Tuesday, January 04, 2005

More From the "Tell us Something We Don't Already Know" Department

Ok. The earthquakes. The tsunami. The planets. The sun. All these things are tied together via field actions. The earthquakes we experienced here were mirrored in other ways on other planets. Mercury experienced a large upheaval south of it's equator and Venus also experienced scattered earthquakes only moments before our quake.

Yeah, yeah. I know. How the heck does he know that? Being privy to behind the curtains knowledge means knowing the "unknowable." For now you'll just have to take my word for it - or not. All the inner planets received a bit of a shake, courtesy of the sun. I am going to illustrate the physics behind the planetary perturbations, because words alone will simply not do the job. What you are going to be exposed to here is a bit of fourth dimensional physics - the sort that they won't have here on Earth for another couple of hundred years, give or take my own meddling with history.

Now take a long look at those field lines. Those lines transfer data from the sun to the earth (and all the other planets) and vice-versa the earth add its input along that field line back to the sun! All the planet's cores are carefully balanced and the planet's formed because of these same field mechanics. A charge travels through a particular line of force and it regenerates. This point of equilibrium on the field is where this charge will set up its own sub field. These sub-fields atomically manifest as planets. Let's look a bit closer:

The solar input and charge created and collated the most simple atomic structures, hydrogen atoms. These charges formed the planets at various points in our solar system. This charge also keeps our planetary core alive. At the same time new inputs along these lines of force can cause disturbances. The earthquakes are not just our planet's crust making adjustments, but rather our planet's core making adjustments alongside a steady stream of new solar field input. Now this same solar input has new "earth" information added unto it as it returns to the sun. It is in this manner that the sun is influenced by the earth, albeit extremely minutely.

When the earth held a greater charge, the moons were formed and grew along side the earth. Because the same subfield actions were at work. This is also why Jupiter has so many moons, because of greater field actions.

Now when the Earth lost it's field intensity/capacity the moon's core also went cold. The volcanic moons of Jupiter will do the same thing when Jupiter loses it's field intensity.

Now, when one understands this field action one realizes that all the solar system (indeed all the galaxies and universe) are interconnected and are the manifestations of energy with polarity. The push and pulls of the universe are caused by simple field equations. It is also then not much of a surprise to find that Earth received its disturbance at the same time several other planets also received a jolt from their own lines of force with the sun.

All this is about balance. The sun receives its own jolts from "galaxy scale" field inputs and it passes these unto its own subfields - our solar system. Yes infinity can be seen and understood as an infinite number of fields and sub-fields all interconnected to infinitely diverse degrees. Can you see it yet? Can you see that humanity and the animal kingdom are really just sub fields manifested by the Earth?
That is why we are compatible with the earth. That is why we have our particular structure balanced with the earth. We are the byproduct of the fields of this world. As this world changes, so do we.

So the earthquakes and tsunami and the destruction are not random. They are not unnecessary either as these disruptions are all part of this universal balancing act. Some PC folks might look at this and say that this balance seems particularly unjust and targeting the poor of the world. The earth is impersonal. It does not target the poor or the rich or distinguish between nationalities. It distributes energy in a scientific manner - following the paths of least resistance.

Till later. There is enough meat here for a full course dinner and with a bit of extrapolation the astute readers will be able to see how galaxies formed, stars, planets and how these things are sustained. They will understand the continual expansion of the universe in defiance of Newtonian physics.

It even can explain how the secrets of the universe can seep into levels where one least would expect to find it.


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