Saturday, August 29, 2009

They blew up my Hummer!

Yal-hune is ready to go shopping. I throw on some appropriate shopping clothes and pull my Eskimo white H2 out of the garage. Before I get ten feet, Yal-hune is in my mind.

"Watch out. Danger approaches. 34 men all heavily armed are closing on us here very quickly in 6 vehicles."

"Who are they?" I ask Yal-hune in my mind.

"Government. Your government. They have orders to capture me and you. They are less than a minute away - about 1/2 a mile. Your neighbor down the street is in communication with them and has told them about you preparing to leave"

Great. Just great. Here I look forward to letting Yal-hune try on some Earth fashions and heat up my credit card and now I am in the middle of a clandestine operation with me and Yal-hune as the targets. To heck with that!

"Jump in Yal-hune."

Yal-hune enters the vehicle very quickly. I peel the tires of the SDAI customized Hummer H2 and its 1001 horsepower smoke the 28" wheels and run-flat tires until I let off the throttle a bit. I activate the tactical array and call up Tech2 at Shamballa.

"I have some unfriendlies in pursuit. Request tactical grid and satellite feed on my coordinates."

"You got it. Dedicating a satellite right now. You need air support?"

"Affirmative. 6 vehicles and 34 heavily armed troops are currently closing."

I see the first of the vehicles in my rear view mirror. A late model black Suburban that looks armored and has a Gatling gun emerging from the roof.

"Tech2 give me air support ASAP. I'm in trouble here!"

Two more black Suburbans, one with rocket launchers mounted on the roof, is approaching from the other side. I floor the throttle.

"Activate weapons console, heads up. Auto sensor array."

A heads up display places the nearest targets on a green grid by the windshield and over the steering wheel.

"Lock auto cannons. Tire defeat pattern. Prepare to fire on all targets."

Two auto cannons emerge from the H2 all on arms with 360 degree hemispherical rotation and fed by ammo chambers built in to the roof and floorboards.

Yal-hune speaks into my mind before I give the next verbal order.

"You aren't planning to harm the men are you? They are just doing their jobs and feel that you are the bad guy for harboring an alien without notifying the proper authorities."

"That comes as quite a shock. I happen to know this administration and its politicians love illegal aliens. Besides, I don't want to hurt them. I'm aiming for their tires."

"That will simply escalate the conflict. Your agencies are working for the same government, surely communication could clarify and resolve the matter."

"I wish that were true. Unfortunately these things are often resolved by who survives to make the report on what went down. The fact is the government is divided and we are seeing some folks who want to take out all those who served Bush and the Special Activities Directorate, as well as SDAI which only recently has popped up on their grid. The new agenda is to take down America at any cost - from within.

What would you have me do? Turn you over to them? They would probably incarcerate us both for a time, then kill me and I fear they would do even worse to you. What about your mind? Would it change things?"

"I will not interfere in these matters."

All 6 of the vehicles have appeared on my tactical array. They are keeping up and actually closing the gap. 120mph is not losing them.

"Tech1 this is Tech12 we're converging on your location and will be there in about 1 minute and thirty two seconds. However, we have intercepted transmissions and four F-16s have been ordered to engage us. 6 more Techs are getting airborne now. We outgun them and can take them out if they engage us - but this is getting very messy. What' the heck is going on?"

"Long story short, the government is divided against itself. Do whatever you need to do to defend yourselves. Over and out."

I realize they haven't fired any missiles or weapons at us because they want Yal-hune alive. I need to get to the top of the food chain and see if I can't diffuse this bomb.

"Communications. Code Red. Clearance Tech1. President. Channel Red."

"This is the White House Communications Center. Your code is not recognized or has been deactivated. If you feel you have reached this message in error please try again."

"Communications. Code Red. Clearance Tech1. Thor. Channel Orange."

I hear a phone ringing. I'm on Desert Pima highway heading south at 130mph. The roads are almost completely empty - thank goodness. The H2 is handling it amazingly well and the six suburbans are still within 500 yards, which is amazing considering the drag they must be making with the rocket arrays and Gatling guns.

