Monday, December 13, 2004

The Invisible Man - Part 3

Ah. I apologize to my readers for such irregular blogging.

Where were we? I remember now - we were doing some serious curtain lifting. Let's continue.

Everyone has heard of, if not read, the story The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. It is the tale of a man who succeeds in inventing a method to turn himself invisible. The truth is, everything is invisible to one degree or another. The cat is color blind and cannot distinguish colors and yet can see in a degree of darkness which we cannot perceive the world around us. All things are composed of atoms. Atoms are living energy and are in constant motion. The microscopic world is invisible to us. We cannot see the germs on a coin handed to us, but they are present in the millions. When germs were first suggested by scientists, the public scoffed. Everyone knew maladies were punishments from the gods and the result of improper living. A thousand years later we should not be too surprised to find that suggesting the existence of a quantum man, a man made up of invisible and yet very real energy wave forms, would be equally ignorable and perhaps even frightening to the masses alive in 2004.

All things are quantum computers. All life is one unfathomable complex interaction of energy movements. All evolution is the byproduct of these interactions. Human evolution is regulated by mankind's invisible twins - quantum bodies. Countless experiences have shaped man's evolution and sharpened his intelligence. His instincts are the byproduct of many millenniums of genetic evolution.

As you sit and read this blog entry, your physical anatomy is performing many tasks. Your eyes are translating light wave forms into packets of electrical energy sent upon the optic nerve to the brain. This data is immediately processed and cross processed a billion times in a nanosecond across existing wave train packets of data which have already been stored. Your other functions do not shut down at all as they all work in unison. Your ears can hear the hum of the computer fan nearby. The sound of others around you or of traffic nearby are all being processed at the same time you read these words. Each wave form therefore has cross associations recorded with it. If one has lost one's home in a fire, the smell of smoke may become more distressing because it has been recorded with a set of wave forms that were negative in nature. If the smell of home baked cookies reminds one of quiet moments at home, the same wave association principles are employed.

All of our emotional states are just the outward manifestation of these associations we have made and continue to make. We are quantum computers and we are regenerating our existing set of wave forms with perpetually new ones. Time can be said to be the view of the universe at any given set of its component wave interactions. Each moment can be broken down further to see these changes in ever smaller motions. Time exists only to us because of our own frame of reference to all other interacting energy. Energy is timeless. It is indestructible and it is infinitely regenerating in new forms and motions - no two of which are perfectly identical.

A child learns to eat. This act will regenerate through countless meals consumed. Sleeping, too, will be shaped by various patterns established early on. These things will change and evolve with each regeneration and the influence of new energy wave structures upon them.

Now here is where it gets more complex and it is best you pay close attention. Your life, your thoughts and your happening to read these words is no accident. It is not fate or the will of any god. Your past shapes your future. Not just influences IS it. Your past as it regenerates through a new cycle with new inputs is the basis for your life. All its countless trillions upon trillions of wave forms experienced exist in this quantum computer hereafter which you will know as your own personal "invisible man."

Yes your invisible man has shaped your likes and dislikes. It will determine whether you read this article to the end or not. It will determine whether or not you sleep tonight on your back, on your side or on your stomach. Your invisible man (or woman) will choose your tastes in food, your friends and even mandate your sexual preferences.

If you could see your invisible man, he would not be shaped by necessity as a physical body. The energy body stores all these wave forms and data in complex quantum fields all of which take up almost no physical space at all. They are accessed and communicate with your body via the complex set of signal conductors known as the brain and the central nervous system.

Your illnesses may come from germs or other external influences upon the body, but even these events are choreographed in the larger sense by regenerating cycles in this invisible man. If you were sick in the past, this will regenerate. All energy regenerates. All acts regenerate. Each thought regenerates! It is this regeneration process that is still safely tucked behind the curtains of common knowledge.

In some future day, each child will be taught that they are what they think.

Yes...YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK. This thinking process is non-stop. If you consist on a bunch of horror movies and suspense novels - this will shape your personality and your life to a great degree. You will encounter ever more negative and frightening images. The infinite universe will adapt to your own particular set of waveforms and through the scientific principles of harmonics and phase relationships, you will place yourself into contact with these degenerative things.

If you are a bit more constructive in nature, and are very selective of what you mentally ingest, this will regenerate as well and you will find yourself constantly in new expressions and creative works will be built upon to manifest as ever greater accomplishments. Your invisible man shapes your life and triggers each event within it, yet at the same time your reactions to these events will change this invisible man and so you need not be stuck regenerating the same ol' negative emotionalism from out of your past. Yes, indeed, you can become godlike in wisdom and as peaceful as the rising dawn for every day of your life is you so desire to work out these past structures and realize you must combine old wave forms with new ones--more intelligent ones. You must take charge of your own evolution!

Quantum interaction is the key. Max Planck surely had no idea that his discovery/theory of quanta would ever be so truly key to the scientific world and the progress of mankind in the next great leap forward. The electrical age was supplanted by the radio and air age. Now the computer age has shaped much of the past fifteen years of human history. In the future the quantum age and the leaps it will bring in understanding man's understanding of mankind will dwarf any of these previous ages.

These previous ages made man's life more comfortable and made his world smaller. The quantum age and the understanding of the invisible man will change man himself.

I give my readers a headstart on this quantum age. This is truly the pioneering era of a whole new level of understanding. The greatest minds of today, in the distant future, will be viewed in much the same light as we view some of the ancient Greek philosophers--ahead of their times but horribly limited by a lack of what we consider basic scientific knowledge.

The invisible man is far more powerful and can do so many more things than H.G Wells dreamed of. We must become his master though...or this same invisible man will become our undoing.

Till next time.

I wish everyone out there a happy and safe holiday season,


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