Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sleeping with Supergirl

NOTE TO READERS: Read "I am not alone" [pt.1] & "Move Over Green Lantern" [pt.2]& "Back to the Bentley Turbo R" [pt.3] & Living With a Real Life Barbie or is That Midge?" [pt.4] & McDonald's, Jack in the Box, Wendy's, Burger King but not Taco Bell. [pt.5] before reading this segment!

Yal-hune looks around my home. She looks at the custom birch bookshelves and the books upon them. She picks up a volume from the 100 year old set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica New Wernher Edition. She begins to flip through the pages and read from them. I realize she has never held a book in her hands before.

"I have seen them on the viewers many times but I have always wanted to hold one in my hands. These will not be around much longer. You would be surprised at how few humans actually read books anymore."

"I know."

She stands there looking absolutely incredible. Seeing this vision inside my home makes me feel somewhat like the poor fisherman from the Arabian Nights. The genie is out of the bottle and all my wishes are coming true.

"Are you still trying to prove Sigmund Freud was on to something?"

She smiles. Her eyes beam. She places the book back in the shelf and approaches me very closely. My eyes are locked with hers and I cannot turn them away. She lifts her right hand up and her fingers brush first across my lips as she places her fingertips in a small circle on my forehead.

"I am going to give you a gift."

She is shielding her thoughts from me, quite easily too I might add, and I am left wondering what she means. Suddenly I start to feel her reaching inside my mind.

"I am going to oscillate with you. Otherwise your mind will be distracted and our time will be less productive."

I see what accompanies reproduction on their world. I see couples sharing mind and oscillating all over her world. Their thoughts intertwining around each other and giving birth to shared thoughts and feelings. Feelings that alone neither could create, but when merged in consciousness, take form.

Her thoughts dance in my mind they grab my own and dance with them. They merge and join and her experiences, dreams, joys and accomplishments are suddenly my own. It is euphoric, but euphoria seems senseless compared to this. This is a meaningful euphoria and it just keeps growing in strength. I am her and she is me. We are joined and I see life as I never imagined it could be. I see meaning and depth to life that is beyond anything I ever in my wildest dreams expected to be able to feel, perceive and understand. I can feel my body begin to shake. It can't handle the neurological fireworks going off in my mind at this moment. It's far beyond pleasure - it's an entirely new emotional state that is completely foreign to the human race.

I realize Yal-hune is pressed up against me now, I feel her warm body and bosom pressed against my chest. Her fingertips are still placed on my forehead. And I see a green glow around her - and me as well. She presses her lips against mine and another violent shiver of complete ecstasy runs through my body. I feel like I love every atom in her body. Every thought in her mind. She is as close as I am to myself - and actually closer. Time has stopped. I can't tell if a week has passed, a day, a month or even a century. My whole body feels like it is exploding, reforming and exploding again. It's doing this at an incredible rate. I see a million worlds and as many galaxies. We see into infinity as one. It's almost too beautiful, wonderful and magnificent to handle.

I find myself on the floor, Yal-hune is cradling my head in her arms and kneeling beside me. I feel her warm pink hued skin pressed against my face.

"What happened?"

"Your body could not handle the full oscillation and you passed out."

"How much time elapsed?"

"We were joined for about 3 seconds."

"That's all? It felt like we were together for...I don't know...years maybe for sure a week! How long is a joining supposed to last?"

"A few minutes or so, it depends upon the couple and their harmonic convergence patterns."

My whole body and mind are renewed. I am thinking faster, and the more complex patterns are becoming coherent. And she was right. I no longer think about sexual relations with her. She is a part of me now and I feel her with each breath.

"Tell me something...can you fly?"

"Yes,my molecular weight is variable and I can adjust it so that I am lighter than the air of this world. It's similar to the process used for teleportation. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know, I think this is what it must feel like sleeping with Supergirl - only far, far, better."

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