Thursday, June 24, 2010

Losing Control of the Image - The Obama Titanic.

James Cameron and Barack Obama have more in common than either know. Both direct and manage the reputation of a Titanic. Cameron's Titanic was a mediocre film that generated enormous revenue with the help of a good soundtrack and Obama's Titanic is a persona created out of whole cloth over the past 3 years to help elevate him into the Presidency of the United States.

We all know the ending of the Titanic. It sinks. Right now Obama has completely lost control of the image he used to manipulate the masses of voters, the 'electorate', and convince them he was some sort of messiah come to bring that magic word "change" into every ones lives. For Obama, who has absolutely nothing of substance to fall back on, this dilemma is a fatal one to his Presidency. He was an undistinguished Senator from a corruption plagued state and town that voted "present" on anything resembling a decision. Before this he was a "community organizer" and the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. So losing control of this fabricated image of messiah is devastating. In two months time Obama has lost between 10 and 15 points in various approval polls. As people see him in action his popularity has steadily declined. Now he has crossed over that perilous zone where more people dislike and despise him than approve or adore him.

He has hit his iceberg and is sinking fast.

The recent news, including the Rolling Stone article with General McChrystal that revealed how low President Obama and Vice-President "Bite me" are viewed by our military is an opening of the chasm in the hull of his persona. After his BP oil spill impotency and his attack on the State of Arizona and secure borders this bit was all that was needed to push the hole past the point of no return.

An illusionist requires distraction often to seem like a magician. A politician needs to seem to be caring, law abiding and competent to hold on to their image. A poor illusionist is booed as is an obviously corrupt and incompetent politician.

Obama's rats are leaving his sinking Presidency and want to leave before possible greater harm befalls their reputation and career when Obama's Presidency enters the post-Watergate Nixon phase. Obama has BP-Gate, Arizonagate and all the other "gates" that are circling his Presidency like icebergs and threatening to do yet More damage - from selling his State Senate seat to his holding border security hostage for "immigration reform" aka as amnesty for 20 million plus law breaking foreign nationals here taking up US jobs, draining 100s of billions of dollars from States' coffers and committing all sorts of other crimes. Obama's budget secretary, Peter Orszag, is first to go and his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is expected to leave after the November elections which will leave Obama a lame duck only 2 years into his Presidency. Yes, the polls and think tanks have been crunching the numbers and already realize Obama and the Democratic party are doomed. The lifeboats are already being lowered and the rats are scurrying off.

In January 2011, when the new Congress comes to DC, Obama's Titanic will already be half under water. The unfriendly Congress will set about a legislative agenda of their own and voters are poised to give Republicans and Tea Party politicians the majorities needed to thwart Obama as they try to undo the damage done to the nation on so many fronts. Two years will pass and Obama's Titanic will rest upon the bottom of the political sea. His Presidency will be remembered as the one that let the gulf fill up with oil and which sued the State of Arizona - for upholding Federal immigration laws when the Feds are missing in action. Accomplishments? Well he will be remembered as the President who closed Guantanamo, gave the middle class tax breaks and insured the uninsured.....wait actually he didn't do any of those things did he? Well, I'm sure liberals and the media will find something to tag on to his legacy.

Yes, it's already happening. The "unsinkable" ship riding on the waves of "change" has been sunk. The hyperbole used to sell tickets (or in this case buy votes) proved woefully prophetic. And the lesson in all this? Well, for starters, about 20-40 million young people who were targeted as "dupes" and easy marks for the Obama campaign will have learned an important lesson about promises from Democratic politicians and media anointed "messiahs".

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