Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama, the BP Spill and Abiotic Oil

Watching the daily news unfold is almost painful. President Obama, who has in the past blasted the response of President Bush to the hurricane Katrina, has been placed in an unenviable position of appearing almost completely impotent to do anything but make speeches about the oil spill in the gulf. It almost reminds me of the Carter era hostage crisis. Day after day it drags on and his poll numbers drop and so speeches are his only response. I wouldn't mind this if his speeches were in the best interests of America, but he is simply using the spill to pass the buck, blame big oil and intentionally overlook the most important aspect of this spill - the abiotic oil and how it can change the entire US energy situation on its head.

The only talk we hear is moving away from oil. What? Excuse me? That's like asking a man who lives with an apple orchard to swear off apples. An abundance of something like oil is a very good thing, despite all this media hype to the contrary. We see the oil companies wedged between a rock and a hard place as they gladly take the bad PR rap given to them so long as they can cover up the abiotic factor which is the elephant in the room. Oil prices will not go down just because of an oil spill. In fact, in the past, any excuse has been justified to jack up those prices. However, as the public becomes aware of the abiotic nature of oil this can affect market prices - and so the entire mainstream media has a virtual black out on the words "abiotic" and "oil" together. So instead, my site gets thousands of hits from all over the world from people Googling abiotic oil and I feel the burden to make up for the missing in action mainstream media, their corporate owners, oil company advertising connections, etc.

I'm quite a devout capitalist and I don't want to see the oil companies go belly up. (Which will never happen) and, in fact, I realize that the abiotic nature of oil will actually someday increase their revenues as oil becomes even more plentiful as abiotic oil is tapped from "super wells" over the oceans. and things like CAFE standards (which legislate death in the form of compact cars) can be abolished and a true free market reign once again. The auto industry, strangled for decades with these arbitrary standards dictated by politicians, can return in force. Large luxury cars, station wagons, family cars and every type of vehicle that's been made almost obsolete since the advent of CAFE standards will some day return to the highways in great numbers aided by ever more efficient catalytic converters. The news and public acceptance of abiotic oil - which has been fervently fought every time it surfaced - will speed up the return of these things and help not only the auto industry prosper, but the oil industries as well. Sure, they have been spoiled by 4 buck a gallon gasoline in CA and they don't want to see it go away anytime soon. However, they don't quite see that with greater demand - they would make just as much money and more.

So Obama is going about this all wrong. He should be riding the oil band wagon and smiling like the Rose Queen on New Years Day in Pasadena. Everything needs to be kept in perspective and this oil leak has been a great revelation. Of course, if we peek behind the curtains of Obama's financial backers we see that some have made it their life's ambition to create high gas prices in the USA. George Soros and his hedge fund invested billions in buying up oil to keep it out of circulation just to devastate the US economy. And it worked. It killed GM and most of the US auto makers when gas skyrocketed from 2 dollars a gallon to 3 and even 4 dollars. So when I hear Obama speak about moving away from oil, I'm afraid I'm hearing someone who has a vested interest in keeping his financial backers happy. The fact that those interests conflict with what's in the best interests of the United States of America make for wonderful irony. It's not surprising though from a man who recently scolded Arizonans for upholding immigration laws.

Yes, up is down, black is white, illegal immigration and porous borders are good, enforcing laws is bad, oil is "fossil" fuel and any other notion is "misguided". We live in a nation that's passed through the looking glass and our politicians are the mouthpieces of selfish interests. It's always been this way to some extent, but it just keeps getting worse and more blatant.

It makes a good soundbite to blame BP while secretly helping to keep oil prices high by restricting drilling permits and banning offshore drilling. It pleases environmentalists and oil companies at the same time. And while Obama takes a hit in popularity and approval with the informed - the masses that constitute his voters are simply happy he is criticizing the oil companies. That he and the same oil companies are using them as patsies is never quite realized.

The BP oil leak will be contained. The environment will recover. It's all about capturing the oil/water in large enough quantities and shipping it to storage facilities. It's a major undertaking, to be certain - but this is not rocket science. It's like the pool man cleaning the bottom of a dirty pool with a vacuum.

This just happens to be a really deep pool and the pool man has a BP on his shirt pocket.

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