Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Tsunami is one of those words you don't get to use often. It is satisfying to say aloud because of the uncommon "tsu" sound. The same rare sound as is found in "tsetse fly" Much like that other word "dementia" with that appealing "cha" sound at the end. Yes, I know...such discussions of the pronunciation of particular nouns seems quite insensitive when 100,000 people have died as the result of this cute "ts" word.

I am not insensitive. However, as can be expected, I have quite a different view of the tragedy. History is full of disasters, both natural and man-made, and all of us have been killed at one time or another as the result of these tragedies. However we are reborn and are given another opportunity to develop this quantized field of intelligence, which is commonly identified as our "soul". I have drowned on numerous occasions and so have you. It is not a pleasant way to go, though there are worse ways. As long as society remains ignorant of the quantized field, much less of the gross harmonics that come into play in these regenerated cycles, then they will be powerless to avert these natural disasters and the public's harmonic affiliation to them.

Yes, indeed it is possible to be somewhat "natural-disaster proof" and many, in the most civilized parts of the world, are. Not because of their technocracy, no this has nothing to do with it. It is because certain older souls (technically more complex souls) have already worked out these more violent experience files. There is not much for them to learn by dying under a wave again. Yes, sadly, there will always be a large group that still do learn something. Even if it is just to be more alert or not to set up a home or village near or on the beach.

Can it really be so simple? Is it fair that 100,000 people, possibly a million when disease takes its toll, should die because of an earthquake and it's aftermath? Life isn't fair. It is a learning proposition. Some folks are fatalistic and say these things happen. Others will say that this is the handiwork of an angry and displeased god. Such childlike interpretations are wholly ignorant of each individual's quantized anatomy and the experience quotient that each soul undergoes till they literally "graduate" from humanity.

For humanity is just one level in the infinite scheme of things and a fairly barbaric one at that. Humans are just one small notch above the animals they eat and domesticate. In the infinite universe there are souls so developed that being contained to a physical anatomy would literally be impossible. They can set up and orchestrate a life lived on any atomic world should they desire, but they can only impart a tiny fraction of what they truly are into running and maintaining this body. In fact, at a certain point one can manifest numerous bodies simultaneously. It is no more complex than setting up a network of computer terminals pulling data from a single master hard drive. The necessary data for running and maintaining a human body, that interfaces within a given planetary body is not that complex.

Jesus, Buddha and others are the manifestations of these older souls who sometimes share data with those who able to process it and advance themselves. Sadly, their words are, more often than not, distorted and mangled by those who either plan to exploit their fellow man or usurp power and develop control over others by becoming interpreters of these wise ones.

After one has developed to this degree one does not partake of the huge sentimentality and emotional upheavals that the masses of humanity undertake at these times. Being sad accomplishes nothing. Being angry, fearful or resentful is equally unintelligent. Action is intelligent. Emotion is for those who still need to learn about concern and caring for others rather than just themselves or their immediate families and friends. Once universal concern is developed, emotions which were once useful in developing compassionate behavior, become counter-productive and limit one's ability to assist. Violent emotions cause wars, feed dissension and are not useful in healing the injured and often just add to suffering of others.

True leaders have usually already evolved past these emotional swings. It is not useful for our President, or any leader, to be in tears and pulling the hair from his/her head in sadness when a tragedy occurs. I have deep and personal concern for each and every victim of this tragedy. From the children to the criminals and those whose passing arouse less sympathy in an emotion-laden world. What's more I know that these quantized fields will need assistance and will find such assistance in spectra as exist outside the realm of the purely atomic energy strata.

Yes, there are countless developed souls who will personally assist each and every victim. Just as relief efforts are conducted here on earth for living, older souls set up an even more effective assistance program for those who have died, and who will still die, as the result of this earthquake within these spectra where the recently deceased loiter.

I have seen hospitals that most of you could not conceive of. Hospitals where the radiant quantized energy bodies are worked on in the stead of physical bodies by what could only be interpreted as bright orbs of light. Yes, this is where true healing takes place and is the result of mutual work by the patient and the doctor. Negative experiences in the form of existing wave forms can be combined with healing intelligence and help prevent future misfortune. The reincarnation of these assisted souls with these added wave forms structures will not eliminate misfortune, but rather help them deal with it more intelligently as it regenerates and create a network of waves or a sub-field of data which is more coherent. This can be likened unto a computer virus that is constructive instead of destructive. A packet of data which will impart intelligence to these maligned structures.

Yes, helping to guide a soul's evolution is a complex process that requires a complete understanding of the mechanics involved. No one on earth is able to assist the dead by grieving. These souls have definite needs as most are in a state of shock. Their quantized fields have been impacted with a wave form, not unlike a tsunami, being a wave of considerable size which distorts and impacts upon all these others. Any violent death does the same thing, by imposing a violently distorted wave form upon the quantized field structures -sometimes of such intensity that it causes them difficulty in reintegrating in the physical. Without assistance they may reincarnate with many and varied physical or mental distortions. The International Red Cross knows nothing of this and can do nothing to assist these souls. Their scope and reach is limited to feeding the starving, bandaging the wounds and providing emergency shelter and medicines for the sick.

So, in summary, no soul has truly been lost, though many are in dire need of assistance - and are receiving it as I type these words. Your own efforts are not wasted when you provide material assistance and comfort and in time these efforts may regenerate and become the sort of quantized or "spiritual" assistance those who have died need the most. Your assistance is served best when done without the taint of emotion.

In the service of all mankind (whether currently encased in an atomic anatomy or not),


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