Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last Minute Campaigning!

Many are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of why you should vote for George Bush. I'll get to that in a bit, but first we have some last minute campaigning! I took a quick trip to a parallel universe where the events of 2004 really were happening in what would seem to be a twisted version of our 1954. Here's some of the Pro-Bush/Republican campaign messages:


I think this one is extraordinarily effective. I love the look of this voter! He is really p---ed off at John Kerry! That lanky arm gives one the creeps and is cool too. Would it work in our universe? I think it would.

This is really powerful. This parallel universe still took good care of its children and this ad brought tears to my eyes. No did!

I pulled this one out of a teen publication. It seems corny and dated by our standards, but the women in this world really cared about their future and wanted a man who wasn't a flake and sell them out or trade up for a woman with a bigger pocketbook.

Till tomorrow!



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