Sunday, August 09, 2009

Women. All Over the Universe - All the Same.

The morning is beautiful. The desert skies are clear and as I gaze out my picture window at the vast wastes of arid land, I realize my couch is actually pretty comfortable for sleeping.

Was it a dream? Did I simply fall asleep on my couch and dream I had encountered an extraterrestrial craft in the desert while stargazing? Is an extraterrestrial woman named Yal-hune really in my bed, spending her 1st night on Earth under 300 thread count Ralph Lauren striped sheets? I realize my mind has returned somewhat to normal. All the insecurities and fears are back with a vengeance. What does she think of me? Does my mind measure up? Is she humoring me? What am I going to do about the CIA spook sent by Obama who is keeping tabs on me down the street?

"Good morning!"

Yal-hune is in my mind and she has just awoken. I can see out of her eyes as she looks around the room, even though I am downstairs. All the insecurities vanish.

"Those were your thoughts interfaced with astral entities. When I was still asleep I was not oscillating as strongly with you and they could much easier breach your defenses. One of the first things I want to do, with your permission of course, is help you identify these astral influences. You need your own mind back...and not just when I am around. You need to be able to be free of influence all the time."

"There are some clothes in the closet to your right, kept here for Shayla. They might be just a little short, but until we get you a new wardrobe, they will have to do."

"Thanks. We can go shopping later. First things first."

She puts on an outfit and comes down the stairs looking like an angel.

"I am going to free you. You will be the first human to see truly."

She sits next to me on the couch and looks around. She sees things I don't. She is looking into a wider spectra.

"Yes. precisely. I am going to relay to you what I see now. First a little protection in the form of a mental shield to filter some of the signals you will receive which may shock you."

She looks around the house. By the plasma television are a group of people all staring blankly at the screen even though it is not on. Several are walking to it and switching it on again and again, like they don't quite know what they are doing. They look human, but creepy - like somehow subhuman.

By the refrigerator are a dozen or more people opening and closing the refrigerator door and looking inside. The refrigerator isn't really opening, but they move and stare inside as though it does.

In various rooms are other people, sitting, laughing, screaming and eating. They are all oblivious to each other and do not acknowledge anyone else.

"These are dislocated discarnate entities - ghosts is a popular term used on Earth. They are all over the Earth. They are in almost every home, can be found almost everywhere. These beings act as parasites on humanity. They interfere with your will and your thoughts. They make people eat when they are not hungry, they foster fear and insecurity and they are responsible for many fights. You must learn to recognize them when they interface within your own mind."

"That is just one adjoining lower portion of the spectra. The further one descends, one realizes that a good number of other beings, no longer even resembling humanity exist. They are formed by human emotions and are the waste products of mental processes. Yes, your mind produces waste, just as your body does. Lower emotions create particularly large waste byproducts. These thoughts send out a signal and attract similar thoughts. Eventually these thought tumbleweeds drift on and influence the minds of others where more stray energy is added unto them. Identifying them as they enter your consciousness is easy, as they generate strong, inexplicable emotion that is very narrow in its focus. Emotions such as anger, sorrow, self-pity, greed, lust, fear, etcetera."

"Humanity is the victim of its own mental pollution that goes around far thicker than the smog of a factory or the byproduct of combustion. Human smog is everywhere humans are. The cities are covered by a thick layer of this smog and its many components. When worlds advance sufficiently they become aware of their mental byproducts and the populace are educated to protect themselves from influence. Earth still has no idea that their thoughts and actions are largely motivated by forces outside their own consciousness and that this influence has slowed their evolutionary and societal development to a near standstill."

I know what she says is true, yet hearing it from her and seeing examples right here in my own home is a wake-up call. I make a mental note to redouble my efforts in remaining clear of influence. Suddenly I feel Yal-hune's lips on mine. She gives me a kiss that awakens every nerve in my body. She moves back and smiles.

"What was that for?"

"That was just a reminder. Every time you now think of that kiss, you will think of redoubling your efforts to maintain a clear consciousness. Its merely positive reinforcement. Your human Pavlov had the right idea, he just never applied it to things of consequence."

She's right. The thought and kiss are now merged together. I find it strange that beings from a world so far from Earth can look so human and kiss just like humans - only much better.

"It's not so strange at all. Energy is polar. It expresses as waves with a dual nature. All living beings must also express with polarity. This manifests as duality. Duality of limbs, brain hemispheres, visual organs, reproductive organs, auditory organs and so forth - including two lips. There are an infinite number of forms advanced intelligence can take, but while in the physical galaxy, the forms that develop express this duality and so biped structures are dominant. Two legs are far more common than you might imagine. Kissing is not as important on our world, because we can bypass sensory organs such as lips and stimulate the centers of the brain directly with our thoughts. Humanity will do this eventually as well."

I smile. She is thinking about her world and she is soaring over the cities again. I can see it through her eyes as vividly as if I were there. I keep forgetting she can fly. I wonder if she could teach me to do that.

"That would be an advanced lesson. Let's start with the basics and build from there. Your atomic structures, and subsequently your cellular structures, are not as sophisticated as those found on my world and although it is possible, it becomes significantly more difficult. If you started flying you would also make yourself a big target. Others would desperately desire to obtain your secret and they would never believe it is a mental process rather than a biological one. For this reason I will not be flying here, on Earth either. It is easier for others to relate to me when I live more human like. And on that note...let's go shopping shall we?"

Women. All over the universe - all the same.

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