Saturday, June 26, 2010

Intelligence Briefing: BP, Abiotic Oil and The Politics of Amnesty

Everyone wants to know what is going on and what's going to happen next. The mainstream media very often disappoints and their articles are lacking in real meat, proffering up sound bites and quotes wrapped in a political agenda designed not to inform you but to rather to sway your opinion and view some event in a particular light. The networks and the media all are owned by various interests and these interests control how they present the world.

Conservatives rely heavily on Fox News to provide a counterpoint to some of the more liberal news media outlet, but even Fox is compromised on many issues. Rupert Murdoch and his interests will control the flow of information and how it is presented.

Right now the BP oil spill is a big issue for all the oil companies and other energy companies. They want to know how this is going to affect their bottom line. Will drilling moratoriums punish some companies and reward others? Will the news of abiotic oil spread far and wide enough to alter the fundamental stock market pricing of oil? How will it all play out and what moves do they need to make to stay on top? DO they need to spend more on lobbyists to hold on to their piece of the pile?

Other large companies are equally concerned. What economic effects does the spill manifest with? Are there opportunities to profit from what is going on? Are profits threatened by what's occurring?

What the media does not tell you is that they are often the mouthpiece for corporate interests and slant news in such a way as to condition the public to be receptive to these same interests.

Recently, there has been talk of an Executive Order to give Amnesty to the 20 million illegal aliens now residing in the US illegally. This move is motivated by several companies and industries that profit immensely using this Mexican slave labor. The dairy industry, the meat packing industry, the wine industry and various other agricultural interests and other large corporations that save millions, yearly by paying sub par wages and having a workforce that is not unionized and also fearful. The illegal Mexican worker is nothing if not pliable to the demands of his/her employer and as a result they miss less work, work harder and generally live in fear of their employer. All the media outlets right now represent these corporate interests that seek "immigration reform" aka amnesty. This includes Murdoch's Fox News. Only talk radio and some blogs provide outlets for non-sponsored discussion of the immigration issue.

In this instance, the interests of these corporations is very short sighted and selfish. They don't care about legal citizens because they are saving so much money with Mexican "slaves" working here illegally. Immigration reform or amnesty keeps those Mexicans coming. 3 million had been granted amnesty in 1986 after corporations bended Reagan's ear. It was sold as a "solution" to the immigration problem just as immigration reform is now again sold as such. Did this "one time" amnesty result in controlled borders or stem the flow? Not at all, in fact, the reverse is true. It opened the floodgates and ever since Mexicans have held our laws in ever greater disrespect knowing they could just bide their time until they would be assimilated. The employers like amnesty, because it keeps the flow coming - in ever greater numbers. Newly "legal" Mexicans can be fired if they ask minimum wage or rock the boat and the new illegal hordes will replace them as they await their "free citizenship" and slice of the US citizen's job market. So when you hear a news outlet or politician mention "immigration reform" you know that's the code word for giving the shaft to the US citizenry who pay the taxes and get poorer. These industry shills own these politicians via lobbyists and unless the politician fears the public more he will acquiesce and sell out the nation. The rewards of pandering to foreign nationals and the corporations that exploit them are great. Money for the campaign coffers, power in public office, and an ever growing slice of Mexican voters who will support you and replace the dwindling legal non-Mexican citizenry.

Think tanks paid by corporations often tell them what they want to hear, but the few apolitical think tanks employed by the government or generating independent intelligence for purchase tell an entirely different story. The corporations who profit now using illegals will eventually drain the wealth out of the local buying consumer public. As a result illegal labor and sub par wages save only for a short period and then their sales will go down, making such savings a moot point. Few businesses are run by intelligent capitalists. Rather short term profit motivates almost each and every business employing illegal labor. The long-term outcomes they are blind too and this is a real shame. The oil companies like high oil prices but when these killed the car industry they actually cut their own long term profits. This is because demand for oil goes down and as the US population gets poorer they vacation less, get by with one car or in some way get used to less traveling. They are ignorant of that "sweet spot" price that permits consumption to remain high and keeps growth occurring in the auto industry and other industries that consume oil. The story of the man who killed the golden goose applies here. A golden egg a day was not sufficient for the greedy man and as a result he was left with nothing. As the US population becomes Mexicanized, it becomes poorer and has less income to spend on many consumer goods. The corporations that paved the way for this Mexicanization will find no market for their goods in the domestic market and will have to export goods - not ironically just as China does, because its domestic market is poor and sought out US consumers! So the US will become a Mexican China. Poor citizens working like slaves for companies seeking profits overseas. But when every formerly rich nation becomes like China - where are the rich customers that keep them in business? This is when the global depression hits. When shortsighted companies impoverish the masses by the constant depression of wages and the use of ever cheaper labor. Eventually, the imbalance causes a collapse and the companies fold or are swallowed up by companies that can still find buyers for their wares or services.

Try explaining this to a CEO who only cares about the next year or five years until they retire or leap onto another corporation advertising the short term liquidity they established by outsourcing, cutting wages and selling assets. Try explaining the value of healthy compensation for employees and the value of weeding out illegal labor across the entire corporate spectra.

As you can see the world is headed for a financial meltdown. The US is projected to end up like Mexico socially and economically with only a handful of mega-corporations profiting on the backs of the poor hordes. The world will lose its wealthier and middle class replaced only with a small elite of super-rich. And these will find it harder to maintain a quality of life comparable to their predecessors because the quality of goods and services will get shoddier and all sorts of goods that require a whole class to support production will stop being produced. Like the end of supersonic flights of the Concorde, technology will step back from the edge and socialism will gain ground as the poor masses demand action. Revolutions, now seen regularly in the 3rd world will happen in the impoverished western nations. The latter 21st century will be a place that is no fun for anyone.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the securing of the borders now, the ending of birthright citizenship and the sharp punishment of businesses that employ illegal labor are the only hopes of salvaging America - and the world from this impoverished future.

The US citizens who read this must become active. You must vote out those who talk about immigration "reform" and support those who walk the walk of real security. Businesses have the dollars to buy off politicians, but you and the electorate have the power to punish and demand action. The ultimate threat is the threat of a mobilized electorate that will violently react to the actions of traitors and the sell outs. This November we will see just how intelligent the electorate is becoming.

Talk radio and blogs are becoming the true source of unadulterated news and thought that is not bought and paid for by corporate shills. On the issue of immigration not a single "mainstream" media outlet is in your corner. All are pushing amnesty and - consequentially - the destruction of America.

Birthright citizenship MUST be ended. This is the only way we can keep this nation from becoming Mexico. The western European nations are under a similar foreign assault by invaders who hold no love lost for the nations they invade and only want financial gain. The 3rd world reproduction rates have always dwarfed those of the more intelligent, educated and prosperous western nations. This disparity now threatens the west as socialism and weak immigration policies destroy the wealth, fabric and culture of these nations.

The abiotic oil could power an industrial revolution the likes this world has never seen yet - but wealth must be created. Employees must earn real wages and illegal labor MUST be abolished. As time passes this lesson would eventually be re-discovered after a global depression, but it would be much easier to learn the lesson now and create more prosperous nations, generating more wealth. This can only be done by having a large middle class in every nation. The middle class are the heart of consumption and the magic elixir that makes capitalism work.

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