Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Internet Evolutionary Course

It's time to create a little blog history and share some of that long held behind the curtains knowledge in greater depth and detail.

What's the biggest secret in the world today? It's not North Korea's quantity of plutonium. It's not the hideout of Al Zarqawi. It's not how many millions Kofi Annan's family made from the UN oil for food scam. No it's not any of these things. The greatest secret on earth can be summed up in two words. Those words are how & why.

"How and Why" books used to be sold to children in bookstores, drug stores and other outlets, starting in 1959, when the education and scientific disparity between Russian and US children was discovered. America was discovered not only to have a "missile gap" but a scientific gap as well. US Kids needed to be brought up to speed with their Russian counterparts. Cheap science books made available to parents were one answer. These books covered all sorts of elementary science topics and provided a rudimentary understanding of the world we live in to the many children who read them. The simplistic question and answer format was deemed the most effective way to quickly educate young minds and hopefully inspire a quest for further learning. The copyright owners changed hands and the books have been reprinted several times the last time in the mid-eighties I believe.

These books are for kids. In this series of blog entries I am going to reveal the equivalent edition for adults. It wont be up everyone's ally--that's for certain. It will most definitely infuriate some, amuse others and completely seem unintelligible to the majority. But for those few that can follow along, these are for you.

Part 1

Advanced How & Why Course

Question: What is life?

Life is the interaction of energy. All mass, space and each part of this infinite universe we live in is alive. Biology tells us that living things are born, grow, reproduce and die, but they fail to point out that each wave form of energy is born, grows, regenerates and dies as it is assimilated into other energy. This energy regeneration process is synonymous to reproduction.
Now before you blow your tops, this doesn't mean the lamp or your computer have feelings or self-preservation or any of the things most living things are known to possess. What it means is that they are made of atoms and energy which is alive and compounding intelligence in the form of signals. Again, this does not mean they are capable of achieving sentience. Far from it. They are fundamentally limited to a certain bandwidth of data assimilation. The properties of a bar of steel change when exposed to a magnetic field. The coherency of the aligned and polarized atoms exhibits this ability to record signal data and regenerate it within their own fields. This is important, for you see all things have these interacting fields and these fields are indeed influencing the evolution of all mass and energy.

The earth revolves and it is evolving. All things and all structures are caught up in an endless exchange of data. Fields are growing and regenerating and carry this data in the tiniest of quantum wave forms. Human intelligence, too, is created by the assimilation of signals. The alphabet and numbers and the infinite number of combinations of these two conceptualizations which can be formed provide us with our languages and the thoughts and concepts which can be carried as data within our consciousness. Each image our eye sees is recorded. Each sound we hear and every thought we have in reaction to all these inputs and internal combinations of existing data. Evolution is not just about genetics and reproduction. That's the children's version. Evolution is occurring right now as you read these words. You are recording data. It is changing who you are. What's more than that this data is changing your progeny. Your fundamental frequency is in constant flux. In a sense we resonate and flicker like the electric charged gas atoms between the polarities of a failing fluorescent tube. Your sperm and ovum are directly linked to the sum of your intelligence and these signals are passed in the quantum fields of DNA molecules. So your children will not just exhibit you and your spouses combined physical characteristics, they will also be influenced by the mental capacities as well. Even your "good" and/or "evil" quantity will have an effect on the child-to-be.

Many geneticists will scoff at this and tell you that such data has not been identified in the DNA molecule. However, you can scoff right back and tell them to get back to you when they can identify the wave structure and intelligence embedded on every signal of the TRILLIONS of wave forms that are oscillating within these intelligently joined atoms.