"Cheney here. What's up Tech1?"

"I'm being targeted by rogue Agency forces. 6 armored high weapons platform Suburbans and about 34 troops. You in any position to call them off?"

"I'm afraid not. There was a big blow up at the Agency about a week ago. Obama washed his hands of day-to-day oversight of the Special Directorates and a whole portion of the agency is now answering to someone else - someone not on America's side. Panetta is way out of his league. It's a nightmare. Be very careful out there. This sort of thing will blow up in every one's faces."

"I've got an alien diplomat with me."


"Yes, her name is Yal-hune and she is a level 7 value - possibly higher."

"Christ Tech1...why didn't you contact me sooner! Jesus, no wonder they are after you. Where are you now?"

"I'm heading towards Shamballa. I've got Shamballa air support in about 30 seconds. But four F-16s out of Luke have been scrambled to intercept. I tried to get through to Obama but my code didn't work."

"Almot none of the old codes work. Emanuel deactivated all of them. Get to Shamballa in one piece. Try not to make this more messy than it has to be. I'll talk to Odin and try and get this cleared up. His is the only code that still works."


I get on the horn to try and buy some time.

"Team leader this is a Code 4 command - stand down or else."

"We do not recognize your authority. YOU stand down we have you covered and can blow you off the road at any time."

Suddenly I see Tech12 and 6 other fighters from Shamballa approach at well over Mach2 from over the horizon.

"I'd listen to the man, Team leader. We have missile lock and all of your remains will not be enough to fit in a dust pan in less than twenty seconds."

"Go to hell."

I watch as the Suburbans launch rockets at our incoming planes. The rockets are fast, but not nearly as fast as the ones I see now on my tracking screen from our planes. They're stupid. The Agency's Suburbans and weapons weren't designed to compete with hopped up SDAI superiority fighters.

"Men are jumping out of two of the targeted Suburbans as fast as they can and running. Two of the Suburbans blow up into a trillion and one pieces, another has its Gatling gun blazing heavenwards in a futile attempt to snag one of our fighters. We are putting distance on the slower moving Suburbans now and I step up the throttle to 135 mph.

The men are firing at us and our planes now with automatic weapons and hand held rocket launchers. The H2's state-of-the-art body armor shrugs the armor-piercing shells like they were flies hitting a windshield.

"Gas grenades ,rear, Delta pattern."

Knock out gas grenades are fired up and out at the road where the rogue agents are firing. They are not prepared and will wake up with a mega-migraine in about two hours. Big clouds of gas spread with the wind and and now two of the remaining four pursuing vehicles are again in missile lock. They screech to a halt and again men pour out of the vehicles and run away in all directions as fast as they possibly can. The two vehicles blow up barely ten seconds later the last of the men have left the vehicles. Only two Suburbans are left in pursuit.

"Attention: remaining pursuit vehicles. Stand Down. Now!"

"Danger. Missile Lock detected. This Vehicle is unsafe to remain in."

I pull off the highway in a controlled slow down but leave the throttle going.

"Yal-hune, we need to jump out and abandon the vehicle."

Yal-hune rolls out as I do on the soft dirt and gets up quickly running with me as fast as we can run. The car keeps rolling on at about fifteen miles per hour and we are now maybe fifty yards from the rolling car. I can hear the whistling missile approach and pass us as it heads towards the vehicle. In a second the shock wave hits and the H2 explodes with a deafening roar. I flatten myself and cover my ears. Yal-hune is glowing green and I realize she has erected a force field to protect herself.

I turn and look at the flaming tire, burnt hulk of a vehicle and the mangled debris everywhere.

"They blew up my Hummer!"

Another two explosions a mile back. One of our team has taken out the last two pursuit vehicles.

I pull my cell out of my pocket and flip open to our special frequency.

"Tech1 here. How you guys doing?"

