Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Christmas They'll Never Forget!

That is the slogan of a Cadillac ad from December of 1955 - almost fifty years ago. Let's take a look at the ad:

It's quaint materialism: Older man buys trophy wife new Cadillac to go shopping on Main Street and to meet her friends for tea on Sunday after church. The man's hands as they hold her are marvelously illustrated to exude control. It was clear that this was the whole purpose of buying a Cadillac for your unloving trophy wife.

Today they aren't buying a Sedan De Ville, it is a lease on an Escalade with 22" chrome wheels with an OnStar system to be driven to the mall and to impress coworkers until the lease expires.

The urban setting is designed to appeal to minorities and single folks who are still trying to impress a girl and convince her to become the unloving trophy wife. The ad game's the same it's just the target mark has morphed. Today's sucker is no longer 50+ with a trophy wife and approaching retirement, but rather is 35 plus, still single and thinks an Escalade might fill the void in his life.

True ownership eludes most luxury car drivers these days - and for good reason. The "rich" twenty thousand dollar a year executive of 1955 could buy a top of the line Cadillac Fleetwood for 4,350 dollars. This was not quite twenty-five percent of their yearly income and much less for the lesser models such as the Sedan De Ville. An Escalade (2wd) will set its wealthy owner back 53,715 dollars should they try to purchase it. The commensurate income of the buyer should be roughly 212,000 dollars a year. How many executives these days pull in 212k? So leasing is the answer. From 600 to 800 dollars a month the upper income bracket can use an Escalade for several years until they must return it to the dealership. Cadillac and these other luxury car dealerships are now in the industry of offering "fool's prestige" which simulates true ownership, but which is truly not much more than a glorified rental and returns the property to the dealership to profit all over again and sell the vehicle used to someone else who couldn't afford to buy it new.

So how many of you had the Christmas you'll never forget? How many have new leases on shiny cars or other material possession to show off to family, guests and neighbors? 52" Plasma screen televisions, 7 megapixel digital cameras and DVD players for your car with monitors built into the headrests are standard-fare for the upper-class American families.

All these things mean nothing though. Dust in the wind. True wealth lies in quantized waves within your field structures and one tiny wave form is often far more valuable than a fleet of solid gold Escalades and Hummer H2's with 24" wheels.

Polarizing intelligence which will serve to lead you to true immortality is not necessarily expensive. No sacred books need to be purchased, nor do inaccessible Tibetan mountains need to be climbed. All this wisdom awaits your own discovery in your daily experiences wherever you find yourself. Reading this blog certainly will not hurt in your quest for immortality. However, if you intend to become immortal it will mean discarding your present value-system and developing another. Materialism and the material worlds are a dead end. The stairway into infinity offers many greater treasures than can be conceived or experienced in a physical body.

You will find that as you recognize your immortality and start to live in this infinite manner, that your old friends and relationships will often fall to the wayside. This is nothing to fear. New relationships and new comrades will take the place of those that no longer satisfy your intellectual and spiritual development.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an Escalade to wax and some chrome wheels to polish.

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