Friday, December 31, 2004

Time Travel

As we cross the threshold from one year to another the concept of time is an appropriate topic. Time is more properly a marker which distinguishes energy in any particular configuration.

"What the frigamiajig did he just say!"

All mass is energy. The entire universe is a ball of energy that is capable of an infinite number of shapes, facets, dimensions, etcetera. Any particular configuration of this energy is marked by time. Time exists only to identify any given state of all this infinite energy.

"Oh that was much clearer...give me a break!"

Your life is a stream of energy interacting with other energy. Any moment of your life is really an energy configuration. Consciousness exists as your energy is aware of these morphing energy streams. As you age time seems to pass more quickly because your consciousness is not recording as many changes. These changes and the newness of energy configurations makes time seem to pass more slowly.

"What the..."

As you read this blog entry time will go slower and may almost seem to stop. That's because it presents so many new ideas that your consciousness is much like when you were younger and new things were all around you.

"I give up. Why do I come here and read this tripe?"

It's that little voice within. It never steers you wrong. By the way did I tell you about the really hot babes that exist in these other more advanced spectra? I didn't? Well I guess I'll have something new to discuss in 2005. 2005 is bound to be full of new and wonderful configurations of energy.

I've got a spectacular spectra to travel to tonight for a big party. Lots of refined quantized fields will be in attendance. I'll be the least refined field there and will probably end up booting myself out with an improper thought or two.

Till the next energy configuration in your consciousness brings you this way...



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