Tuesday, December 14, 2004


(note: As a sort of Christmas bonus I've included a sci-fi story for my readers to enjoy.)


Copyright 2004 SDAI-Tech1

"What planet is this!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Earth, ..you're on earth!" the dread-locked and goatee'd teenager said to the woman, "You're trippin' babe, better lay off the acid for awhile."

This noise was unbearable.

She pushed him aside like one would so much garbage and strode past the mosh-pit and headed towards the stage of the outdoor amphitheatre. Two 6'5", 275 pound security guards blocked her way and spoke to her, "I'm afraid this is as far as you get to go missy."

She didn't even slow down. Before they could lay a finger on her she had pushed them to the ground. She began to run so fast they lost her before they even got to their feet. Before long she had found her way to the power generators used for the band's lighting and amplification circuits. She tore away the main cable causing thousands of volts to spark and fly into the air around her. The stage went pitch black and the music ceased to be so loud. She placed a small device at the end of the cable and it glowed ominously in the darkness - a bright violet glow.

"Earth" she said to herself, "what a hell-hole!"

She was amazingly deft and nimble as she maneuvered her way in the darkness. The screaming and confusion of the fans seemed to go unnoticed by her. As a matter of fact, she could not differentiate that they were acting any different than before the lights went out. In the darkness she could see the stars above her and knew that it was true. She had known that her punishment would fit her crime, but she had never imagined they would do something as drastic as this. She looked at the frenzied people around her and remembered the stories her parents had told her as a child. Stories which told of planets where demonic souls led and the suffering masses followed mindlessly. She had never really believed it as a child and thought it was just a story told to keep her behavior in line - a fiction created by parents.

The teleportation had left her a bit queasy. She was also unaccustomed to the low level of helium in the atmosphere. She knew her body was similar to Earth dwellers, yet her more complex, developed organs required a richer air than this putrid gas Earth offered her. She wheezed slightly and couldn't forget why she had been punished in this manner.

"Your statements have given us little alternative than to send you to a world in which you will see first-hand a whole planet of people who do not interact intelligently. Due to the severity of your crime we have chosen to send you to a true hell-world. A world where true love and infinite compassion are almost non-existent, a world in which they procreate as do the lower animals and primates. A world in which all inhabitants know nothing of life or the universe. You will see people with similar form who have only the most limited intelligence and who seek only carnal and sensory satisfaction. A world in which their most intelligent inhabitants have little or no influence and where none has the wisdom we upon our world have shared with you. Hopefully, you will learn to value this wisdom, when you see how life is lived without it. Yes, as your punishment, you will be sent to...


She had seen her parents crying from the booth she was in. The horror upon her mother's face was truly unbearable for her. Only twice before had anyone been sent to the lowest of planets before. It had been so long ago, none - including her peers, could remember exactly when. In these severe cases they had usually just activated the electron telescope and showed in great detail the chaos and bestial behavior of these beings, which usually was enough to frighten anyone silly. She regrets being obstinate now - it was a big mistake.

She ran out into the parking lot and was almost hit by the primitive machines the people conveyed themselves in. The air here was even fouler, if possible, than it had been earlier and she experienced a sensation she never had as she keeled over and her body tried to extricate the toxins.

"Look man..she's pukin' loads!" someone said.

She could hear the primate's ignorant comment and felt repulsed at his apparent glee over her situation. She saw that this world truly was incomprehensible and her mind was overwhelmed with the barbaric mentalities which surrounded her. Her telepathic mind heard into the ignorant thoughts of these beings and her nausea intensified. Insecurity, fear, hatred, lust and jealousy all attacked her mind with these Earth emotions. Not a single coherent mind was nearby. She was surrounded with what appeared to be the typical Earth dweller's insanity, which she had read about but disbelieved:

"I hope we get a refund..this fucking sucks!"

"What a freak...I'm still jazzed on this..this is totally wasted."

"I bet she looks pretty hot when she's not barfing. Bent over I can see she's got nice breasts and what an ass!"

"Yeah, baby I'd like to have sex with you."

"I got to get a hot car. This one makes me look like a loser."

"Jesus, man, that really scared the crap out of me! Everyone's like, you know, wild! It's exciting though!"

