Monday, June 07, 2010

Yal-hune, Skuuinja, Shayla and the Puritan

Yal-hune has been chiding me for not keeping up this blog. Well, she doesn't really chide me, rather she simply transfers data about who has benefited and shows me some of the results of these random blog encounters here. Of course saving the world often gets in the way of regular blogging. But that is just me whining.

A lot has happened to the world and this blog has been a unique reference for those who want a peek behind the curtains. Yal-hune is very understanding of my frustrations and helps to check my descents into self-pity about the declining state of human affairs. Even as I type this entry she is aware of every word and thought that precedes my fingers hitting the keys. Being around a lifelong telepath reduces privacy considerably and even though I converse with her by thought, I still think of myself as primarily a verbal communicator.

She is lounging on a white couch in the living room. When she relaxes it is very different than when a human relaxes. She reaches out with her mind to places well above the spectra human thought resides in, and she communicates with beings well in advance of even her own significantly advanced world. Not surprisingly most of these conversations are completely blocked to me. I can't quite hear them because they reside on a frequency outside my own. I only get bits and pieces and the entire house actually takes on a different feel. It's transcending and feels a bit like that pleasant state of mind when one is still awake yet falling into a restful sleep.

She looks angelic in an outfit of her own design, which is white and silver. Her sleeves fall open and yet the material is crisp and sharp, holding its shape. Her form is visible clearly and I never tire of simply staring at her. Her body reflects her mind and naturally, it makes typing this difficult. I don't wish to avert my eyes. I simply wish to kick back and stare.

Every time I think I know her, she reveals another facet - another depth which I have almost no knowledge of. Like an adult with a young child, the child finds itself at a disadvantage in experience, understanding and is only beginning to share some of the same experiences.

"Another Yal-hune mush-a-thon? I'd think you'd be over it by now. You and her are like churchgoer and the church. You worship at her altar and like the churchgoer you don't realize it's a one sided affair."

Skuuinja is in my mind - rather forcibly.

"Hello Skuuinja. Good afternoon to you too."

Skuuinja is out somewhere cruising her new Mercedes Gull Wing. I can see her in my minds eye as she is on her way back home from another trip to the mall.

"Is that condemnation tainting your pure thoughts? You think shopping is frivolous and not 'grand' enough a pursuit worthy of my mind?"

She's right, I have been growing more critical of her activities since the crisis was averted and the Earth saved. I guess I expect so much more from her since she's not human. The fact she is my daughter from a previous life also strengthens these feelings. I don't know what I expect her to be doing...just something other than living like a celebrity with trips to the mall, purchasing fancy cars and going out to clubs and restaurants every night.

"I'm sorry Skuuinja. It's my problem not yours."

She doesn't answer but I feel her pain. It hurts her when I constantly support Yal-hune and condemn her actions. And it truly is my problem. I'm still stuck in the mindset that one can save the world. One can't. Yal-hune wont even interfere in as simple a thing as a leaking underground abiotic oil well. She sees the good it will do just as clearly as the bad. Perhaps even more clearly. She always stresses that it is the problems and hang ups that provide the greatest opportunity for growth - not the things that all go wonderfully.

An EMF craft could seal up that leak in short order. But by leaking it teaches man about his planet and the abiotic nature of oil - an important revelation. So the good matches the bad and man learns to deal with these things as he expands his knowledge and experience.

Yal-hune gets up from the couch, her lithe form effortlessly springing up and over towards the back warehouse behind the pool and on the rear desert grounds. In the blink of an eye she conveys to me that she is going to see someone - some other alien - whom she met several months ago when Shayla revealed the other remaining MIMIR facilities and warehouses. He interests her because he has been here for twenty years undisclosed and comes from a world which is almost on par with Yal-hune's own advanced world.

Skuuinja is still in my mind and is probing my feelings carefully. I have strengthened my mental barriers and she doesn't detect any jealousy or resentment - which she was expecting to find. And the truth is, I'm not jealous. I'm still sorting all this stuff out and I don't think I know exactly what a normal relationship is anymore. Shayla has been visiting Earth more often and I still have strong feelings for her. Then there's Yal-hune and Skuuinja too. I can't choose one over the others and what's more I realize this is the way it is off-world as well. One doesn't tie oneself down to just one loved one, rather one's love keeps growing and includes more and more into one's expanding sphere of close contacts. This is counter-intuitive to all I have been raised to believe in and to feel, and yet I have seen and felt too much to realize its truth.

I keep thinking that if this keeps going on I'll end up as a modern day Brigham Young only with extraterrestrial wives in lieu of terrestrial ones.

Skuuinja laughs in my mind.

"No, with you it would be the Puritan period" She transmits an image of me in a Puritan, Quakerish type outfit with her, Shayla and Yal-hune all wearing Puritan garments in black and white. She's got the expressions perfect and she's created a background that blends American Gothic with facial expressions swiped from Whistler's Mother. It's a scream.

I laugh out loud and realize it's going to be a long, yet interesting, summer.

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