Doctors wonder why organ transplants fail so routinely and yet when the organ donor is related or a twin, the transplant is much less likely to be rejected. The secret lies in each atom of this organ and its DNA signature. Combining disparate DNA is like forcing a round peg into a square slot. Twins, family and even friends organs will much likely less be rejected because of shared wave forms. The recipient is going to rewrite the genetic code of that organ as his blood flows through it. If there is even a small percentage of good, compatible wave forms in the donor DNA molecules' fields this rewriting process can occur. When this happens the organ will be fully accepted by the body. Medical science knows absolutely nothing of this at this point. However, the recipients would do well to be told of this process. The mind is a powerful tool and can add new signals to their own DNA within moments. Knowing what is occurring will help them to add intelligent waves to their DNA which can act to override and hasten the acceptance of this foreign DNA material.

Question: Speaking of medical mysteries--what is Cancer?

Cancer is the imbalance of cells that have lost a balanced polarity relationship. They carry either an extremely positive or an extremely negative charge. The atoms of a cancer cell have become ionized and carry either too many electrons or too many protons and these atoms' electrons or protons bond to neighboring atoms causing a cancerous growth in the cell. This imbalance process continues because each newly imbalanced atom will continue to seek protons or electrons. First the cell will become misshapen and then the cell itself will attempt to find balance by merging with another. Cancer is simply a state of cellular ionization and imbalance.

Question: So how can Cancer be cured?

Chemotherapy destroys the imbalanced cells, but also destroys good cells and cause destruction of good blood cells. It ionizes other atoms with radiation and can exacerbate the problem! It also never addresses or even recognizes the cause of the cancerous imbalance. The suns rays can cause skin cancer if enough of the atoms have been severely ionized.

A cure for cancer needs to find a way to stabilize the atomic imbalance and ionization. Excising the growth is one method. In the future machines will need to be developed which can identify these imbalanced atoms and the cells that carry them. Non-invasive sonic destruction or resonance methods could be developed to destroy each cell as needed and not a single cell more than necessary. I find chemotherapy to be barbaric and because of the needed role of the blood in healing by carrying fresh DNA signals to unintelligent cells, any radiation treatment process seems not just ignorant but almost as unintentionally malevolent as the blood-letting of an earlier age. Unfortunately, most doctors have no comprehension of any of this quantum stuff and were not taught quantum genetic therapy nor quantum cellular function 101.

It would be remiss of me not to mention how important the individual's own mind is to recovering from cancer. Indeed cancer can and will, in the future, be cured often by mental faculties alone. When one understands these imbalanced and ionized cells medical science will start to realize that toxins, radiation and...THINKING can cause cells to become imbalanced. The big medical news this week is that stress is found to speed aging up--but they have no real clue as to why! Well here's another peek behind the curtain. Aging is the process of cell regeneration. DNA carries the life-cycle of each cell within it. When one is negative or "stressed" we put added negative biases into the "carry charge" of this DNA. Each cell of our bodies is influenced by each and every thought we have. Balanced thinking leads to longer cell regeneration. Inputting negative biases from the central nervous system will have the effect of speeding up the regeneration rate as it attempts find balance again. So stress ages folks. Hate and anger ages you. Love and laughter prolong your life and keep you younger.

But back to cancer. Hate can cause cancer too! Any high intensity or long duration negative charges put upon cells can lead to this same ionization process. Emotional balance in your life is the most important and underreported benefit to your health of all things. Exercise and diet are very important, but even they fail to match the significance of your emotional state to your physical health. You can eat health food and exercise 3 times a week but if you fight or are unhappy all the time, your health will show it and you will age faster because of it. Remove the hate, depression, etcetera from your life and you will be keeping cancer at bay as significantly as if you quit smoking. Sunlight, toxins and violent emotions all play a role in staying healthy.

Well that's far more than enough behind the curtains information for today. Too much will cause an overload. These things need to be assimilated. Often they need to be reread several times. I realize that the nomenclature I use may leave many grasping for definitions and context. In a perfect world I would have had Walt Disney and Ward Kimball create some animated movies to illustrate these advanced scientific concepts. As it sets, you'll just have to imagine Jiminy Cricket explaining it to you in your own particular language and with a mindset eager to learn new things.

Till next lesson I shall remain faithfully yours,


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