At last she could stand upright and the noise of the 'cars' and the even louder noise from their minds droned around her. She knew that she had to get away and she began to run again, faster than humanly possible. Her limbs could propel her faster on this planet which had only a fraction of her world's gravity.

"Lookit that chick haul ass man - she mus' be on crystal!"

She had to force her consciousness upon her own thoughts and try and focus on the task at hand - which was to get as far away from these beings as possible. Out of the parking lot and into the grassy knolls which were obscured by the darkness. She knew that she had better use all her knowledge to keep her sanity and somehow survive this ordeal. Finally after a 1/2 mile she stopped. She felt light-headed as this air would not allow her to exert herself further. Even the comparatively light gravity helped her only a little. It was slightly unnerving for every motion to be faster. She noticed her heart was pumping slower as the atmospheric pressure was less and required less speed. Only her lungs were breathing faster, trying to compensate for the lack of helium and nitrogen as well as other elements this planet had not evolved yet to produce in sufficient quantities. She sat on the dewy grass and was amazed at the lack of luster this plant life expressed in comparison to her own world. In fact almost everything she could see appeared dark and dull - perfect for a hell-world.

She jumped up quickly. Her unprotected legs had been attacked by some form of animal life. A minute, ugly creature, black with six legs. She observed that they were all over the ground in vast numbers.

"Even the animal life is nightmarish", she thought as she looked at the oversized pinchers upon the head of the ant, "only earth could be home to such parasites!"

She checked to see how much energy the power globe had absorbed from the electrical lines. She knew that it was essential to her survival and when her term was up, the only way she could be traced to be returned home.

She was most astonished not only by their mindless pursuits and primitive expression but at the sad truth that none had the slightest clue they were horrendously retarded in mental and evolutionary development. She knew she had been sent here to learn and to teach as well. The court knew that her presence could only be of benefit to the retrogressive entities now expressing upon Earth.

She walked along, observing the 'cars' as they sped down the odd pulverized rock paths. It amazed her that they were not made out of the usual manufactured crystal, which was infinitely harder and more appealing to the eye than this barbaric material. A car pulled up alongside her and a face appeared from a lowered window.

"You need a ride?", a man asked with a hint of compassion in his voice.

The compassion intrigued her and the mans thoughts revealed him to be of good intentions. She knew he desired to transport her in this machine to her desired destination. She thought for a moment and then spoke:

"Would it be possible to take me to a hotel in this 'car' you maneuver." she said, hoping her meaning was clear.

"Sure, uh, I don't think that would be a problem." the young man said with a smile.

She stood there and was unsure how to enter this contrivance of earth technology. The young man watched her as she was looking at the door.

"Oh here you go.", he said as he reached and opened it up from inside,"Where are my manners!" She entered the vehicle and sat with her eyes solidly fixed upon the man who was operating this machine. The circular protrusion and the incoherently laid out controls fascinated her. She was amazed he knew how to operate such a machine. As the car accelerated she felt the undulations of the uneven rock-strewn surface beneath them. She felt nauseous again.

"You don't look too well miss. Are you feeling okay?" he asked, again with that
tell tale crackle of concern and compassion in his words and most importantly in his thoughts as well. She turned and looked at him, his face, features and the clothes he wore. All were eminently savage, yet his thoughts were filled with unselfish desires. Concern for her well being and safety preoccupied his thoughts. She could even discern his inner self debating on how much to ask her, as he doesn't want to appear impolite by meddling. "A multi-faceted prism amongst the lenses" she thought to herself, "he has absorbed a degree of intelligence and his mentality has profited from experiences where he has expressed positively." She was amazed that he already had a bit of the unselfish mentality which was prevalent upon her own world. She caught his thoughts turn to sex, yet also discerned his own self-deprecating thoughts immediately following these Earth driven desires. She was flattered by his appraisal of her as both 'smart-looking' and 'beautiful'. She was also somewhat amused by the scenarios which he entertained in his mind. That she might've run away from home and might fall in love with him for being so kind and taking care of her. His concern about whether she had a drug problem or was 'loose', as his mind so eloquently put it, also fascinated her. She was happy to see his thoughts abandon these possibilities when he looked at her.

