Monday, November 01, 2004

Why Should You Vote For Bush (finale)

Ok here we are. I intended to save this for last, but it is something most folks will do instinctively anyway.

The last and final reason to vote for George Bush at this point in time, he's a better human being. Sure he has had a bout with alcohol. Sure he may be born again to make up for past iniquities, but when compared to John Kerry, Bush still takes the better human award.

Kerry has been a manipulator his entire adult life. He has always seen things through the lens of personal advantage. Bush has had it easy most of his adult life and hasn't developed the same predator instinct. Advantage: Bush

Kerry has developed the tell-tale polling instinct of a career politician. Bin-Laden makes a statement? Time to poll the public to see where he stands! Again this is just that whatever serves ME best attitude. Kerry is more selfish. Bush holds convictions, wrong or right. Again, being a kick-back party-er for the first part of his life helps him to stay the course. Career politicians have learned to morph like Madonna, perpetually re-inventing themselves. In the end you don't want someone who is a fair weather friend and will sell all their previous positions if the political winds are strongly for it. Advantage: Bush

Kerry is an unsympathetic figure. John Kerry's personal life is a tale of ego and betrayal. His first marriage disintegrated. His bachelor years were spent driving him into debt and he needed to marry someone as wealthy as his first wife. Enter Theresa Heinz - the "stepmoney" as Kerry's daughters call her. He cheats on her with girls young enough to be his daughter. Why? Because he resents constantly being beholden to women for their money. His political ambitions are thinly veiled attempts to bolster his insecurity at being the weaker (financially) in all his relationships. Bush married someone for who they are - not for their money. Even if one sees him as a spoiled child who marries someone more responsible and grows up late, Bush is a more sympathetic figure. Advantage: Bush

Laura Bush versus Theresa Heinz. Theresa is all about herself. She is never wrong. She is condescending. She is patronizing. She is about as representative of America as Zsa Zsa Gabor. Is she better educated than Laura Bush? Probably. Does she speak more languages? Definitely. Does any of that make a difference if you are a conceited, rude, domineering, patronizing, out-of-touch heiress who likes traveling in circles of power? Not a bit. Advantage: Bush

In the end you will have to use your conscience. Kerry's pro-war then he's anti-war. He's both for and against abortion. He's a complete self-serving career politician flake. Does he hold real views? Who knows? All that has been consistent throughout his life is that he has looked after his own well being. Whether financially or politically he is seeking the big win.

Bush is a reliable ex-party kid who has good parents and has surrounded himself with some of the finest people. He's humble and knows he's not perfect. He's got certain issues. He's too evangelical for my tastes. He's not what I would imagine when I think of the "perfect US president" - there's no doubt about that.

But who do I think is a better person at this point in time? Who do I trust with this nation's future for the next for years?

That is quite clear:

George W. Bush.

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