Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to the Bentley Turbo R

NOTE TO READERS: Read "I am not alone" [pt.1] & "Move Over Green Lantern" [pt.2] before reading this segment!

The craft is gone and Yal-hune stands beside me. It is almost more than a man can bear. Her garment is flowing with the wind and only covers her mid-rift and legs. It has a crepe type quality and the way it billows in the wind is unearthly. Of course the material is unearthly and so this should not be surprising. The garment's green fabric compliments her somehow, and somehow I just know that green is the color of their home world.

Her body is perfect. At least from where I stand it is. I can't tell whether it is the geometric dimensions and shapes that make it so or if it is her, and her mind, that are so developed that influence my judgment. If super heroes were real, this is what it would feel like walking next to one. Her aura bathes me in her essence and it is so vastly positive and...words fail me...kind, wonderful, enchanting...pick a superlative adjective and it will fit.

I realize she will need new garments. If she had visited Earth when Cretan kings and topless maidens frolicked in the cities, she would have no problem. Or if we were in the south of France on a beach somewhere, perhaps. But her beauty is too powerful and she would even disrupt those times and places as well. Though her field is so strong she can push away astral entities and this is a huge ability. Here on Earth everyone is so afflicted, myself included. Growing up on Earth means sharing your mind with roaming entities and homeless thought patterns - all of them, generally, destructive. Being beside Yal-hune means freedom of mind. She is truly a gift.

I realize I never asked how long she intends to stay.

"The time period for my stay is indeterminate. It depends upon the events that unfold here on your world."

Of course, in this close proximity I can be sure she has heard my every thought as though I were shouting them. But I don't feel bad, embarrassed or concerned about her judging me. She is beyond such things...and in her am I.

Questions are racing through my mind and yet they follow more coherent patterns than before. I see things in a true light with my mind uninfluenced by those forces that pull one down. I see the Bentley Turbo R there, my Astro-luxe binoculars still on the desert sand where I dropped them. It seems like years ago. Yes, time takes on a new perspective in her presence. I realize how shallow and materialistic portions of my life had become. How, all too often, I have betrayed my own philosophy of Fofofu - Form Follows Function. The Bentley is a perfect example. What percentage of my desire to purchase my vehicles is function and how much is based on ego assumptions and the false concept of prestige - which is based on insecurity. I see it now in true light and my motives all have too much taint of ego.

I see through Yal-hune's eyes and mind for a moment and such self-confessional is exactly the influence she makes manifest. My body is resonating and regenerating in her presence and my cells are in better alignment with my own quantized field. Her field acts as a shield and permits ones own natural healing and mind true function without interference. She is the ideal diplomat. I wonder what the outcome would be of placing her in a room with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Peace might finally be had after a history of hate and fear.

"I have studied your world with our viewers and know what goes on in each nation, and each people. I am conversant in every language currently spoken on the Earth."

She says this aloud using her physical voice. And I am amazed that her physical voice sounds just like her mental voice - and I know its redundant, but it is simply beautiful.

"I guess for the short term you should stay at my place until we get you set up with a place of your own and figure out just where you should live."

"Yes, that is acceptable. I know your place very well. I have seen it and you on the viewers many times."

Normally, at such a line I would be freaking out. However, I know there is no privacy in the universe. All energy is unique, accessible and viewable from any other part of the universe.

"You must know me as well as I know myself."

"Better. For our viewers not only see the physical atomic spectra, we see the adjoining astral spectra as well and how these two spectra merge. Your life has been a big struggle against influences that have been directed against you in these lower spectra."

I speak aloud for the first time, since she also is now using her physical voice.
"That's the big challenge of Earth. It's fundamental frequency reaches into lower astral spectra, which means all the physical life forms can be influenced by the lower non-physical life forms. Will you be able to sustain your field and development in such an environment?"

"Hopefully, yes. I have had extensive training on other worlds which were even lower than the Earth. And because I know and have seen these influences, I am immediately cognizant of their presence and motivations. Since I disembarked from our craft, literally hundreds of entities have already attempted to penetrate my consciousness. Fear, hate, prejudice, contempt and other lower emotions have been used to try and gain entrance with no success."

"You are sort of like the reverse Pandora. You put back in the box the lower emotions as you interface with others."

"Yes, I suppose that is one way of viewing it."

I open the door for her. And she gracefully slides into the vehicle like some top model who has rehearsed the move fifty times for some photo shoot.

I pick up my binoculars, put them in the car and quickly look up at the stars - they take on a new meaning in my current state of mind. I see the trillions...

...and one of them has just fallen down to Earth and is sitting in my car.

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