But most of all she was touched by his loneliness - an all consuming sadness which he longed to overcome. He desired female company and would've given anything to find the 'right' woman, who could share his life. The sadness almost overwhelmed her and she had to avert her mind from his momentarily. No one upon her world ever had such a loneliness, as all were loved and cherished from birth until their passing, and she wondered how many Earth beings were driven by this sense of loneliness.

The man looked at her and his mind already was projecting his concern into her own. Her body actually responded to these positive thoughts, which were channeled into her mind, and her nausea seemed to dissipate quickly. She was saddened by her awareness of how few people upon this world know and understand the immense power which love generates. She knew that upon this world sickness was treated with horrific butchering of the body, introducing chemicals and toxins into the bloodstream to interrupt the natural flow of energy transmission through the nervous system. Upon her own world this was unthinkable, when it was well known that the mind could cure all illnesses, and that all maladies have a direct correlation to the thinking process.

They arrived at the nearest motel, which was nineteen dollars a room per day. The man stopped the car and stepped outside. He walked to her door and opened it for her.

"Will everything be all right - do you need any money?" he asked her.

She had forgotten that this planet still functioned with many varied symbolic paper sheets and metals, which were used to obtain objects and services, where as upon her own world everyone was given access freely to any desired facility. She also knew such items were almost worshipped by the suffering masses as if it were some elixir of life.

"I really could not take your money after you have already been of great service to me. However, I will need money for the room and after I am settled in I will return to you the same money." she responded.

The man pulled his wallet out of his rear pants pocket, which he had been sitting upon the entire drive causing his right leg to feel slightly asleep.

"Here you go." he said and gave her two twenty dollar bills. As she took the money, she recognized the man was sacrificing his meal money for the next two days. The sadness of this lonely and frightening world again overcame her. She walked into the motel office and asked for a room. The clerk looked her over and spoke:

"Whoo-Whee, you must've come from that outdoor concert twenty miles down the road didn' ya?" said the desperate as well as lonely clerk, "Every weekend we get a lot of folks who been at them outdoor concerts. What is that yer wearin' anyhows - vinyl?"

She knew her silicon thermal suit would stand out on this world, yet she was glad its glossy appearance looked similar to an earth material.

"You are quite perceptive - I was at the concert, and yes this is like vinyl." she told the clerk. The clerk was somewhat awestruck by the perfection of her form and her face which had features like the models he had been admiring in those fashion magazines.

"Room 11, miss." he said as he handed her the key.

She took the small metal object and was amazed she was using the primitive objects employed by the simplistic culture which she was interacting with. She had seen in her studies the use of keys to lock and unlock access to items and structures, and it amused her to try and unlock the motel room door. She managed with no difficulty.

She removed the glowing globe from a pocket upon her suit and took out the two twenty dollar bills the young man had given her. She pressed a button on the globe and held it over the bills. Then she went over too the dresser and took some tissue paper and set it down. She again hovered the globe over the items and this time the globe glowed almost blinding. The tissue paper was no longer present - two crisp, new looking twenty dollar bills were there instead. They were exact duplicates of the recorded molecular combination of the two twenty dollar bills. She repeated this several times until she had several hundred dollars worth of bills - all twenties with the flaw of having exact same serial numbers. She ran outside to the man who had wanted to wait and make sure things worked out all right. She gave him eighty dollars for his trouble and consideration. He refused the money. She could tell, as she read his thoughts, that he felt he was making a noble gesture. She thought it was a good sign that he valued and took somewhat pride in unselfish actions and offered him just his two twenties with the line, "Please take this, as I accessed some of my money and have plenty now- thank you." She knew from his thoughts that he assumed she had meant a banking machine. He took the bills reluctantly and said he hoped that things would all work out for her. His words were more true than he could possibly be aware of. She sensed his desire to remain with her and his fears of never being with her again. She suddenly spoke to the young man as she looked him in the eye, " I could really use some nice company now."

She was suddenly aware of his excitement, as his thoughts betrayed his innermost desires and longings. It didn't take him long to decide to stay with her awhile. The young man thought it strange that he was unsure if she needed him more or he needed her. He parked the car and stepped out. She knew he was halfway expecting some sexual interlude to take place between them.

Her own thoughts were becoming unclear to her - a sign that the peculiar incoherent type of thinking prevalent upon this world was possibly beginning to influence her mind and slow her analytic process. She knew that after she had learned her lesson, they would teleport her back to her home planet. It would be unfair and unkind to begin a relationship which would forever leave this man longing for her.

