Friday, October 29, 2004

Why Should You Vote For George Bush? PT.2

The disparities don't end with healthcare, tax plans and people. There exists a fundamental ideological difference that is impossible to ignore. John Kerry is one of the most liberal politicians in the Senate. His voting record is automaton-like, indicating he never spent much thought about the bills he voted on. He voted party line reflexively. He is not a uniter of disparate ideas, he's a knee-jerk reactionary who toes every partisan line and embraces every partisan position. A Kerry Presidency will be ineffectual. If you are serious about finding resolutions to the Social Security and healthcare issues, John Kerry is not the man you want to have in office. He would push highly partisan bills and budgets that would never pass Congress. His agenda would be dead in the water in a GOP-locked Congress. We would hear endlessly about gridlock from his press secretary and how the GOP were to blame for not passing any of his bills or approving his appointments.

Yes, a Kerry presidency would be largely a waste of time and inefficient. Kerry would be stuck with an Iraq he doesn't believe in. He would be obligated to the 'Billionaire Boys Club' that met in secret to anoint him. He would tend to cut and run from Iraq and the war on terror, since he fundamentally believes it is a law-enforcement issue. Law enforcement: police, Interpol and other policing folks. These police agencies are usually unable to capture a simple car thief, and yet are somehow expected to make a dent to a terrorist network that has its own army of jihadist recruits? In the pre-9/11 world law enforcement agencies handled terrorism and it didn't work. Terrorist networks grew and so did their political clout with rogue nations. Kerry would make a big mistake here by returning to these failed policies that led to 9/11. So we would all watch on the news as Kerry would pull the troops home from around the world after setting up many highly publicized but ineffectual "summits" designed to bring the only two nations Kerry cares about, France and Germany, into Iraq and the region. They would refuse but would throw some Euros Kerry's way so he could leave with something and call it a success of "global togetherness."

Iraq would teeter and the insurgent/terrorists would grow bolder. Iraq's new government would fall and Europe would sweep in with Iran to set up a fundamentalist government and new oil deals favorable to Europe. Yes, European industries and politicians eagerly await an Iraq failure. They want to win back their largest customer and catch up on lost revenues! John Kerry is a Euro meal-ticket. All at the expense of the Iraqis and all those millions who are desirous of living in a democratic and free Iraq.

Iran will continue to enrich uranium for weapons and seek to build a bomb to drop on Israel. Israel will take our latest generation of bunker-busting munitions and deploy them all over Iran at their nuclear facilities and hardened research facilities. Europe offered Iran 'non-weapons-grade' nuclear fuel in exchange for stopping their enrichment program and they summarily refused. A nation sitting on as much oil as Iran is has no need for cheap energy, certainly no need for nuclear power. It is purely a weapons program.

This will set up even more antagonism in the Middle East and Iran will thrust their clenched hand deeper into Iraq and the neighboring regions they will revive the Jew-hatred and after America is gone they will spread their fundamentalism/fanaticism throughout the region and weaken the Saudi government. God help the region if you had Iran/Iraq/Arabia all under fundamentalist control based in Teheran! That would send the world into a huge energy crisis as fundamentalists would extort the west. The Kerry recession would then expand and become a depression. All this could happen prior to the end of his four year term. This might force a much greater war, possibly even a nuclear war, to take place in the Middle East in the future.

So you see how much is at stake. Kerry may appeal to those who profess non-violence or pacifism, but the end result will be that more people would die and live lives of misery around the world if you vote for Kerry or Nader.

The suffering in the Sudan would pale next to the fundamentalists purging and Taliban style society that might emerge in the Middle East. The fundamentalists will go for broke. They want it all. They want Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Arabia, Syria and then they want Europe. Yes they want the UK, France and Germany to be nations that are completely politically incapacitated by their Muslim populations. France already is incapacitated. They can't even order headscarves removed in school without receiving reprisal from the fundamentalists who want France as their first European conquest. Already France takes the Ayatollahs and now Yasser Arafat. The nation has succumbed to fundamentalist Muslim power.

And then you have to ask yourself, "Why does Kerry care so much whether these folks respect the United States?" France hasn't earned any respect form anyone. From Napoleon to the present day, their leadership has been either extremely weak or psychotic/neurotic. In French Indochina the French paved the mold for military failure and weakness. Iraq should not become French Indochina. (Now before you all send e-mails telling me about French Indochina being a failed colonial imperialist policy--remember I don't believe for a second that Iraq and the USA fit that comparison) For the past fifty years we have stationed forces in Europe to protect these same people that spit on George Bush and ridicule him. Five generations of Americans have spent their lives and spilled their families blood to clean up the messes these nations have caused with their hatred and petty provincial prejudices. France and Germany are still petty and they are still provincial and prejudiced. I seek no "respect" from these nations. These nations should be busy trying to earn our respect!

A Kerry presidency would be a fiasco. Nothing accomplished. A lot of complaining and bickering and at the end of four years the nation would be in a deep economic recession and probably a depression. For those of you who say Clinton brought prosperity and surpluses think again. Here is more of that inside information you need to get a handle on--the Clinton presidency benefited from the largest stock swindle in US history. Bogus companies and outrageous stock values created HUGE TAX REVENUE on all these billion dollar fresh-minted IPO companies. This windfall was also what bankrupted these companies. Stock value - but no cash income. These companies sold much of their stock to pay the tax-man. They could only do this once because stock would drop drastically. Bottom line? The trillion dollar budget surplus was paid in FULL by the stockholders of all these companies! You, me, everyone who held stock in the late 1990's might as well have been TAXED or LEVIED a fine for some thousands of dollars! Because most all of that STOCK valuation went to the IRS before it evaporated fully!

That is the secret of the Clinton budget recovery. His policies had nothing to do with it. The IPO boom and bust might even have been designed by someone who sits in one of these think-tanks and finds the government a way it can 'legally' tax almost everyone in the world without their even knowing it! Once you can really understand what happened you will see that everyone has already paid Uncle Sam a lot over the past decade. So unless you expect a repeat of the boom and crash to take place under Kerry, having a democrat in the oval office wont change a thing.

End of Part II (Part III and the finale will arrive on Nov 1!)

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