Monday, October 11, 2004

Visual Evisceration

There are some new visual assaults on the candidates.
Latest SwiftVets commercial: "Never Forget"

This one is fairly powerful and will appeal to women and men alike. The film footage of Kerry reminds one just how unsympathetic this man is and how his entire life has consisted of being a parasite for self-gain. As Bush might say "He can run but he can't hide."

Latest JibJab Flash movie: "It's Good to Be in DC"

This one seems to be more anti-Kerry/Edwards than the last one. It's a sight to see Saddam, Kim Jong il and Iranian Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khaminei holding up a Kerry/Edwards sign. Look for it. Behind them is the nuclear reactor churning out uranium for WMD. That's the real message of this election. Kerry is the fave of the bad guys. So if you're voting for Kerry you're a bad guy.

I tend to think the jibjab guys lean conservative though they do a fine job of creating a more balanced parody.

Propaganda is the name of the game. When attempting to resonate with voters who are historically illiterate and whose understanding of foreign policy is quite limited, the sound-byte helps.

Meanwhile the media is spinning hard out's looking more like the Bolshoi ballet than the press corps. However, their heart isn't in it this time. I think 9/11 scared some sense into some of them. At least that's my working hypothesis.

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