Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Reviews: Toy Story 3 - Like attending a funeral

Spoiler Alert: This article contains and reveals plots and endings!

Toy Story 3...I went to this expecting a good time. I was sadly disappointed. Depressing from beginning to end it was the least enjoyable Toy Story movie of them all. I couldn't escape the analogies the Pixar writers were putting into this farewell to the characters kids grew up to love (and purchase). Fiery melting pits in some surreal dump ground which were designed to trigger subconsciously cremation furnaces.

Pixar should be ashamed and hang their head low regardless of the dollars this movie brings in. Any Toy Story movie would have generated this sort of revenue - they gave viewers a film that was basically a stretched out version of Jessie's story about Emily in the second film. No new ground was covered here and that bit in the 2nd film was depressing enough for kids. This movie took that scene and stretched it into a macabre horror movie designed to terrify any kids under 10 that watch it.

After waiting this long for a sequel, I'm very disappointed. The aging Pixar writers must be dosed to the max on anti-depressants and fear their own mortality. The blatant parallels to old people outliving their usefulness abound in Toy Story 3 and one can't help but wonder if Pixar writers have some serious psychiatric issues that they are struggling with. Toy Story movies have always flirted with darkness. The twisted neighbor who abuses his toys in the first film, the greedy toy seller in the second film and Jessie's depressing tale about Emily growing up. However, in the first two films the darkness is offset by sufficient happy moments and humor. In Toy Story 3 there are very few such moments. Perhaps Barbie threatening to tear Ken's vintage wardrobe qualified, but even this was tainted by the dark tone.

So Toy Story 3 gets a D+ and the D should stand for depressing. Leaving this movie audiences looked like they had attended a long funeral. Don't see it if you can avoid it and whatever you do, don't let any children see this movie. This movie abuses children and perverts the original cute idea of "living" toys created in the original film.

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