Sunday, June 20, 2010

The BP Abiotic Oil Spill & You - You Are Rich.

Abiotic oil. What is it? It's the naturally created oil that forms in the Earth. And here's a wake up call for everyone. Your elementary school teachers were misinformed when they taught you that oil is a "fossil" fuel and was formed by ancient dinosaur graveyards and alongside ancient dragonflies caught in amber. Oil is not a fossil fuel. That was a big lie created in the 1950s to jack up oil prices once the automobile industry took off and there was a great demand for gasoline.

Oil finders could spot oil easily - a hill would indicate that geologic pressures were pushing on a certain spot from inside the Earth. They would drill a hole and voila! A geyser of black crude would erupt. Signal Hill in Long Beach was found this way. Hills blatantly announced a high prospect of access to oil. The fissures of the Earth are filled with oil. Oil seeps up through these fissures from deep in the mantle where oil is formed (the ONLY way oil is formed) by extreme pressures on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur.

Dinosaurs and plants are mostly water. That evaporates shortly after a living organism dies. The biogenic "markers" found in oil was a great ruse to fool a largely uneducated public who didn't ask questions. On earth almost everywhere you grab a patch of dirt you will find biogenic markers. Our spacecraft have to be sterilized in elaborate procedures before they explore Mars because biogenic markers are everywhere. Oil can't seep up through the crust and escape picking up biogenic markers. So it was a great fraud that lasted for almost 60 years now and has made trillions of dollars for the nations composed of vast barren deserts of the Middle East.

Now we are faced with a new way of tapping the abiotic oil. An undersea well deeper than most which saves having to drill through rock under extreme pressure. Already there has been offshore drilling for decades, but these are not as deep and yet were still done to save the expense and fight a drill must encounter as it bores deeper into the Earth. Tapping the oil under the seas is still complex but is actually genius.

The BP gusher is a triumph of man in accessing this abiotic oil.

However, all you hear from the media and your politicians is about damage and catastrophe and environmental contamination. Obama puts a moratorium on oil drilling offshore - and he is robbing you and your children. This is YOUR oil. This is America's oil. This is the HUGE doorway to energy independence for America and the media is trying to paint it as a catastrophe! It's the biggest farce ever. The same folks who lied to you about oil's origins are lying to you again. There is no catastrophe here...there is a miracle. A miracle that will permit the US to pump its own oil for THOUSANDS of years and never need to import oil from the Middle East or from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. THIS IS IT - THE BIG ONE!

I seldom make requests from my readers, but this time I'm going to make one. Link this page to every place you can. Email it to your friends and create a viral campaign of awareness. Tell them to pass it along as well. Everyone needs to know this. This will make the difference of America continuing as superpower. We can turn the gulf into the power source for America's future or we can let the liars rob you and your children of your oil and your future! I want to see this everywhere. I want abiotic oil to become a household word and I want US citizens to DEMAND that it be drilled after and used to free us from foreign oil dependence! The energy crisis is over - and we have a President lying to the nation and acting like we are not witnessing the miracle America has awaited since the 70s, the OPEC oil embargoes and the bogus "oil crisis" and shortages that never existed.

120,000 barrels per day are emerging from this ONE well. Once recovery equals the output that will mean a source of oil that exceeds almost any source in history. However, the liars have their spin people and think tanks employed to fool you and to make you think this leak is a horrible thing. Pictures of some oil soaked dead animals will be used to embellish their lies and misdirect your attention from the true importance of this event - the quantity of oil we have under our own borders. Don't let them lie to you anymore. They do this so they can rob you. Information will set you free and when you forward this article and share this knowledge with others you free yourself from the liars. You can insure that your children live in the richest of nations and you will know which politicians to elect and which ones to vote out. When you hear someone say "America must move away from oil" - you will know they are your enemy and want to rob you and America.

The oil is yours. You are rich. Embrace your oil just as the Saudis, Venezuelans and Russians have embraced theirs. The future is bright for the whole world and industrialization and wealth generation will be able to continue unabated.

You simply need to do your part and spread the word - that will insure you receive your share.

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