like it.

Tech 7 rushes in. I am so happy to see her safe that only after I embrace her tightly and hold her in my arms do I realize she no longer is based in Shamballa but works abroad. My head rests on her shoulder, she feels good in my arms for only a moment,and suddenly I fear looking at her face again as I know this can't be her.

I'm scared...but I don't get scared.

I pull back and I find it hard.

I look at Tech 7 and suddenly she IS different. She's got black eyes instead of blue. Her hair is red instead of golden brown and her face has changed. I don't know this young woman who stands before me. She wears a sardonic grin.

"Yes, you do...and if you don't remember, I don't care because I certainly remember you."

I worry she is a top-rated assassin that has infiltrated Shamballa. The tone in her voice frightens me, she clearly wishes me harm.

There it is again...fear. I know too much to fear. How is any of this possible? What's going on?

"C'mon don't be afraid of me. I LIKE you."

She reaches out her arms to me.

I find my voice.

"Who are you? Why are you here? What did you do to Tech7?"

"Don't you remember me? I'm hurt. Maybe I should hate you."

"Answer my questions! Who are you?"


My viewscreens turn back on and the feeds are all dead save for some showing complete desolation.

"Everyone you cared for is gone. You are alone...with me. No one besides us."

I awaken to the reality of the last.

"I'm flattered you wanted to spend this time with me Ms. Obsession. I am not afraid and the images you have crafted have lost their power. I realize now this is the Halloween season when your astral world gets just a bit closer to Earth thanks to all the negative consciousness and thoughts of hundreds of millions of Americans, but I am aware of this...and I have a gift for you."

I stretch open my arms and attune to the brightest, purest most powerful dimensions of light that exist in realms much higher than the 3rd dimension Where the minds of the beings who dwell there burn with the intensity of a thousand suns.

A ball of light forms between my arms. It is scintillating, oscillating and regenerating like a living diamond - or a small sun.

"This is for you and all those you have snared with your nightmares. Each one will receive a ray of the purest light from this construct. Via you...all you have contacted will be thus illumined and this light will cancel out and balance this fear while providing the necessary framework for all these souls to reorient themselves on a more positive trajectory."

As the light bathes her, she backs up and runs out the door. As the door opens I see the blackness outside it and a hodge-podge of lower astral beings, obsessions and the like.

I realize fully I am in a dream. I realize that the obsessions are trying to oscillate within my field as I sleep and now I am using this connection, their own, against them to give them a dose of unwanted light.

In a moment I wake up. The obsessions have fled.

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