The F16s are going to be here soon, about 2 minutes away. weve eliminated all 6 bogies and we've got a helicopter en route to pick you two up. There's a gorge about a 1/2 mile to the northwest. Head for that and we'll mop up and take care of any ground troops still in pursuit. We'll also keep the Navy flyboys busy once they arrive.

Yal-hune speaks.

"The remaining 6 troops that are still conscious have orders to kill us both. This was not a wise course of action. Violence never solves anything."

"How far are they away?"

"About 1 mile. They are running though and approaching quickly."

"Did you hear that?"

"Yes. We're on them. A few air to ground missiles will wrap the ground conflict up.

Before I can even reply, one of our fighters streaks overhead and prepares to drop the rogue would be assassins. Yal-hune is already running northwest towards the gorge. "Come on. Your helicopter will be there by the time we arrive."

Explosions behind us indicate that our planes have been successful.

Suddenly I realize I have been feeling fear and anxiety all morning since just before we left. I wonder why, since I am still in Yal-hune's presence her influence has not affected me.

"I have pulled in my consciousness so that you are free of my influence. You must realize that if I were to constantly shield you from these obsessions and influences you would grow weaker. You must learn to build up your own immunity and strength of consciousness. That is why I have not interfered since you pulled your conveyance from its storage facility."

"Be honest...why did you pick me?"

"Because you were the logical choice. You understand the universe, to a greater extant than most, and you have already experienced telepathy with an alien 'extra-terrestrial' from a more advanced world. Less than 115 in a billion have any actual contact with extraterrestrials on this world. Less than 10 in a billion have the development and psychic structures to support such an encounter and not be harmed or have their evolutionary course altered. That you worked with extraterrestrials for your government in a clandestine capacity made you the choice."

"The new administration has no clue about the extraterrestrial programs the US operated. Once the administration changed, those programs went private or underground. Our nation, as you must know, is very schizoid. It is a selfish place where politicians serve themselves and where the unknown is a threat or a tool to have one up on the other guy."

My legs are tired but we are almost there. I see a helicopter landing 300 yards ahead.

"Climb aboard! Let's get you two back to Shamballa. It's good to see you again sir."

The pressurized door seals and the whirring motor propels the blades ever faster and we begin to ascend.

Beep. Beep.

"Tech1 here."

"Tech1 it's Cheney. I've given Odin the information and he is rather hesitant to get involved. I'm afraid you're on your own. I know someone who can get through at the Agency and see if we can work something out. Get her hidden Tech - hidden well. As long as you have her and they don't know where, you have a point of bargaining. Otherwise they will keep coming after you."

"My house was bugged. One of my neighbors was a plant."

"Join the club. You think my house isn't bugged? I have no private life. I haven't had any for 8 years. Once you lose anonymity you NEVER get it back. At least at Shamballa you'll be able to see them coming. I want to meet her sometime soon. Once you get her settled in. Level 7?"

"She's incredible. You'll see. She can fly and that's the least of her abilities."

"Get her safe. I'll call later with an update on my negotiations.

"You heard?"

"Every thought. He trusts you implicitly. He envies you as well."

"Envies me?"

"Yes. Not everyone on your world gets to hang with pink skinned aliens that can fly."

"If I asked you to shield me from the obsessions, would you?"

"No. I told you why. Tune in on ME. Strengthen your consciousness! YOU can do it. You know what it feels like. You must build your mental strength and then you will make all your decisions with your real consciousness, not just suggestions planted there by entities who want to use you and wish you harm. This entire violent escapade was completely avoidable. We simply could have teleported away from your house."

"You should have reminded me!"

"No, this is your world. You still have to make your own decisions and think up your own solutions."

As the pilot sets down, I suddenly consciously realize he's been ogling Yal-hune the entire flight.

I speak into her mind. "You see Yal-hune, you better get used to the male Pavlovian response to your presence."

She smiles at me, but I realize she is deep in thought regarding what has transpired today. It is one thing to study ignorance from afar, it is yet another to live through it.

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