Monday, July 13, 2009

I am not alone...

The sky is dark. The wind is hot. The stars are so densely packed in the heavens that my Nikon Astronomy Astroluxe binoculars are far more than adequate entertainment on a night like tonight.

I lie down on the warm bonnet of my vintage Bentley Turbo R and point the binoculars upwards towards the constellations. I have several fancy programmable scopes, but I still like looking at stars this way the best - lying down on a car in the summertime out in the desert, somewhere far away from the lights.

I see something dart across the sky. It is not a meteor and it is getting larger! I pull the binoculars away from my eyes to see if I can see it with the naked eye. I can. It is now several times the size of Venus and getting larger with each passing moment. I see a hint of green or turquoise in the whitish orb.

A spacecraft. That is what it is. It is heading towards my vehicle and me. A moment of fear crosses my mind. Even after all I have seen and dealt with, there is also a very real awareness of the less positive forces of the universe, many who prey on underdeveloped worlds such as the Earth.

I use my ability to scan the craft with consciousness and do not detect hostile intent. The craft lands off the highway to my left, faster than I can even get up and place my feet on the ground. The craft design is unfamiliar to me. That it is in our spectra means it is either radioactive as all get out, or the ship is being contained in a barrier field to keep it from directly interfacing with the atoms of the Earth and this solar system, which only support a certain atomic weight before breaking down the excess weight as radioactivity.

The craft changes irridescent colors and hues. I sense something and I see...

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