"So what is your story anyway, why were you walking along that highway this time of night. Did you run away from home? Should we notify someone that you're all right?" The man spoke to her.

"All the people who care about me know where I am and are concerned about my well being. There is no one to call. I had left the concert in a hurry as the people there were somewhat out of control. I knew that the road would eventually lead me to some sort of lodging. I feel much better now and am becoming acclimated to my surroundings." she assured him.

She suddenly wondered how long it would take her to learn the lesson she had to learn and how long she would live amongst these people. This man surprised her by his consideration of her needs and welfare above his own. This uncharacteristic behavior was appealing to her and she felt like she had found a flower in a desert. Even his carnal desires were constantly kept in check and he would not allow these desires to overtake his compassionate instincts, which came from his heart.

She had the advantage of knowing his desires, while he was totally ignorant of her own needs and wishes.

Suddenly, a loud explosion and crash were heard and the door to her room was being violently destroyed. Four men with primitive Earth weapons entered and moved towards the young woman. The man was in shock and was about to get up from his chair when he was struck upon the head by one of the intruders.

County Police! They shouted as they shoved her against a wall and started to frisk her. She turned her head to look at the young man slumped, bleeding in the chair. The violence truly appalled her, more demonic earth savages she would have to deal with. They pulled the small globe out of her pocket and it's glow startled them.

"What the hell is that!" shouted one of the men.

With just a single thought of her mind - the globe sent a burst of electricity out into the air and shocked the man who held it. He fell to the floor unconscious. The three other men stared at the globe and just as their eyes were fixed upon it, it pulsed a blinding flash of white light which blinded the men. She ran over to the chair and carried the young man up in her arms almost effortlessly. She ran faster than she ever had. She saw the violent beings' vehicles, with the chaotic flashing lights and symbolic markings, ran past them and over to the young man's vehicle. The globe was levitating in the air, when the men recovered their vision. One tried to shoot it with his weapon. Before he had fully aimed - another electrical pulse projected from the orb and struck the weapon turning it into molten slag. The men were suddenly terrified and the woman could 'hear' their fear in her mind. She managed to take the young man's key and unlock the door. She placed the young man beside her and attempted to start the vehicle. She lurched forward and hit the wall. The globe kept the officers from leaving the room until suddenly it flew out the door, down the hall and into the man's vehicle she was now using.
It landed in her right hand. She had managed to manipulate the gear selector into a forward setting and pointed the 'car' onto the rock-strewn path. She heard shouting, both physical and mental emanations, from the violent beings. They intended to pursue her. She pressed her foot down harder upon the floor lever and the vehicle's noise became very obnoxious.

She looked at the young man beside her and felt somewhat responsible for his condition. She recognized she could actually love this Earth man who had tried to protect her from harm. She knew that her lesson had been learned faster than she ever anticipated and was frightened they would teleport her away and leave this man hurtling in an out of control conveyance.

She had argued that earth people were not worthy of love and that their behavior indicated they had no real consciousness. She had publicly stated that she could never love an Earth man. This statement was like a bombshell in a world whose sole existence was based upon love and compassion for all souls of any form or shape. The proof that she could love this man was evident enough - in fact she wondered if she should throw out the globe so that they cannot teleport lock upon her. She saw the orb turn blue - an indication teleport was imminent. She saw the flashing lights approaching the vehicle from behind and were getting steadily closer. From their thoughts it was obvious they had intent to kill. Projectiles were destroying the vehicles glass and she knew the young man would die if she teleported now. She placed the globe in the pocket of the man beside her knowing it would save him - for she did love him and could not see him killed upon this world. She held his hands tightly in her own and kissed his forehead. A final kiss goodbye. The car careened off of the highway and fast approached a group of trees.

With a blinding flash the man disappeared, teleported to her world. He appeared unconscious in the booth. The girl's parents sobbed as they recognized she had learned her lesson...and would be forever incarcerated in a hell world where she had learned about love.

Suddenly, one could discern another form underneath the slumped man. A familiar one to her parents. Her mother and father's tears turned into tears of joy, for her loving embrace of the man had pulled her with him and the globe.

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