Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The DU Online Poll Hijack Scheme

Wondered why Cheney was getting clobbered in those unscientific online polls? Look no further. Here at SDAI-Tech1 we always peek behind the curtain to reveal the reasons why and this is the reason: Online poll hijacking.

This was the DU game-plan of attack for mass hijacking of the online polls. "Skinner" wanted to scalp the public tonight and distort the truth, much as his idol John Edwards did earlier in the evening. All the online news polls have been hijacked. When John Edwards said the people want the truth...I guess he was talking about that sort of flexible Clintonesque truth known as a lie.

DU THREAD I expect this link will eventually be pulled to conceal the truth. So I already cut-n-pasted the contents.

Posted by Skinner on Tue Oct-05-04 04:50 PM
For tonight's vice presidential debate, we are posting a list of websites that are likely to have online polls. Please visit these websites and vote on each of these polls. If you find another poll, please post it in this thread so we can add it to the list.

IMPORTANT -- Please note that many of these links haven't yet posted their poll. We have a simple graphical icon next to each poll indicating whether a poll is online yet or not:

No - Poll is not online yet. Please post in this thread when a poll becomes available, and provide a link to the poll.

Yes - Poll is online. Go vote!


ABC News:

AOL News:


CBS News:






USA Today:

Time: (Right side)

Wall Street Journal:

Washington Post:

Yahoo News:

By focusing our efforts here, we can make a difference on polls that have a small number of responses.

ABC27 Harrisburg PA

ABC30 Fresno: (Look for "Who Do You Think Won The Debate?"

Allentown PA Morning Call:

American Research Group:

Asheville Citizen-Times: (Right column)

Austin American Statesman:

Boston Globe:

Campaigns and Elections:

Channel One

Chicago Tribune:

Daytona News-Journal:

Daily Iberian:

Denver Post,1413,36~29805~24481...

Detroit Free Press:

Detroit News:

El Paso Times

Fort Myers News-Press:

Hampton Roads: (bottom of page)

HBO Bill Maher

Houston Chronicle:

In-Forum Fargo ND

Jackson TN Sun (right column)

KARE Minneapolis

KATC3 Lafayette:

KDBC El Paso: (left column)

KDKA Pittsburgh:

KIRO 710:

Knox News,1406,KNS_356_54501,0...

KOTV Tulsa: (Right column "Hotbutton")

KSDK St. Louis:

KYW Philadephia:

Lafayette Daily Advertiser:

LA Times:

Minnesota Star Tribune:

Ms. Magazine:

My San Antonio: (Halfway down on left "Cast your vote")

NBC25 Hagerstown MD:

News Central:

Newsday: (Look for "e-Poll: Rate the candidates")

New York Daily News (right column)

Orlando Sentinel: (Look for "POLL: Who won the VP debate?")

Polling Point:

Rapid City Journal: (left column)

Rocky Mountain News,1299,DRMN_...

Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

St. Petersburg Times

Sun-Sentinel: (right column)

Tampa Bay 10 News: (right column)

Tampa Bay Online

Tampa Tribune

WAKA Montgomery AL

WFMY Greensboro NC:

WHOTV Des Moines: (Left side of page)

Wilmington DE News Journal:

Winston-Salem Journal: (Left column)

WKEF Cleveland: /

WKRC Cincinnati:

WKYC Cleveland:

WSB 750 Atlanta:

WTOL Toledo

WTRF West Virginia:

WXYZ Detroit:

These local news outlets all have the same basic website design, and they seem to link to the same poll, but you are encouraged to vote in each of them.

Look for the same text on every page: "Survey: Who Won The Debate?"

Click 2 Houston

Channel 10 Providence:

Denver Channel:

Iowa Channel

Kansas City Channel:

KCRA Sacramento:

KFOX El Paso

KIRO7 Seattle:

Milwaukee Channel:

NBC10 Philadelphia:

NBC 13 Birmingham

NBC4 Washington DC:

NBC5 Cincinnati:

NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth:

NBC6 South Florida:

New Orleans Channel:

NewsNet5 Cleveland:

Pittsburgh Channel:

WESH2 Orlando:

WFTV9 Orlando:

WGAL Harrisburg PA:

WHIO Dayton

WRAL Raleigh-Durham:

WSOC TV Charlotte

WTOV 9 Wheeling WV

Sadly their intelligence is so lacking that they fail to realize rigged results become apparent--especially when your candidate loses so decisively. Subtle poll influencing would have been less obvious. But, we must remember we are dealing with the thug mentality and the 85-100 IQ that comes with it. Expecting cleverness or subtlety just isn't in their make-up.

Educational isn't it? First we have George Soros hijacking the site to redirect traffic to his anti-Bush website, and then this desperate DU attempt to subvert popular opinion. Hijacking seems to be in the democrats blood, no wonder they seem to root for US casualties and terrorists and did the celebratory endzone dance for the 1000th US casualty.

Just another peek behind the curtain.

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